Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th March 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th March 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 7th March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1
Madhu takes the gun from the elderly n points at him n the new guy..! She warns them to stay still or she will fire..!
The guy tells Madhu its a pistol not hair dryer.. ur holding it wrong ! He gets up to close in on Madhu n she keeps warning him..!
Madhu is about to pull trigger when the kid pushes her n she fires the shot in the air.. n says.. dont shoot.. he is my father. SULTAN! Sultan too confirms!
Madhu hands over the gun to him n apologises..n explains! Sultan says that he had tied up his kid as trap the enemies! Madhu starts to chide him for being reckless .. n the kid says.. Sultan said he will he came! She says.. the kid is handicapped.. n Sultan points gun at her n says.. dare insult Sultans kid.. n asks her to go to her room!
Sultan asks him son – Aryan to go to his room..!! He limps and the elderly drops him to his room..!! Later Madhu goes to Aryans room n calms him.. n asks him to go to the toilet..! He pushes Madhu n says..he is brave.. n doesnt need anyone! Madhu tries to help but Aryan limps off!
She stays back to watch over him ..but he says..he is not scared n can change n Madhu says..he is not ..but she is
He takes off his shirt n asks for another shirt .. n Madhu gets .. ! He thanks Madhu! They change the bed sheet n he lies down to Madhu tells him about her own childhood memories! She talks to him about his chant..! Paddo-Trish-Radha chant the mantra..!
Right then there is a knock on the door.. n Paddo opens n its RK! Radha asks.. RK ..! Trish pushes RK out n asks why he is here? Where is Madhu? What did he do! She threatens to kill RK! RK says.. he promises.. he will come to her willingly if anything happens to Madhu ..but nothing will happen.. will get her! Cops arrive! RK tells them that its MADHU .. he wants RESULTS!!

Part 2
Dips calls RK n he thinks its Madhu..! Dips asks RK where he is? RK cuts the call saying if he wanted to hear crap will call her! Dips is about to drink when Sikky comes n asks why call RK Madhu! Dips says..her first wish to a jeanie wuld b that may Sikkys name disappear!

Sikky tells Dips that she is a naughty girl..!

Part 3

RK tells cops that he will stay back at the chawl till Madhu comes..! All look on ..!!

Precap — BG – Tujhe bhula diya o… Madhu is lying next to Aryan n lost in thoughts of RK..!! RK is walking in the chawl lost in Madhus thoughts ..!


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  1. Kriya
    March 07, 10:27 Reply

    This sultan is mad…
    Mera beta darta nai h..
    Chutka sa h use trap karne k liye use kar raha h..
    C’mon kitna piddi sa h..
    Actually he wants 2 make him CHOTA SULTAN….
    hadd ho gai yr…

    • pal961
      March 07, 10:30

      mast comment hai kriya…. 😛

      kya naam diya hai…CHOTA SULTAN…. 😆

    • Kriya
      March 07, 10:32

      Thanq thanq:)

  2. erum
    March 07, 10:26 Reply

    madhu sultan keh pas kab thak rahey giii

    koi bataye nah

    • pal961
      March 07, 10:28

      i think monday tak… 😉

    • madhusmita kar
      March 07, 10:33

      madhu kitne aram se wo sultan ke pas hai.. aryan ke sath rah rahi hai…. rk jaldi aao n madhu ko le ke jaoo….

  3. Kriya
    March 07, 10:26 Reply

    ”Jab tak madhu nai mil jaati tab tak main yahin rahoonga..chawl k baahar…samjh mein aai baat…”

    Rk ye pyaar nai toh kya revenge h…bolo bolo…

  4. sanju91677
    March 07, 10:25 Reply

    Haa rk kah scene hai naa woh kitna miss kar raha hai madhu koh woooo

    • anshika
      March 07, 10:25

      hey welcum here and over here everyone of us is a mb fan we all are crazy about mb

    • pal961
      March 07, 10:26

      @harshitha : list lambi hai yaar…. 😛

    • sanju91677
      March 07, 10:26

      yaar naam batathi jaaongi toh subah hojayega yaar tuh aagayi na smaj jaayegi

  5. Kriya
    March 07, 10:23 Reply

    Sikkey jealous hua…lolzzzzzzzz

    • pal961
      March 07, 10:27

      usse jealous hona aata hai…???? 😎

  6. Kriya
    March 07, 10:22 Reply

    Dipali ki fir udi…
    Dipali tumhe promise karta hu ”Jis bhi din mera bakwas sunne ka man hoga, us din tumhe fon karoonga…”

    • anshika
      March 07, 10:23

      udi nahi uda di rk is rk and he is the best

  7. Kriya
    March 07, 10:20 Reply

    Yar for how many days madhu wl stay in sultan’s house…missing rk madhu fyts….n eyelocks….eeeeiiiihhhh….
    Aryan is cute…
    Sultan is sultan…
    But rk is rk yar….
    V want rk madhu…….
    Rk rk rk rk………..

