Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 6th July 2012 Written Update

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Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 6th July 2012 Written Update by RD

-Mohan asks Manav what’s his relation with Mitika Chaturvedi n her son ? Mohan says he goes to meet them everyday.and that he deposited 3 lakhs in Mitika’s account. He cannot practice in US , Why did he hide this from you all? Ved asks Manav to tell the truth. Manav silent. Manav’s mother says we made a mistake, we should have told them all of it before only.. Renu asks Manav to speak up. but he walks away. Sanjay says what kind of answer is this? Manav goes to pack his clothes n leaven Renu goes to his room n Manav says I am engaged to Megha but everyone believes that Mohan more than. Renu says come with me and tell them the truth. Manav calls someone. Vedsays Mohan is right about everything.

-Renu shouts at Mohan and says you did the same with Amar’s case n asks Manav to tell the truth. Manav tells Mohan you called me your friend but you could have at least asked me and I would have told you the truthAngry. Manav tells Ved that everything is correct. But there is one more truth which I won’t tell you because there is someone else who can tell it better than me. I have called her and she will tell everyone the truth. Mitika walks in n Manav tells she is my patient Rakesh Chaturvedi’s wifeShockedLOL. Mitika says my husband is being treated by Manav . My husband was very critical and wanted to spend his last days with us n Manav tried to save him but he died and his license was cancelled because of thatConfusedLOL. Mitika says he helped us settle in India as well. He gave me 3 lakhs for that purpose.

Manav says my license has been suspended for 2 years out of which 1.5 years are ovr. But I am not settling in India because of that but for Megha, Nanhi and Addu. Manav tells Mohan that you wanted to prove me wrong o badly that you did not find out everything. Ved asks 4 forgiveness from Manav. He tells Mohan that sometimes you do things in such a rush (like who is talking). We would have lost such a gud match because of that. He tears the papers and folds his hands in front of Mohan.

-Renu starts off with her rant and hands Mohan the wedding card and says that its the very card of the wedding u tried to break and he leaves remembering what all happened Megha says I cannot see you like this , so sad. Megha says even though you were proved wrong I know you did for me. Everything you’ve done has been right for me. But why are you doing so when i cannot support u

Precap: Mohan throws Guru out of the house and locks the door. Indu comes and asks what is happening. They knock on the door and ask Mohan to open the door.

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