Pavitra Rishta 10th July 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 10th July 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

DK tells Archana that it is tough for him to see Arjun in this problem but he knows that Arjun will come out of this on his own .When Archana leaves , Arjun tells Ashna ‘s photo that their son has grown up now and even if he wants to help him, Arjun will not take his help .Sulochna is worried about Arjun and Archu tells her that the police will be keeping him in jail all night and she could not get him out .Purvi is not in the hospital and Archu is worried about her .

Archu calls Purvi who tells her that she is on her way to the hospital but first Purvi goes to Sukriti and got bail arranged for Arjun by a lawyer .On getting the bail Arjun is released from Prison .The officer tells him that Purvi arranged his bail .

The policeman apologises to Arjun for his strict behaviour .Arjun comes out of the jail and he asks Purvi why she helped him when her Aie told her to stay away from him .Purvi says that Aie told him also to stay away from their family but he still helped Sulochna and that is the same reason why she helped him .Arjun is very happy to see the way she is helping him and tells her that now he feels that they both are much closer than ever .

Purvi says that she cannot be away from him anymore and though he was in jail she was the one who was sufferign .She also thanks him for saving Sulochna and says that she feels bad that he is going through so much trouble because of her. Purvi has to go to the hospital and Arjun takes her to the auto stand .It starts raining .A romantic song ‘ tere naal laagi ankhiya ‘ plays in the background as they share an umbrella in the rain .

Arjun drops Purvi in an auto to the hospital . Purvi goes in Sulochna’s room and a worried Sulochna asks her about where she was .Purvi tells Archana and Sulochna that she had to go and see Arjun because after what Arjun did for Sulochna Purvi just had to help him . She tells them how she got Arjun out on bail with the help of a friend who knows Sukriti . Purvi says that she knwos that Archana must be very upset with her because of how she went to meet Arjun .Archana tells Purvi that she did the right thing as Arjun too had helped her grandmother .Purvi hugs her mother and is happy .

It is morning and only Manav is awake at home , Archu comes in and tells him about everything that happened to Arjun and also that Purvi got his bail arranged .she says that she knows that he is upset because he saw them together i nthe hospital but Archu does not wish to hide anythign from him now .Manav requests Archaan to keep Arjun’s arrest a secret from Ovi .

Arjun is in his house and his dad comes to visit him there .DK gets to see where Arju nis staying . Arjun apologises that there is no place to offer DK to sit and he also shows DK his hard earned money that he has saved .DK complains that Arju ndid nto call him even though he was in so much trouble .Arjun says tha the is glad that his dad did not help him or else he would not know how to explain Archana . He also tells his father that Purvi arranged his bail and he is so happy that he got to spend some time with her .DK says that he should thank Purvi then ..When DK is leaving , Arjun tells him that he misses his dad and his dad tells him not to be afraid of the challenges of life …

Precap: Sulochna and Purvi are talking .Purvi asks Sulo when will Archana realize that Arju nis not a bad guy .Sulo says that soon that day will come …

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  1. hallie
    July 10, 18:46 Reply

    Awesome! Glad Arjun got out frm dat horrible place!!

  2. esmeralda
    July 10, 17:51 Reply

    thanks alot for your fast update….this always help….

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