Parichay 26th June 2012 Written Update

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Parichay 26th June 2012 Written Update by neeme

Episode starts with the watchman’s fake statement that kunal is behind all this..and he kills Rohit Thakral with intention.Kunal says that Watchman is a liar..first he was saying somthing else and now he changes his statement..Thakral says that there is one liar and that is Kunal not Anyone else..he ask for the Punishment from the Judge for Kunal..Richa stands up and says Kunal is not the murderer..Siddhi kills Rohit.Judge gives warning to Richa..Thakral says in anger to Richa that keep quiet.Richa left the court room in anger. And Outside the court room she dials Rohit number..on the other hand Rohit sees Richa’s number on his cell and Starts laughing .Instead of picking up the phone he says to himself that Kunal is trapped and Richa phone call ensures all that..

Inside the court room, Kunal still tries to save himself and ask for the motive from Thakral.. At the meantime, Raveena Enters in the court room..Thakral noticed her and says that there is big motive of murder and that is Kunal’s Sister Raveena..he explained all that how Raveena loves Rohit and later due to kunal Raveena marries Vikrum..Bt after the marriage Rohit meets Raveena and Kunal did not like this and he kills him with Plan.

He Ask to present Raveena in witness box and after that he asked from raveena that Is it all true ??..raveena accepts all this and tries to explain all bt Thakral was Not giving her a single chance to explain anything..He ask and then told to the Judge that how kunal was beating Rohit on that day when he wants to marry Raveena in temple.he asked abt it from Raveena.Who confirmed itt as well.. And then Thakral says to the Judge that this is the Motive behind this murder..Kunal hates rohit so much and that’s why he kills Rohit..

Outside the court Siddhi approach Richa and ask for the help to save Kunal.. Bt Richa denies.Richa thinks that she is helpless in this moment she can’t do anything for Kunal.Both reached inside the court where Thakral demands for the Punishment for Kunal.. Judge hears everything and Starts writing the decision..

On the other side Rohit feels really happy that kunal is very near to his end bt he is feeling sad that today he can’t see his down head infront of his dad.

In Court, Judge says that on the basis of all evidence its prove that Kunal kills Rohit.he says that he will annouce his decesion in Next hearing till then Kunal will be in custody. All became shocked after hearing this and Thakral feels happy..

PRECAP: Siddhi crying infront of judge and saying that Kunal did nothing he was with her on that night..Both fight and then She left the house in anger and then that accident happend with her..she is responsible not Kunal.

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