    • kash
      March 07, 10:28

      yes Rk is Rk love him

  8. sanju91677
    March 07, 10:19 Reply

    Kya dialogue tah rk kah
    Khi woh khudh khi hawaleh kardhega trishna koh jaan se maarne khey liye agar madhu nahi wapus aayi
    Yaar aaj toh maja aagaya yaar

  9. harshitha sharma
    March 07, 10:19 Reply

    hi guys ……. i m new to this site ……. can i be with u all as rishabala fan…….

    • pal961
      March 07, 10:24

      you’re welcome here…. 😛

  10. erum
    March 07, 10:18 Reply

    Armu4eva: yr update plz fast fast karo 🙂 🙂

  11. sanju91677
    March 07, 10:18 Reply

    Kya dialogue tah rk kah
    Khi jab tak madhu nahi lautegi woh chawl khey bahhar kada rahega
    Uss khi intazar mein
    Sounds soooooo sweet

    • Mona (US)
      March 07, 10:21

      Hi Sanjuuu…I have not seen the episode yet, but sounds super exciting…Lately there haven’t been many scenes with RK though…

    • pal961
      March 07, 10:24

      hmmm… 😛

      kya baat rk miya…. 😉

  12. kash
    March 07, 10:17 Reply

    i m missing Rk very much …..
    please Rk come soon

    • Mona (US)
      March 07, 10:21

      Is VD in australia now? I thought he was leaving March 15…weird, you’re right there haven’t been many scenes with RK at all.

  13. aksa
    March 07, 10:17 Reply

    why are they not showing RK I wanna just see RK. I am missing RK come back RK.

  14. erum
    March 07, 10:16 Reply

    plz RK madhu ko bacha lo akar…….

  15. sanju91677
    March 07, 10:16 Reply

    wah rk wah kya batayah police wahlon koh woh madhu hai wooooooo

  16. sanju91677
    March 07, 10:14 Reply

    arey trishna drama queen abh bas bhi kahroh rk koh kuch bolne kah mauka doh

  17. erum
    March 07, 10:13 Reply

    arey han sultan ko kase pata…… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. erum
    March 07, 10:11 Reply

    yr rk kab aye ga. aur sultan madhu ko khud drop kare ga chawl. Rk bhe waha majood ho jab woh us ko drop kare 🙂 🙂

  19. Viva
    March 07, 10:11 Reply

    Rk kaha hai? We won’t sultan , we want Rk…

  20. sanju91677
    March 07, 10:11 Reply

    pal woh apni son koh har musibath se ladna aika raha hai reh
    Aur haa aaj paddo nahi madhu mother india bangayi uss seh yeh tak yaad nahi khi uss seh apni maa koh phone karna hai

  21. pal961
    March 07, 10:09 Reply

    wow!!!….nyc name …Aryan… 😉

    • anshika
      March 07, 10:12

      yes gr8 name reminds me of my former classmate aryan sharma u guys wud be knowing him as chotu of diya and bati hum

  22. anshika
    March 07, 10:08 Reply

    guys tuka tha woh or maybe he would have seen madhu in the day so got an idea and @pal961 yaar woh uncle nahi hai kyun faltu main uska mazak uda rahe ho but hain the comment was gr8

    • pal961
      March 07, 10:11

      oops…sry …sry … mistake hogi…. maine guy ki place mein elderly person padh liya… 😆

    • sanju91677
      March 07, 10:12

      teek hai yaar uncle nahi hai woh the sultan hai

    • sanju91677
      March 07, 10:13

      rk chawl aaj hi aagaya kya bath hai wowwwwwww

    • anshika
      March 08, 03:08

      @pal961 its okay doesnt matters alot
      @sanju91677 haan yaar rk is soooooo much concerned about madhu ki woh right on the moment to chawl god knows why he is saying tgat he doesnt care abt madhu

  23. pal961
    March 07, 10:08 Reply

    what???? how can a father do this with his own ?????? 😡

  24. sanju91677
    March 07, 10:07 Reply

    yaar yeh sultan kaisa insaan hai khudh khi bete koh jungle mein ladne khey liye chod dhiya

  25. pal961
    March 07, 10:05 Reply

    uncle ko kaise pata chala ki madhu hair dresser hai… 😆 😉

    • pal961
      March 07, 10:12

      sry…correction..uncle nahi sultan… 😛

  26. sanju91677
    March 07, 10:05 Reply

    @mb gang
    SUltan koh kaise patah khi madhu ek hair dresser hai

    • pal961
      March 07, 10:06

      same pinch sanju…maine bhi yehi question kiya..hahahaha 😛

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