Naamkaran 2nd January 2017 Written Update

Naamkaran 2nd January 2017 Written Update by Amena

Naamkaran 2nd January 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Avni managing Aman. She sees Asha’s pic and talks to Aman. She says you remind me of mumma, stop staring me and have milk. Fatima and Tiku see them and smile. Avni says please have milk, else how will you grow up, I will play with you and make tasty food for you, I also don’t like this, have some milk now. She feeds Aman. She says please drink it, when I was like you, even I used to cry, then mumma used to sing lullaby for me. She shows toys. Aman cries. Avni sings lullaby for him. She sings Aa leke chalun…..plays….

Aman drinks milk. Avni kisses him. Aman smiles hearing lullaby. Avni hugs Aman and cries. Neela asks Hasmukh when did this happen and how. Hasmukh says I thought you know this. Neela cries and says no, no one told me, Aisha was pregnant, her
child… Hasmukh says baby is fine, Aisha gave birth to son before dying. Neela says life gave everything incomplete to her, love but not relation, Avni but not place in society, Aisha faced many problems in life, when it was time to stay with family, she went, where is Avni, how is she, she is young. Hasmukh says sorry to asl you, does Ashish know this. Neela worries.

Fatima tells Tiku that Avni is very determined, she went on Aisha. Tiku says you are right, I can’t see her pain, till when will Avni manage Aman, we will take them to out house. Fatima says no, see this house, Aisha is everywhere here, we will stay here. Dayaben comes and says no need.

Neela goes to look for Ashish. She gets shocked seeing him sinking in the bathtub. She asks what are you doing, and gets him out of bathtub. She pumps out water from his body. He starts coughing and gets conscious. She sees the black beads in his hand and says you knew about Aisha, why did you do this, get up. He says Ashudi snatched my right to say her final goodbye. She cries.

Dayaben applies black dot to Aman. She asks Avni to pack bags and come. Fatima says you have no right on kids. Dayaben says I told the same, but Avni made movie to tell our relation, so I came today to take her. Fatima gets angry. Avni stops Fatima. She says our film is truth, it does not mean we will come with you. Dayaben says yes, what about the world, what to tell media, they feel I m doing injustice on you. Avni says I will talk to them. She thanks Dayaben in front of media. She says Dayaben came to take me, I want to stay with Fatima and not go anywhere.

Dayaben gets Aman and pushes Tiku. She says Avni is right, Avni stayed here for 11 years, I can’t take her, its wrong to take her, I understand her emotions, she can manage, but this baby is new born, he needs care, Aisha is no more, I take this baby’s responsibility, he will stay with me and Ashish. Avni says please give him, he will not go with you. Dayaben says I m doing this well, you meet me in court, till then this baby will be with me, Ashish is alive.

She gives court notice to them. She says how will Fatima earn money for Aman. She signs her men to stop Avni and Fatima. She takes baby with her. Avni and Fatima shout. Dayaben leaves. She comes home and calls Neela and everyone. She handsover baby to Neela. She does aarti. She says you are his mum from today, the baby is like Ashish. Neela gets shocked.

Dayaben says now you will have this baby. Neela asks where is Avni. Dayaben says when we get lotus for Lord, we don’t get dirty mud, importance is just of flower, which is in your lap now, come. Neela gets angry. Fatima asks Avni to open the door. Avni cries seeing the empty cradle. Fatima knocks door. Dayaben prays that Ashish gets fine. Maid says media has come and is calling you out. Dayaben says at this time, why did they come, maybe my interview. She goes out to them and asks you all here at this time. Avni comes there with her bag. Dayaben gets shocked seeing her.

Avni cries and says Dadi I want to stay with you, please keep me, you were right, Fatima can’t take care of me. She hugs Dayaben and says do anything, you can’t make me away from my brother.

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