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Pavitra Rishta 10th September 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with angry Manav and Teju coming back to the party. First, he stares at Savita and then he goes to Sacchu. Savita is scared. Manav takes Sachu outside party hall. Everyone follows them. Manav gives a tight slap to Sachu. Everyone is shocked. Savita asks Manav, why did you slap him? Manav shows divorce papers to Sachu and asks whose signature is this? Savita says, what kinda question is that? It’s Archu’s signature..she wants divorce from you and then money as alimony. Teju asks Savita to stop and asks, aren’t you tired of lying since these many years? Teju then tells Sachu to tell truth to everyone… she says I heard your conversation and you said that you are wrong and Archu is correct, right? Please tell everyone whose signature is that.

She tells him, this is the time to tell truth to everyone. If not today, then you will never get chance again. Savita asks Teju, what are you saying? You must have heard something wrong.. your aaji can never be wrong. Teju says, I know who is right and who is wrong now. Savita asks Teju, you’re taking this woman’s side? You know her very well right. Teju says, I am taking side of woman who took care of me when I came to India, who gave me place in her heart without any relationship, who took care of me when I was sick, and when I found out she is my mother.. I started hating her. She asks Savita, do you know why? Because all the hate you created in me in last 18 years. My mother was so good but still I couldn’t think good about her just because of you. She asks Savita, you didn’t even think about Manav? and made differences among him and Archu?

Savita says, how come you’re suddenly taking her side? And then says, I forgot that you have this ‘nalayak’ woman’s blood in you. Teju asks Savita to stop and says, talk about my mother with respect.. I won’t take this anymore. She again asks Sachu to tell truth to everyone. Archu is very emotional right now. Sachu also has tears in his eyes and he says, Teju is right. He says, signature is Archu’s but she didn’t sign.. Savita copied her signature. Manav is very angry now and Savita is very scared. Everyone else is shocked.

Break 1..

Manav cannot believe and says, how unlucky I am. People whom I trust most betrayed me? Why? He says to Sachin, I filed this case in front of you.. you were with me in all proceedings… you didn’t think even once that you’re doing all this against your father? Why did you do this? Sachu says, for my mother.. for my Shravani aai.. I always felt like because of Archu, my Shravani aai didn’t get happiness that she deserved. I wanted to give her rights back to her by marrying with you and bringing back in this family. and it was only possible when you give divorce to Archu. I was wrong.. and Savita aaji was responsible for this by telling me what I am doing is right. He tells everything then.. how he couriered papers from Canada and Manav thought they came from India.. how Archu asked for her kids instead of money. He says, I was confused when Archu asked for kids.. I got insecure and I didn’t know what to do. You also wanted Archu back and I was afraid that my plans will fail. and because of that, I met Archu in Punni’s engagement and I said, if you ever loved me then leave Manav.

Sachu says, but I did all this only for Shravani aai. Manav asks him, how can you do this? Manav’s father comes in front and says, when all truth has came out then I would like to tell you something as well. He says, just like Savita and Sachin, I am also responsible for this.. I always wanted to tell you everything but I believed in God and said he will fix everything and the biggest reason.. I didn’t want a son to hate his mother.

Manav’s dad now tells him, you know before 18 years you sent Savita to Archu’s house. Savita tries to stop him but this time, he shouts at her and shuts her. He says to Savita, today only I will talk and you will listen. Manav’s dad goes to Archu and asks her, what did Savita tell you before 18 years? Archu is quiet. Manav’s dad tells her, for sake of your children, please tell to everyone. He asks her if Savita gave her Canada tickets that Manav sent for Archu. Archu is shocked and says, Savita didn’t give me any tickets. Manav’s dad asks then what did Savita give you?

Archu says, that day Savita came and said Manav wants you to sign on this custody paper. Archu says, I didn’t want to sign but I still signed because I knew, kids will stay happy with Manav. She tells Ovi and Teju that she never wanted her kids to go away from her.

Break 2..

Savita is crying. Manav’s dad asks her, and what did you tell Manav when you gave custody papers to Manav?

Savita is saying to Manav, when I gave tickets to her, she said I don’t want to come.. I don’t want tickets.. give me my money. So I took out cheque book and gave one cheque.
Flashback ends.

Manav, in disbelief, tells Savita, 18 years.. people live their entire life in 18 years.. but me? I am still where I was before 18 years. Everyone moved on but I couldn’t live.. I couldn’t move on. My mind was only thinking about Archu.. You saw me dying, crying everyday right? But still….. He continues, I cannot believe, my mother betrayed me… you have hurt me a lot. You took away my reason of living.. Now I will go that far away from you that your voice even won’t be able to reach me.. and then you will know how much it hurts when your kids go away from you.

Savita is crying and says I did all this for you. Manav says, lie.. if you ever loved me then you would never separate me from my love. You always wanted me to stay just with you.. He says, when kids get married, their mother happily give their son to her bahu but you separated me from Archu for your selfishness. You always wanted your house under your control.. and for that you separated me from my love. what had happened to you? Why you did all this? Look at Ovi.. look at Teju.. they are your grand children right? You say that you love them right? Then how could you do this.. how could you separate them from their mother.

Manav asks Savita, you had no fear that when all truth comes out, you would lose so many ‘rishtas’ together? You had no fear at all?

Manav then says, it’s all my fault.. I should have never trust you.. I did mistake and now I will pay for it. He says, I will keep myself that far away from you that your voice won’t reach to me. He continues, it doesn’t feel good saying this, but I am ashamed of calling you a mother. Savita requests him, please don’t hate me this much else I will die. Manav says, please don’t say anything else people will stop believing in ‘aai’ word.

Episode ends.

Precap: Teju, Ovi, and Sachu come to Purvi’s house. Purvi opens the door. Teju asks her, won’t you invite us all inside? Purvi gets happy and asks them to come in.


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      You seriously have don’t have a life do you.why watch all those boring films when you can watch telenovelas like Triunfo del amor and Sortilegio you want to see Sserious DRAMA and ROMANCE I am advising you to start watch telenovelas.You will love it totally and completely!GO FOR IT BHABII!!!

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      you seriously have no life why watch all these boring indian films when you can watch telenovelas like TRIUNFO DEL AMOR AND SORTILEGIO.

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