Pavitra Rishta 10th October 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 10th October 2013 Written Update by AK

Pavitra Rishta 10th October 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
D House
Manav is speaking to a client via the phone and he assures him that Purvi will attend the meeting. The client is relieved and hangs up. He informs Archu that he is going to pick up purvi.

Archu tries to explain to Manav that Purvi is now Arjun ‘s wife a Kirloskar. Therefore this can affect ArVi‘s rishta. Because the husband wants to a wife to support him. Archu requests him to keep Purvi away from this problems. manav tells her, how happy the clients are to know that purvi will handle the meetings, he says he cant keep her away. Archana tries to make him understand but Manav says he will listen to the Purvi ‘s decision . Archu reminds her about Purvi ‘s pregnancy and thus she needs rest. Manav says she can’t trouble her much.

Scene 2
DK is trying to explain to Arjun that Purvi is a good girl and also sensible. He explains to him not to argue with her. arjun says she has to support n respect Dk’s decisions. Dk tells him just as he is supporting Dk as a dutiful son Purvi is doing the same for Manav he tells Arjun to respect the call she takes.

Scene 3
D House
Manav is about to leave for the meeting , just then Purvi enters and tells manav she is here to give him details of the meeting. Archana asks her if Arjun will be ok with it Purvi tells her as a daughter she has to help Manav. She added that she will balance both family and business. She tells Archu if she wants her to be happy during the pregnancy, then helping manav will make her happy. Manav is proud of her. Archu is still worried for Purvi.

Scene 4
Arjun is in a meeting and presenting a slide show a couple of pics of purvi and pari pops out and Arjun recalls his last fight with purvi.
After the meeting all the clients congratulate him. Arjun then recalls how they argued about the financial loss n the fight. He records a voice msg for Purvi saying he wants to talk to her, that he is sorry for the fight, he says his business project was successful and tells her they need to sort out their differences.

Scene 5
Soham is angry and recalls his time with Balan and wants to get out fast. He goes to the wall and bangs his head and bleeds, he screams and pretends that he has fainted. The cops come and then decide to rush him to the hospital.

Scene 6
Ovi‘s House
Arjun visits Ovi she opens the door n is shocked to see him. he suddenly hears the baby crying n asks if someone is at hom. He enters with ovi and sees the baby with her friend. Ovi introduces her friend Shika n says its her baby. Arjun inquires if the baby is ok? he lifts her n plays for a while. Ovi then asks him what he is doing in Canada. He informs her he was here for a business deal. And since they have a house here, he didn‘t want to stay in a hotel.He asks her he had seen her near the hospital. She says she was there to set Manav ‘s appointment.

Scene 7
Ovi is worried as to how she will hide the fact about the baby for long. Archana calls n asks if she has fixed an appointment with the docs, ovi then asks Archu why she sounds tensed.Archu informs her about all the company split and that she is worried for Purvi. Ovi then tells Archu that arjun has come there, Archana tells her to convince Arjun about Purvi n the work. After cutting the call Ovi thinks to herself she wont tell Arjun anything abt the baby coz he already has so many problems.

Scene 8
Soham beats up the officers and runs away

Rest by ArVi-licious

Scene 9
ovi is attending to the baby n notices that the baby is running a fever, she panics very badly.. she calls shika.. asks her to do sumthing.. arjun also comes there.. she pulls arjun n asks him see whats wrong.. she in all the panic says ‘plz do something, i dont want to lose my child again’.. arjun just stays rooted to the spot in shock.. shika n ovi take the baby to hospital n arjun runs too.. the baby is in the incubator n shika reassures ovi.. arjun is looking from outside the room.. as soon as she gets out, arjun questions her abt the baby n how all this happened..

ovi narrates the whole story.. she tells him, after a few weeks of leaving him and coming to canada she got to know she is pregnant, she goes on to explain once she realised abt the preganacy she called arjun, and purvi had answered the call(FB to hospital scene, long back, when purvi answered n then informed arjun) she says she didnt know what to do, wanted to tell ayee but archu already her own problems.. ovi says she had shika for help n had by then known that arjun n purvi are getting closer, one day she developed labour pains n delivered a preterm baby.. by then she also got to know abt onir n came to india to find out more, only to find out that arvi are getting that time the baby was in an incubator.. she tells how important the baby is to her..

after her narration.. arjun gets irritated he asks what did she achieve with all this.. he tells her, he had literally begged her to fix the marriage, he had requested her several times to come back, arjun asks her, where will he go from here, how will he get back to his normal life, after knowing that he has a daugther from her!.. he says she has ruined everything n leaves angrily..

PRECAP: manav tells archana he wont trouble purvi n handle the meetings by himself..

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  1. Lalitha
    October 14, 02:04 Reply

    The story is going to dogs.I am sure what Arjun & Purvi got accomplished as the best Jodi is going down the drain. till the day they were not married they were the best Jodi. But after marriage every thing has changed..purvi has to be blamed for all the troubles..all parents must be respected but only to an extent specially the girls parents. Your husband comes first. These are the ego of the present day girls my parents etc, the divorce rate is souring up. Marriage has no commitment.Mr manavendra is not going to be on the streets, if purvis project doesn’t come handy. To drag purvi into this is foolishness and purvis behavior is unpardonable.

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