Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 12th June 2012 Written Update

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Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 12th June 2012 Written Update by NeelimaSJ

Indu calls out Mohan’s name. Mohan opens his eyes, looks at Megha through the door and goes back to sleep. Indu notices this. Indu comes out and asks Megha why did she not stop Mohan when she could? She asks Megha what has he ever done to you? What do you want from him? Megha touches her forehead and unknowingly smears Mohan’s blood. Megha and Indu are shocked. Megha tries to wipe it off. Indu rants again. Megha has FB of her trying to stop Mohan, talking to Guru. Indu asks her what have you come to see?Are you here to check if he is alive or not? Indu says if you don’t love him then go away. You are like a bad omen for him. She says even in this condition he is thinking of you and not me. Indu says I will never let you snatch my son away from me. Megha walks away.

Megha walking on the road having FB of Indu blaming her, Mohan and her in park the first time, first mandir scene, Mohan getting shot, Amar getting shot. Megha still has the hankies clutched in her hand. Megha arrives at Vyas house. She looks at herself in the mirror and finds Mohan’s blood on her forehead. Indu’s words start playing on her mind. She washes her hands,tries to wipe his blood off. On the other side Mohan’s monitor starts beeping and the nurse calls out to the Doctor.

Megha talks to Amar’s picture and says that Mohan’s love has become an obsession. His(Mohan) mother asked me to get out and I will never forget that. She says she cannot see another mother in pain. She says she doesn’t know how to face Mohan’s feelings. Megha says I really don’t know what to do and asks Amar to show her a way. A breeze flows in and a piece of paper falls down. It is Mohan’s letter and Megha starts reading it. FIL comes in to check on her. He finds her reading the letter. FIL says it was found in Amar’s diary and we read it without your permission, as we couldn’t resist. He asks Megha if she read the letter? He asks her about Amar’s last wish? Megha confused. FIL says it clearly states that if anything happens to him she(Megha) should get married again. FIL says there is no hurry as so much happened, take your time and think about it. Megha starts deliberating on FIL’s words.

Next day Doctor checks on Mohan in the hospital.Mohan still looking critical. Megha at home thinks that because of every word written in this letter she know that no one can love me more than Amar. She says that the letter has showed her the way.

FIL tells everyone that Megha was reading the letter when he went into her room. Megha walks out of her room and tells FIL that she has decided. On the other hand Mohan calls out Megha’s name in an unconscious state.

Precap: Megha talking to Amar’s picture. She says Mohan has bought me to a dead end. I can accept his love and move on. Nanhi, Guru, Jiji would be very happy with that. FIL in hospital talking to Mohan and saying now is the time to get married and “grihasti basane ka waqt aa gaya hain”

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