Nach Baliye 6 5th January 2014 Written Update

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Nach Baliye 6 5th January 2014 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Nach Baliye 6 5th January 2014 Written Episode

This Sunday Episode of your favourite show Nach Baliye unravels some remarkable performances from all the Jodis. Gautam and Karan welcomes everyone to the yet another wonderful offering by Nach Baliye 6. Tonight is the Costume Drama Special Episode. Welcome to the weekend’s biggest entertainment show.

Shilpa enters with a bang in a Queen’s costume dancing on the song Kehne ko jashne bahara hai…….. Ishq ye dekhkle hairaan hai…….. Sajid enters in a Captain Costume and dances on the song Aapka kya hoga janabe ali………… O Dhanno…… Terence enters in a pirate’s costume and dances on the song Angrezi Beat……………. Gautam and Karan welcomes the judges and everyone claps.

Sajid says today’s episode is very special as its costume’s special. Shilpa says I m NRI – New Rani of India. They go to their seats. Gautam says we have a variety today which will he heart touching as well as heart shaking. He says lets call our first performer.

1. Raqesh Vashisth and his wife Riddhi Dogra.
They dance on the song Kya Karun O ladies, Mai hoon Aadat se Majboor……. From the movie Ladies Vs Ricky Behl. They perform wearing the costumes of cats also using the props.

Terence says this is musical. They have shown the concept well, it was quite convincing. It was very cute, you are improving as dancers. It was beautifully portrayed.

Shilpa says you are looking very cute. Raqesh the way you jumped, you really looked like a cat, all the best.

Sajid says your today’s act would have been bad but it was outstanding brilliant, you looked real cats fighting. Really good.
The scores : Sajid gives 11, Shilpa gives 10, Terence gives 10. Total 31.

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2. Kiku Sharda and his wife Priyanka Sharda.
They dance on the song Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita of the film Rowdy Rathore by Kiku donning Gabbar’s role and Priyanka in Mogambo’s role. They portray the biggest villains of Bollywood.

Terence says Kiku and Priyanka, you came back in form, the choreography was amazing. You looked beautiful and the gags were funny. Priyanka is delicate but this was a big step for you, a very good act, fantastic. Well done.

Shilpa says your energy was mind blowing, I enjoyed a lot, Kiku is really concentrating on doing dance, keep up the hard work.

Sajid says the act was very nice, we were entertained. A very refined entertaining act.

The scores: Terence 10, Shilpa 10 and Sajid 10. Total 30.

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3. Gurmeet Choudhary and his wife Debina.
They give fusion dance a new meaning. They wear heavy costumes to portray strong roles. Gurmeet plays a devil and Debina plays a Devi. They dance on the Marathi song Uge De Ambe Ude…….
Terence says the folk dances you did are not easy with such heavy costumes. You have portrayed it well, your dance was powerful. The concept was nice. Well done and all the best.

Shilpa says this act was a visual treat, I felt there was less dance, it was a high energy act and the costumes were over powering, you did not do much, but you have done a fabulous job.

Sajid says I won’t say much, hats off.

The scores: Sajid 10, Terence 10 and Shilpa 10. Total 30.

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4. Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi.
They don the spiritual costumes and dance on the song Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo………

Shilpa says I liked it a lot. The costumes have enhanced the performance. You have done a good job, but I want to see more, you can do better.

Terence says the story was very beautiful. Asha is looking very beautiful as a child. Dancing was very nice. I loved the act and it was very good, superb.

Sajid says it was good act. I felt you can do better, whenever you got 11 out of 11, you are leaders for me, but today you are followers, all the best.

The scores: Shilpa 10, Terence 10, Sajid 9. Total 29.

Rithvik dances with Shilpa on the song Kehdo ke tum mere ho warna……………….Karan looks at them annoyed and jealous. Karan dances on the same song with Asha while Rithvik looks on.

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5. Ripudaman Handa and Shivangi.
They dress up like dolls and dance in a dolls house. They dance on the song Ek Main Hun Aur Ek Tu…… from the movie Ek Main aur Ek Tu.

Sajid says not good, you look cute. We had much expectations but there was no fun.

