Navya 25th June 2012 Written Update

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Navya 25th June 2012 Written Update by karan_13

This episode begins with Rama asking Navya why she is staring at a family photo. Navya tells Rama to give surprise to Baba on his 75th birthday.

Rama refuses Navya for it, but Navya says to Rama that she wants to bring family together. Navya invites Appy and Ritz on Baba’s birthday and tells Rama about Nimisha and Ranvir’s love.
Navya tells Rama that she and Anant decided to tell about Nimisha and Ranbir to the family. Rama promises Navya to help her.
Navya attends a phone call and gets shocked to know that sweet maker will not come as someone passed away in his house. Sugandha gets worried thinking it and Rama tries to contact the sweet maker, but was not able to reach him.

Buadadi taunts Sugandha not to arrange sweet maker and tells OM about it. OM scolds Sugandha by saying that she cannot even arrange a home function. He plans to overrule if it gets messed, so that she will feel guilty to face him.

Rama tells everyone to make food together. Navya and Savitri agree to this. Buadadi tries to catch Nimisha and Ranvir red-handed, but Navya spoils Buadadi’s plan.

Whole family wishes Baba on his birthday and Buadadi tells Baba that tomorrow she will play a big evil to throw Navya from the house.

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