Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 8th August 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 8th August 2012 Written Update by Armu4eva

Part 1

Madhu holds Shammos hand in hers n recollects childhood days.. of how Shammo used to watch on her! She recollects how she got scared watching a horror film n Shammo gave her confidence! She resolves to do all to save Shammo n says that he is the roof over them! She wipes her tears as Shammo hates tears!

RK calls Madhu and says he called to put the label of THE END on Rishbala story! He asks Madhu her experience of taking on RK? In 4 days ..she lost her fiancee.. job .. family ..n her izzat .. AHAN! Madhu fumes .. but RK insists her to speak out!

RK notices a pup stuck in between wires n rescues and says that he forgot to ask about Madhus father aka Shammo but he had warned Shammo that real life stunts r different thn reel life.. as they hurt! RK tells Madhu that he used to think how he will destroy the next 40 years of Madhus life for sending him to jail for 4 days n till folks remember RK . .they will remember Madhu as RKs LAILA! He asks Madhu to make a fresh start n that the story Madhu started.. has been ended by HIM!

Madhu excuses herself from the hosp and recollects RKs lies to her! Madhu arrives on the sets of RKs movie! Director explains the set to RK nd scenes coincide with Madhus arrival! RK is ready to shoot [Vivu looks so hot ] He speaks.. ‘Tumhi mera ishq ho ..tumhi mera junoon’ … RK turns n sees Madhu!

Part 2

Madhu slaps RK .. de dana dan – count 2-3-4-5 n RK hits his forehead n it starts to bleed! Madhu says.. the story she has reached THE END now! Madhu walks away!

Part 3

Bittu tries to follow Madhu but RK stops..! All on the set lauf n taunt n Bittu screams out and throws everyone out! Blood trickles down RKs forehead!

Precap- RK tells Madhu that he will give 40 lacs. but she has to become Madhubla Rishab Kundra from Madhubala Shamsher Malik n she has 24 hours for that! RK keeps the sindoor box in front of Madhu n goes!

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  1. Krish
    October 02, 05:11 Reply

    @mythi, vasuraj, thanks for the wishes 😛
    me to good 🙂

    • vasuraj
      October 02, 05:14

      wat r u stdng?………..

  2. vasuraj
    October 02, 05:05 Reply

    @krish all the best 4 ur project..
    and i m superduper…………

  3. Mythi
    October 02, 04:59 Reply

    Now madhu accept dis agreement type marriage or not 🙄
    so sad 🙁

    • vasuraj
      October 02, 05:03

      she has to marry to save her father…….
      her destiny paves tis way wat else she can do…

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