Parichay 9th August 2012 Written Update

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Parichay 9th August 2012 Written Update by -Madhubala-

Sidhi gets down auto and pay him. She sees the building where Chopras live and she remembers all the moment with the family especially the scenes outside. She gets emotional remembering all the sweet moments. She then remembers Sulekhaji words that if she sees Richa in Chopra house then she will not send Anand to Chopras. She thinks kunal cant be with Richa. She wonder how Chopras will react to her return n what she will say. Sidhi after hesitation rings the bell. She notices the door is locked. She thinks Chopras might have changed the house. She goes to enquire the neighbors. She finds no one. She goes to panwala and enquires if Kunal Chopra does not stay there. He replies Chopras stay there but went to Richa’s house. Panwala taunts why Richa n Kunal dont get married if they love each other so much. Sidhi thinks she wont believe until she sees herself.

Kunal is drinking and thinking about the day Sinal relation broke and he got Anand. AC come n asks why he drinking. Kunal says he was just tasting. He says sorry for breaking his promise. Kunal asks to smile, which AC does. Kunal asks to celebreate by cutting cake and he will celebreate drinking. Every gather for cake cutting. AC cuts the cake. Everyone wish him. AC feeds Kunal cake so does Kunal.

Richa asks AC if he is ready for surprise. AC gets excited about another surprise. He thanks Richa and leaves. Richa and Kunal exchange looks. Sidhi reaches the venue. AC asks Thakral about the new room. He offers to take him there, they leave.

Kunal is standing with a wine glass reciting poetry – tu hai badi ajeeb cheez – koi is liye pita hai ke har koi saath hai – koi tujhe is liye pita hai ke koi bhi saath nahi. Sidhi ke liye maine tujhe chodiya tha aur ab ussi ke liye tujhe pi raha hoon. Kunal goes to get other drink. Richa comes to feed cake and messes it on his face. She starts the cleaning it. Sidhi enters the party and starts looking for Kunal. She sees Kunal and Richa together. Richa gives Kunal cake which he takes. Sidhi misunderstands their closeness and wonders how Kunal who loved his kid before his birth then how come he forget him. Sidhi is shocked how even Veena forgot Anand. Sidhi leaves upset crying. Veena spots her and goes behind her.

Sidhi is out walking shattered remembering all that happened before her going to jail. Sidhi thinks Chopra family everything n took everything from her including Kunal. Veena comes there almost running. She fails catch up with Sidhi and returns.

Thakral takes AC to a room filled with toys. AC wonders whom they belong to. Thakral says his Richa mom got all of them for him. AC says what will he do as he does not have that much space. Thakral asks to come to play with them along with Kunal. AC says ok I will come when dad comes. Thakral thinks AC is like Kunal.

Veena returns in to party. Seema comes and asks where she went. Veena tells her about Sidhi. seema thinks he is hallucinating as she hates her so much. Seema says AC is sidhi son so she is seeing sidhi everywhere. Veena says she does not want to see Sidhi. Seema asks to ignore and says AC was searching for her. Seema looks thoughful.

Sulekhaji is waiting for Sidhi in the party and wonder how Sidhi is. She thinks Sidhi does not have even mobile to give her whereabouts. Sidhi returns crying. Sulekha ji asks if she went there and if she met anyone. She says she will wipe her tears but will not stop her from crying. She asks to get out of her pain and she understands what she is going through. She says its good that Sidhi saw everything herself. Sulekha ji asks to decide whether AD needs Chopras or Chopras AD. She asks if Chopras are waiting for Anand and if yes she can take Anand to them. If not, then forget about it. She asks how many sacrifices she will give for one person. Sidhi says Anand will not go anywhere. he is her son and will not go anywhere. She will never let him go away from her.

Seema asks Veena not to reveal seeing Sidhi. Seema says she just hallucinated. Richa asks Veena where she was. Veena says Seema forgot to invite her friend so she is scolding her. Richa says she should have said to her. Veena says its ok. They 3 see Kunal and Anand playing. Richa says Anand got what he wanted. Veena praises Richa. Seema is not impressed. Richa thinks Kunal too should understand this. First Kunal loved Sidhi and now her hatred is not letting him stop thinking about Sidhi.

AC brings drunk Kunal home, helps him into bed. Kunal says “Sidhi switch off the light”. AC wonder who Sidhi is. Veena comes with milk. AC asks her about Sidhi. Veena asks who told him. AC says Kunal speaks about her when drunk. Veena is shocked when Anand asks if Sidhi is his mother.

Precap: Sidhi is crying and guy taunts her. Sidhi is irritated and is shocked to see him

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