Pavitra Rishta 10th August 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 10th August 2012 Written Update by bhallarox

At the police station

Vishnu and his gang are in their jail. Inspector Samir goes over to Vishnu and starts scolding him for creating a ruckus and insulting Purvi.. Vishnu defends himself and says he wants some good food. Inspector Samir tells him that this is a police station not a restaurant. Balan comes to the police station with his lawyer and the lawyer gives Inspector Samir papers to free Vishnu from jail. Another police inspector goes to Vishnu’s jail unlocks the door and tells Vishnu to get out. Vishnu is freed from jail. He smiles and hugs Balan. Inspector Samir looks at them furiously.
Inspector Samir: Keep In mind that I have my eye on you. He gives Vishnu a firm look.
Inspector Samir: I will prove you guilty and one proof of evidence and I will put you back in jail! Balan thanks Inspector Samir for freeing Vishnu. Balan and Vishnu leave the police station. Inspecter Samir has a determined look on his face.


Arjun and Purvi are outside. Arjun comes and says hi to Purvi. Purvi starts scolding him for coming late but Arjun tells Purvi she had come to meet him kind of late.
Arjun: I have my engagement coming up today and we met up so late.
Purvi: What does your engagement have to do with meeting me?
Arjun: Of course there’s a connection. If you met me earlier. Arjun starts joking with Purvi and says I like it that you are possessive about me. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.
Purvi: Stop joking around and tell me why you wanted to meet me here. Our engagement’s today and aaji is getting ready for it. Arjun says he wanted to eat Pav Bhaji with Purvi. Arjun and Purvi go to the table and start eating. Arjun tells Purvi that he got Purvi with a lot of difficulty and now he wants to keep her forever because he loves her. Purvi says I love you too.

Deshmukh House

Savita, Damodar and Teju are at their house. Archana is in the kitchen cooking. There is a knock at the door. Teju says she will get it? Teju answers the door. It is Sulochana. Teju is surprised to see her and Archana goes over to Sulochana.
Archana: Aai what happened? Is everything ok at home?
Sulochana: Yes everything is fine.
Savita: If everything is good then why did you come? Manav is coming out of the bedroom. I know that there are always fights between us two families and misunderstandings but when Purvi got kidnapped this family was with us to support us. When I was sick some of you came to the hospital to see me but I have not come here to complain or justify anything just a small request. Just like you guys were a part of your sad times I want you to be a part of our happy times as well. Ovi comes to the main room.
Sulochana: So I have come to invite you all to my granddaughter Purvi’s engagement. Purvi and Arjun are getting engaged at our home today so you all come and bless them. Ovi is shocked and is almost about to cry. Manav is also looking shocked. Archana too looks a little upset.
Sulochana: Archu you may think why I am doing this but this is the right thing. I think they should know the truth.
Savita: What truth? And why should we know this? Tell me why are you so worried about our family? Manav comes over to Savita.
Manav: Aai what are you saying?
Savita: You keep quiet. Savita turns to Sulochana.
Savita: You invited us now listen to what I have to say. No one from our home will come to your function.
Manav: Aai please.
Savita: Be quiet. She came here and had the courage to invite us so let me show my courage of saying no. Ovi is crying.
Savita: Sulochana tai you said your truth now I said my truth. And because of your granddaughter my granddaughter is in sadness. You care about your granddaughter’s happiness and I care about my granddaughter’s hurt. Due to your granddaughter my granddaughter is going thru difficult times. Due to my granddaughter being hurt I won’t bless your granddaughter. No one from this home will come even Manav will not come because it’s his daughter. Whether anyone from our home comes but your daughter Archana will definitely go because she accepted this relationship. She will always support them so.
Archana: Aai I know I said earlier that Arjun is not right for Purvi or Ovi but aai I was wrong. That boy had proved that he loves Purvi a lot. I know that this truth is very bitter and it is hard to accept it but we will need to move on.
Savita: Have you said what you needed to? Let me tell you something that is a fact. You never cared once for your children in the past 18 years understand? If you want to go then go None of us will say anything In 2 weeks you guys will divorce so you will be at home. It doesn’t matter to any one of us if you go. Sulochana tai the two of us are still connected because our children are connected to each other. But in the next few days our children will be separated so what is the use of inviting us? Have you gotten the answers to your questions? DK is coming in the home.
DK: Today Sulochana Ji told me that I can invite anyone I wanted to so I have come to invite you guys. I don’t know if Sulochana Ji has invited you guys or not. DK goes to Manav.
DK: Manav you know Arjun looks up to you as a guru. If you come and give him his blessings he will like it. I know what kind of a position you are in so I don’t force you. The choice is yours. Ovi is crying. DK sees Ovi and he gives her a vloving stroke. DK leaves. Sulochana folds her hands and goes. Ovi is crying and Savita goes to comfort her. They both go in the bedroom. Manav and Archana look at each other and he goes in the room.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Manav and Archana are in the bedroom. Archana is telling Manav ever since purvi has grown up she knew she would never get her baba’s love. But Manav when you came she was happy that you came and she felt like she was going to get all the happiness. I wanted to fulfill every dream of hers but one dream I could not. Her baba’s love. I won’t ask you for anything Manav for Purvi but I understand you. Archana leaves the room. Manav is looking sad.

