Parichay 21st June 2012 Written Update

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Parichay 21st June 2012 Written Update by -Madhubala-

Seema and Raj talking about Sidhi and Raj is supporting SIdhi. Sidhi comes and looks troubled. Seema asks if she is okay. Sidhi says she has stomach ache. Raj gets concerned and asks to call Kunal. Sidhi declines the idea as he went for some imp work..(I thought Kunal was lawyer..Raj sounded as if he is doctor..) Sidhi says she got appointment with doctor, Kunal was supposed to accompany, but she will take Seema. Seema says Kunal should come with her. Seema finall agrees. They leave Raj with Veena. Raj asks to be careful.

Kunal comes out of the hotel. he searches for parking guy. He looks at the car parked. He sees Rohit’s car and notices its number. He goes and haves a closer look at it. He tries to open it. Watchman comes and asks what Kunal was doing. Kunal says it is his friend’s car. Watchman says it is not and the owner has left it long back there. Watchman also informs Rohit had a big fight with someone. Kunal thinks he needs to find out with whom. Kunal asks the watchman to come to court as witness, which he declines. Kunal warns him to take to police station. watchman asks not to as he is poor. Kunal says he knows and come to court. Rohit takes pictures of Kunal with watchman. Rohit thinks he wont let him get the witness.

Kunal is coming out of the hotel and Rohit is passing by and they end up having collision almost. Rohit shouts at him. Kunal says sorry and puts his hand on Rohit’s shoulder. Kunal asks if he is okay and will pay for his loss. Rohit leaves from there. Kunal wonders why he left without fuss.

Sidhi seema after hospital checkup are returning. Richa is waiting at signal in her car. She sees Sidhi and Seema n wonders what they are doing there. Richa stops her car near Sidhi. Richa taunts Sidhi, which makes Seema angry. Richa asks what she is doing there. She sees doctor report in Sidhi’s hand. She understands and feels bad. She says Sidhi got everything and she got nothing. Sidhi asks to have patience and be happy in what she got. Sidhi says one gets true love with luck. Richa says luck changes with time and it can be tomorrow. Richa says she had patience till date and will be satisfied when Kunal will be hers. Richa says Kunal belongs to her and she will get him. Richa leaves from there.

Kunal is back home. She shouts for Seema for tea. Raj informs him about Sidhi going to hospital. He reminds him about the doctor appointment. Sidhi and Seema return home. Kunal asks how she is feeling. Sidhi says she is perfectly fine and not to worry. Seema asks to let him worry as he never cared for her when she was pregnant. Raj asks to take care of Sidhi in this situation. Seema says Kunal worries about his wife and kid. Seema taunts SiNal sweetly. Seema asks him to speak. Kunal asks for the file he gave her in the morning. Sidhi is like what file. Seema understands and asks to give that file. Sidhi is ohh ok that file and goes into their room. Seema and raj are happy for them.

Sidhi is in the room. Kunal asks if she is fine. Sidhi assures him she is fine. Kunal asks how she will feel if he is sick and dont inform him. He says he is angry with him for forgetting. Sidhi says she too is worried about him as he is busy about the case. She promises him to keep him informed. Kunal kisses. Sidhi asks what he found. Kunal tells her about Rohit’s fight on the day he died. Kunal suspects if Rohit died becoz of accident. Sidhi remembers the whole accident scene but she is not sure about anything. Kunal says he wants to prove this fight was the reason for Rohit’s death. Sidhi says its good and they will get time to collect more proofs. Kunal says if they get the person Kunal had a fight and 3 will be fine.

Thakral is busy in his work when Richa comes with a person. He says he was riding bike at that moment and saw Sidhi driving the car, and she might have killed Rohit. Thakral says thanks and he can go. Richa says she wants revenge from Sidhi. Thakral says he does not need help and his books will help him win the case.

Rohit gets a call from Richa. Rohit asks if she is missing her. Richa says Thakral sounds to be fighting case against them. Rohit assures her that she will definitely win the case. Richa sounds convinced. Rohit is busy printing Kunal watchman photos where he tries to threaten him to reveal the truth.

Recap: Thakral gets Kunal’s picture with watchman from Rohit as wellwisher.

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