Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 21st June 2012 Written Update

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Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 21st June 2012 Written Update by lovely786

Lady (sorry dont know who she’s) puts the condition saying if you (Kaushkik Bahus) take part and win the ‘bahu’ Olympic competition then she will forget about the 8.5 lakh tax.. lovely says this is not possible and this is not a rule.. lady says i know but you also can’t forget that you have broken the laws.. either pay tax or take part in bahu Olympics … lovely says they will take part for sure on behalf of whole family and then they leave..

Then the real person behind all this comes out and she is none other than …………………. aarti…. and the lady says her this is nothing.. she can do anything for her friendship.. aarti thanks her n tells the lady how she gets insulted by kaushik family etc.. and says watch now what i do with them with your help and they plan to create issues among all kaushik bahus

At kaushik home.. maasa asks lovely why you said yes for taking part .. lovely says dont worry we will win and we will show them who we are.. ammasa says in games only those teams win whose members cooperate with each other and thats not the case with kaushik bahus (due to recent fights).. lovely says ‘i know we have small issues but when problems came we were all together and faced them.. this time it will be same’.. all other bahus agree..

all kaushik sons say this is just stupid.. we will arrange money.. there is no need to do this stupid thing and paying taxes is our responsibilities not bahus.. .. then they ask what is ‘bahu olympics’?

Lovely says she is not sure either.. n then aarti comes and she says she knows what is it.. and explains how it is going to work..she says all familes across the country will participate in this competition and each family bahus will play together.. and then she says get ready to every bahu.. and says to masa now everything is in your bahus hand to save your reputation..

masa thinks this is good thing.. cuz of this all bahus will come together again.. and she gives permission to participate.. and lovely says thanks we will start practicing from tomorrow..


in lovely’s dream.. all bahus are practicing with masa ..

now in real.. lovely comes for practice and talks with herelf that she gave promises to masa but she is nt sure if all other bahus will play together.. then gehna and riya come there.. they say they will participate but its very difficult to be in team with nimmi and karantiya.. lovely tries to make them agree but she fails and masa sees them talking and gets shocked.. gehna and riya leave..

now lovely goes to nimmi and karantiya and they also say this is not possible to team up with other two bahus.. she tries to explain them but nimmi andkarantiya say we three can team up but not with them.. lovely says she will think about it and tell..

masa to ammasa.. everything got messed up .. i thought this competition will bring them closer but everything going wrong.. ammasa says no need to talk with them but we will show them.. masa says how we will show that.. ammasa says just wait and watch


lovely to herself.. i need to talk with sibhu and utkarsh.. and right there she sees utkarsh and bittu arguing with each other as well.. . bittu is unhappy about what gehna said to nimmi that they go in loss cuz of bittu… and after seeing that lovely says it will get even worse and there is no point talking with them… aarti also saw that fight and she gets happy..

some ladies come from bahu olympics for round 1 and they ask questions to all bahus to find out how much they know about their home.. nimmi and karantiya fail to answer.. n then gehna answers smartly .. and her and gehna get happy..riya also answers correct..

nimmi gets 2nd answer correct .. and last question for lovely.. n they ask how far is kitchen from where she is standing.. she says its 15 steps and they ask her to walk n show.. she starts walking and realizes she won’t be able to reach there in 15 steps and then she starts taking long steps and eventually reaches in 15 steps.. everyone is smiling and they she asks why you all lookin like this.. she says she always goes to kitchen jumping.. gehna says yes she is youngest bahu thats why she is spoiled..

ladies from bahu olympics say they searching for this kind of bahus only and they say they will declare result tomorrow..

Precap: In some group meeting or something.. gehna says all 5 kaushik bahus are not in same team. in her team its her and riya.. officials from bahu olympics say making 2 teams and playing against each other is against the rules….

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