Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 27th June 2012 Written Update

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Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 27th June 2012 Written Update by -RD-

-Manav trying to get and auto and thru him Megs comes to Know of mana agreeing to the marriage proposal and she is shocked and asks Manav for some time and he agrees to it

-PL Karan n Joshi ji asking Megs abt the gurl that Mohan was to meet n al and megs says she dusnt know abt it and Mohan arrives with mithai and karan asks him abt the gurl as Megs is aking and Mohan is like she is asking and he gets up and offers her some sweet and says she isnt the most beautiful gurl arnd but with her my world will be happy and Megs says she is happy and he is like glad u r happy for US and he says since u r my neighbor will show u sumthing else as well

Mohan asks you want to see the girl n know how she is? He holds Megha’s hands and turns her around. He points to her reflection and says there she is. He takes out the mangalsutra and it is reflected in the glass. He says I’ve told Mom that if I marry I will only marry this girl. Mohan says I am repeating myself but the truth is that with every lie of yours, your truth stands out even more.

He conts I know you love me a lot and no one can stop us from becoming one, not even you yrself. Megha says you are forgetting that a relationship is made from both ends. I have also made up my mind on who I am going to marry n asks him if he has the courage to listen to her. She says come with me in front of you and the whole family I will speak the truth n she drags Mohan through Mohalla. Indu watches them and calls out to Mohan n says u stopped me frm leaving to show me all this then i am leaving and questions Megs of her nerves to hold Mohans hand like that and Mohan is like Maa (abbe isse aage bhi to kuch keh )and Megs asks her to join her and hear her stupid declaration to the world out

-Meg with Mohan n Indu arrive at Vyas house and Ved asks if all is well and she says since Mohan is part of the house so got him to share this news and she declares that she will marry Manav

-All r happy n Mohan shocked and ved thanks him as its bec of him this day has come as he returned the diary with amar’s last wish and he only got manav here and wishes that he gets everything he dreams of

-Renu forces Mohan to have a ladoo bfore he leaves and Ved tells Sanjay abt the gud news n then MN convo with Mohan having tears in his eyes and he tells Nanhi the match just got more interesting and the winner is the one who grabs the match in the final overs and there Addu cums whining abt his broken bat and Manav agrees to get him a new one and there Megs in her room looking at farmhouse pics and crying phoot phoot ke

-Nanhi tells Mohan that do something that everyone starts thinking that you can make a better Papa than Manav uncle. Mohan says what should I do. They show Sanath Jayasurya on TV n Mohan smiles. Addu praises his new bat. Addu shows it off to Mohan. Mohan asks him do you know of Sanath Jayasurya Addu says of course I know him. Mohan says you want to meet him. Addu says yes of course. Mohan tells him to tell his mom that he is going with him to meet Sanath. Renu says I also want to come because I want to meet Sanath as I watch JDJ only for him. Mohan says no. Manav comes to talk to Megha and thanks her. Renu barges in and tells them to get ready to come. Manav says he has some work and he won’t be able to come. Megha says I won’t come. Renu makes Megha call Mohan. Mohantks the call and says finally you thought of me. Megha says be prepared the whole paltan is coming along including Manav. Mohan says yeah sure bring him along. Mohan thinks he is trying to steal my gurl I will show him.

-So everyone at Jhalak house to meet Sanath and he is practicing his dance moves and renu starts off as usual and shows him sum moves and Sanath is like What

-Precap: Addu says cant sit in auto because of my bat.,will come in the bike. Megs waiting for Addu to arrive. Addu walks up to a shopkeeper and says can I make a call from your phone the guy says I don’t have any balance. Addu walking on the roads. Megha talking on the phone with tears in her eyes and says “what”.

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