Terence says it could have been good, energy was ok, acting was ok, dancing was ok, but sometimes this happens, better luck next time.

Shilpa says Shivangi I told you I m your fan, I thought you will do better. You both were off sync.

The scores: Terence 8, Shilpa 9 and Sajid 8. Total 25.

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6. Vinod Thakur and his wife Raksha Thakur.

They give a horror feel to the audience. Shilpa is shocked seeing them. They dance on the song Maut……… from the movie Kaante.
Shilpa is terrified. The audience gives a standing ovation to them.

Terence says when this act started, Shilpa said I don’t like horror acts, why are they doing this. You have scared her. It was beautifully choreographed, it was amazing, superb, well done.

Shilpa says I was in a shock because I saw only one horror movie in my life. But I saw the act being a judge. You have made me afraid, so you were successful in your act. Vinod was brilliant and Raksha was better than Vinod. This act was ‘Super se bhi Upar’ act.

Sajid says you have created fear, Raksha looks good in normal makeup. We gave you standing ovation. Vinod looked like a special effect, keep doing interesting acts.

The scores: Terence 11, Sajid 11, and Shilpa 11. Total 33.

To Vote for Vinod and Raksha, call on the number 18001202303 or logon to

7. Kanika Maheswari and her hushand Ankur Ghai.
They dress casually and dance on the song Jise dhundta hai dil har….. Wo ladki hai kahan…… from the movie Dil Chahta Hai.

Shilpa says I felt good, we appreciate your effort that you are dancing despite your injury Kanika.

Terence says I told you yesterday if you participate, its your wish, this act was only ok, not a great act. I m really sorry, it was not impressive.

Sajid says you are doing limited, as you are hurt, it was not a bad act but because of your physical condition, this act did not achieve what it promised.

The scores: Terence 8, Shilpa 7, Sajid 8. Total 23.
To Vote for Kanika and Ankur, call on the number 18001202302 or logon to

Gautam says please keep voting, our voting lines are open till Monday morning 9am. Terence says Odonil Fresh performance of the week goes to Raqesh and Riddhi. They get a gift hamper from Odonil and Spa vouchers. Stay tuned to watch the exciting Nach Baliye next week. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Jodi. CERA stylish moment of the week goes to Kiku and Priyanka’s dance.


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  1. Priya
    January 07, 21:11 Reply

    Mee toooooooo only dont wanna fight just giving my opinion Ashvik are best …………….Sajid is a b***** i reallly hate him

  2. kelsey
    January 06, 19:40 Reply

    loved ashvik and karan masti!!

  3. rithvick
    January 05, 21:24 Reply

    suddenly gurbina no1 nach baliyae6 is fake cheating people spl sajid unfair with 2 couples blindly supports 4 gurbina get out from this show

  4. Mahi
    January 05, 21:12 Reply

    Ok… I seriously think Sajid is being UNFAIR.

    First of all, judges aren’t supposed to take sides. Even if they have favourites, they aren’t supposed to say it. That’s being really unprofessional.

    And secondly, Why do I feel like he’s purposely cutting marks off Ashvik’s performances? He always gives one mark less than the other 2 judges, and last week he gave 8 while Terence and Shilpa both gave 11. But that’s not the case when Gurbina or some other jodis don’t do well. He almost always gives the same mark as the other 2 judges. And he’s never harsh on Gurbina as he is on others.

    For the past few episodes, I feel like Sajid’s trying to prove his point…and make Gurbina win, while trying to make it look like Ashvik don’t deserve to win. And for this reason, I don’t want Ashvik to be on the 1st position when they don’t do well. That will just give Sajid a reason to taunt them that they may just win NACH coz of their popularity.

    P.S. I have nothing against Gurbina. I’m a GC fan.

  5. An upset fan
    January 05, 20:30 Reply

    Fake gurmeet n debina ……no fracture n all they said is lie……! Jst they wanna gain sympathy from viewers and apart this nothing was the motive behind their drama

    • rithvick
      January 05, 21:21

      ur really correct just for an trophy they use this trick i am relly feel weird abt gurmeet i thought he is nice man by heart cheat his loyal fans i am nt ashvik fan but this time i support them for their honesty really they deserve trophy

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