Karanjkar House

Preparations are going on for Arjun and Purvi’s engagement. Aniket is getting the decorations ready and Sulochana is scolding him for taking a long time. She asks him where the gifts are for the guests and Aniket says it’s inside.

Karanjkar House in the bedroom

Archana and Purvi are in the bedroom. Purvi is crying and Archana asks her what the matter is.
Purvi: Aai you have given me so much. You gave me a plsce in your heart and gave me such a good life I could not even imagine in my dreams. You gave me such a loving aaji. You do so much for me like my engagement and I am going to leave you aai.
Archana: I will also arrange for your godh bharai(baby shower). Archana and Purvi hug.

Precap: Archana and Purvi are in the bedroom. Archana says I had lost my family 18 years ago so I have nothing much more to lose. Purvi says aai is no one from your family coming. Not even baba? Archana looks worried.

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  1. anuradha
    August 13, 01:21 Reply

    i want arjun and purvi to get married .pls dont make the serial horrible by showing arjun marrying ovi not purvi.then it will give very bad results.

  2. Sabina yesmin Sraboni
    August 11, 15:57 Reply

    2weeks leave to getting divorce Manav Archana So anything happen . But Arjun Purvi ki love story ko aur difficult mat kar na . I want & all are 100% want ki Arjun Purvi shadi 3r & 4th person ( Ovi & others ) ki rok , tok , chal , drama & evil intention ki bina hok . No Scrifice like Archana & Manav . Barna this story & serial will be 100% boring & flop hogi . Then sab log iss serial ko end/bandh karneko kahagi aur popularity ghaat jayegi . So . . . . .

  3. Anonymous
    August 11, 14:27 Reply

    Love u arjun hope 2 see u again in durban …..muh

  4. Anonymous
    August 11, 14:25 Reply

    I just hope arjun n purvi get married peacefully coz knowing zee tv ders neva happiness ….xoxoxo arjun n purvi fan

  5. purvi fan
    August 10, 22:34 Reply

    When will purvi and arjun get married i hope that ovi will not create any obstacles in their ways ovi is now reacting so dumb she has now hear and see the truth let she bear it it and live with it and her father manav is also reacting so dumb let he search. For a man for ovi and get her married

  6. Spoiler
    August 10, 21:01 Reply

    Sadly Arjun will get married to ovi! Scenes have alreaddy been shot : (

    • Anonymous
      August 10, 22:59

      What the………..OVI & ARJUN MARRIED??’

    • pooja
      August 11, 05:27

      no it shuld not be happen.purvi and arjun is made for each other.i hate ovi

    • anonymous100
      August 13, 14:56

      Yes for you the scenes have been shot not for us so you can watch your own pavitra rishta and we”ll watch our own.

  7. Sabina yesmin Sraboni
    August 10, 17:10 Reply

    I am very very much happy for Arjun Purvi . May aur bhi very 3 khush hongi zab Arjun Purvi ki Shadi bina koiye rok tok ke ( ovi ) hogi . Plz plz iss love story ko Manav Archana ki tarha mat karna sacrifice type . Plz plz

    • Anonymous
      August 10, 17:45

      I agree…They showed lots of conflicts in Manav Archana…They named this as Pavitra Rishta but if it was a Pavitra Rishta then they would be together at any conditions. I hope this will not happen with Arjun Purvi if they show the same things like Manav Archana then It would be kinda boring as Pavitra Rishta should so togetherness too inspite of distance….Hope everything goes well with ARVI.

  8. rose
    August 10, 16:42 Reply

    wll, i think ovi will envy their relationship and trying to cause conflict between them

  9. Abuzar
    August 10, 14:32 Reply

    Very much intrstng,I like the way how Archana supporting her adopted daughter…
    but there should be sme intrstng twist if ARVI parted ways not the old same twists n sacrifice.

  10. Anonymous
    August 10, 13:10 Reply

    i just arju+purvi will always be together!!

  11. arvi archana fan
    August 10, 12:26 Reply

    why can’t the lead couples ever be happy together in any serial. if they are happy for two episodes its for sure that they will get separated. just hopping it isn’t the same for arvi. they should be together and bring archana manav together. but then trps will fall. complicated.

  12. arvi archana fan
    August 10, 12:19 Reply

    hmmm 100% sure now arjun purvi have super horrible thing to face. but I just hope whatever difficulty they go thru they should be together. and marry only each other. not like other balaji lead couples.

    • Anonymous
      August 10, 13:33

      plz…there is only 1 time retelecast of pavitra rishta at 12:30 now a days…i also want pavitra rishta retelecast between 6 and 7

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