Mahabharat 31st October 2013 Written Update

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Mahabharat 31st October 2013 Written Update by Nandiniraizaada

Mahabharat 31st October 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Dhritrashtra giving instruction to Architect Purochan rto make a good palace for Pandavas but make sure that the crown of the palace is not seen from Duryodhan’s bedchanber.
At that time Duryodhan comes , dhritrashtra asks him whats his problem. Dhuryodhan says that the problem is that I am the son of a king and hence I am suffering. If i was the son of a trader or a shephard man i would not have suffered like this . As a shephards son has the right to his fater’s roperty by birth. He need not wait for coronation

At that time Gandhari and Shakuni enter , Gandhari says that if a Traders son is not wise his family has to pay the price but if a Kings son is not wise the price has to be paid by the whole kingdome

Shakuni says Gandhari is saying right. He also was telling the same to Duryodhan , he says in a taunting way that Duryodhan you have assumed yourself to be the heir of the kingdom, but it is not so. Till power is in the hands of Bheeshma your father cant take any decesion.. Dhritrashtra is annoyed at this but Shakuni says what wrong did I say? Yopu have to prove your worth Duryodhan

But Dhritrashtra pata him on the back and says you will suceed me on the throne Duryodhan.

Dhritrashtra says that he will get Duryodhan crowned for crown prince and will speak to Bheeshma

Gandhari ties to interrrupt but Shakuni asks her doesnt she want her son to become king. She says she does but first he should become wise and worth it.

Dhritrashtra snubs her off at this and says his son will be the king

Shakuni and Duryodhan come out and Dhakuni says that Bheeshma will never let you be crown prince as he loves the Pandavas nmore he is partial/Duryodhan says but Bheeshma will always side with the throne. Shakuni says yes thats why he wont let you get it. We have to do something by which Kunti herself takes them away. They tred on Dharma , its easy to do Adharma with such people/

Vidur says to Bheeshma that Duryodhan hass chosan an evil path. Bheeshma says that education and wisdom can change that. With time both Pandavas and Kauravas will learn to love each other

Bheem is amazed to see the splendor of the palace and amount of food which is made. He picks some to eat but Dushasan stops him saying he cant eat without permission.

Bheem asks whose permission? Dushasan says Food ministers . He shows Bheem a person sitting with a shawl on his head. Bheem goes and asks permission but is not granted. Dushasan tells him to massage his feet still the minister does not relent. Dushasan says that may be elder brother Yudhisthir only will have to do it. Bheem says he is not hungry but Yudhistir comes forward Duryodhan pllease give Bheem some food. Duryodhan removes his shawl and says no food shall be served before time

The kauravas go and occupy their places and laugh at Pandava
Kunti eneters her bedroom with Sukhada . She asks why its so pretty. Sukhada says queen Gandhari said Queen Kunti should get all the comforts. Kunti says I am not the queen I am the wife of a hermit

At that moment Dushala comes and very politely says her regards to Kunti. She asks about the Pandavas. Kunti says they are your brothers. Arent you happy to get five more brothers? Dushala says but brother Duryodhan is not happy. He says they have come here to become crown prince but the right is of Duryodhan. Duryodhan considers them his enemy.

Kunti becomes sad at hearing this
Bheeshma comes into the dining room. He asks the Kauravas to make space for the Pandavas.

Duryodhan gets angry but he and his brothers ultimately make space. Food is given to all

Precap: Kauravas trying to belittle the Pandavas

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