Punar Vivah 4th September 2012 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 4th September 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 4th September 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location:Yash’s house
Aarti reaches with aman trying to clarify yash’s misunderstnading but he doesnt care to listen to either of them and leaves to go inside.Aman too goes behind him trying to put some sense into him so that he would atleast listen to what they have to say.Vidhi also arrives at the scene.Pankaj and prateik leave.Vidhi confronts aarti saying how could you do this and despite everything she trusted her and this is the way she paid everybody in the family back,by breaking their trust.When she keeps pleading innocence,she takes her to another room to prove what she is saying.She then shows the pics of aarti and aman together and tells her that she has betrayed everybody and that is exactly what yash was trying to say that day under medication.At every attempt of aarti to defend herself and aman saying that they were just good college friends,she retaliates back saying that she has concocted all lies so far.On one hand,uprofess abotu your love for yash,on the other hand you roam around with another man at midnight without yash’s knowledge.That is sheer betaryal.She then goes on to say that for aarti,se went against her own husband and this is what she got,aarti didnt consider her a true elder sister and explain about that rainy night.Aarti tries to pacify her by saying that she has a right to question her and begins telling her about the rainy night,but just then buaji and gayatri and yash’s father make an entrance who have been listening to the convo the whole time.Buaji as usual tries to instigate everyone against her by saying what kind of a married woman roams the night with a stanger in her husband’s absence.her eyes show her guilt and that is the reason yash is upset.This betrayal has maddened and completely destroyed him.yash’s father motions her to stop and leaves.Buaji continues with her charade and goes on to add that a stained woman like her should not be allowed the signature things about being married as she doesnt deserve them and moves on to remove her mangalsutra when aarti stops her saying that she has no right on her mngalsutra and her character and that she is innocent and that’s the only reason aman has come along to talk to yash.Gayatri interrupts saying that she wants to know the truth before yash and demands proof from aarti to convnce here that even after that night,she is pure and chaste.Aarti goes into a flashback saying that this is what happened that day and that yash had himself met aman and was okay with her friendship to him.She remembers the day when the kids had gone horseriding with jagan and bhanwari.she then asks him to get Bhutta for her in this rainy season.When he’s gone,aman sneaks behind aarti to surprise her but is surprised instead when yash attacks himthinking to be a stranger.Aarti then clarifies the situation,introduces aman and yash.Yash then receives a call and excuses himself to go,but aman makes a joke about not leaving his wife behind with a handsome man like him.but yash says that he trusts aarti and takes off.Aman and aarti then chat about how this is their second marriage.Aman sees that she has fallen over for yash but to check if yash has too,he decides that he would look for jealousy in him as that’s the first sign of love,despite aarti saying otherwise.Meanwhile yash is shown paying half his attention on the call and half on looking how aarti and aan are chatting and having a good time from a distance.At another incident,at the dining table,he tries to talk yash into feeling jealous.yash coments once that he likes aarti in yellow.after that he again gets a call.When he leaves,aarti reprimands him for talking too much.But aman says he knows what he is doing.Yash thn returns and aman comments that had he known that aarti was marrying a second time,he would have come back for her.yash and aarti are both surprised to hear this.AArti is drawn back to reality when she is accused by buaji of beating around th bush and told to come to the point as to what was she doing with aman at midnight.Everyone is looking at her.The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Aman is shown challenging yash that he would win thsi duel.when aarti asks what duel,he pints at her direction and yash and aarti are stunned.

Pictures will be added shortly after update is done..

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  1. divya
    September 04, 23:09 Reply

    another draging episode

  2. Anonymous
    September 04, 21:21 Reply

    Yash is a fool. Aman should just take Aarti away and leave Yash who’s stuck in his own self-pity.

  3. PV Fan
    September 04, 19:53 Reply

    Hi, the video of the second part is not playing continuouly, it kept stopping. Can the video be re-uploaded. Extremely grateful for video and written updates ll this while. Tqvm n syabas

  4. Anonymous
    September 04, 17:28 Reply

    Pick one

    Stupid yash who doesn’t trust his wife
    Cute and handsome aman who can do anything for arti’s life to be perfect! And I mean ANYTHING!! Even if there just best friends!

    By the way my choice would be duhh! AMAN!!!

  5. naila
    September 04, 17:11 Reply

    Still waitibg for the pics. Got some news SBS say that aman will not sort the problems between yash and aarti and they are dragging it 2 much because of the shooting of punar vivah with kareena kapoor. From my point of view i think of aman doesnt sort the problems between aarya then the entering of his character in the show is useless/pointless 🙂 keep liking!

    • naila
      September 04, 17:15

      I maid some mistakes in writing sorry for that its cause i was writing to fast 😉 🙂

  6. Romantic @ heart
    September 04, 16:56 Reply

    Pls @ringhim please upload the picturers dats what make this page unique. Even though we dnt comment we r eagerly reading it!!! Please waiting. And thank you 4 always updating

  7. Zoha
    September 04, 15:58 Reply

    This story is getting weird day aftr day..

  8. suni
    September 04, 15:51 Reply

    I certainly can’t understand Yash’s jealousy . He wanted a mother for his kids , not a wife . He wants to continue loving his dead wife . Did he think that he had married a nun ? She is a beautiful woman , who deserves to have a man compliment her . Did Yash only just notice thst she was a woman ?? I like Aman . Hope the writers don’t turn him into a negative character .

  9. Punar Vivah
    September 04, 15:47 Reply

    This is getting interesting… im starting to like Aman better too!! Yash should just listen to what they have to say also. Hoping that Yash will forgive Aarti tomorrow.

  10. clara
    September 04, 15:22 Reply

    Aman I like more than Yash 🙂

    • Seema
      September 04, 17:33

      I feel the same way! He’s cute, actually notices Aarti, is funny, and isn’t a psychopath!

  11. Trini
    September 04, 14:58 Reply

    I noticed that alot of ppl are no longer commenting I guess they got to tired of the dragging story line.

  12. Anonymous
    September 04, 14:53 Reply

    now i see why yash was so mad at her.i still cant believe well i can believe that yash is falling in love.awesome/sad episode

  13. divya
    September 04, 13:38 Reply

    maine bataya na vahi scene

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