Pavitra Rishta 11th October 2013 *Maha Sangam* Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 11th October 2013 Written Update by H Hasan

Pavitra Rishta 11th October 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Manav asking Purvi to forward the presentation file. Purvi looks at Arjun and Pari’s photo on the laptop and misses him. Archana asks Manav and Purvi to have dinner. She tells Purvi that she made Pari drink milk and she slept. She asks Purvi, whether she is fine? Is something wrong between her and Arjun. Purvi cries and says Arjun is still upset with her. She says he wanted her to accompany her to Canada but she refused as she wanted to help Manav baba in his work. Archana says you are first Arjun’s wife after marriage. You have to think about Arjun and says I don’t want you to have any problems because of Manav. She asks him to go to Canada and try to understand him. She says I want you to be together at Sachin’s wedding. She says she don’t want her to do mistakes which she did 20 years ago. She asks her to have dinner.

Raghu asks Shivani to come home and they will decide what to do. Shivani calls someone and enquires about the Mumbai flight. She tells Raghu to leave her at the airport. She says she will go to her buaji’s house. Raghu says but buaji didn’t come  here. Shivani says may be Jazz bhaiyya didn’t inform him. Raghu insists her to come home. But she says she don’t want to trouble his family anymore. And insists to go to Mumbai. Raghu agrees and says ok then I will come with you. Shivani says no need, but Raghu says he can’t listen to her.

Purvi comes to Manav’s home to drop Pari. She tells Teju to give massage to Pari with Dabur red oil. Archana comes and asks her to go to the meeting. Purvi says she isn’t attending meeting but going to Canada. She says she will come back with Arjun and attend Sachin dada’s wedding. She says she don’t want to lose Arjun and she will win him back. She tells Archana to inform Manav. Archana asks her to go and not to worry about him.

Purvi thinks I am coming Arjun to clear our problems. I can’t live without you. Onir comes there and says he is going to Canada too. He asks about Arjun. Archana tells Manav that Purvi have to fulfilled the duty of being Arjun’s wife. Arjun is hurt somewhere, she went to him. Purvi loves him a lot. Purvi is having her own household and she have her own responsibilities. She tries to make him understand that Purvi has other responsibilities now and her priorities have changed. Manav says it is their responsibility to support Purvi and says she did the right thing.

Raghu and Shivani comes to Mumbai. Shivani tells Raghu that it seems no one is at home, what they will do now. Raghu goes to enquire and tells Shivani that buaji went to foreign to meet her son for a month. Shivani says I should have called her before coming. Shivani says she is feeling thirstly, Raghu says he will bring water. He comes to the shop and asks the shopkeeper to give mineral water. Raghu checks for his wallet and finds it lost. Shivani says what we will do now. Raghu says he will do something. Shivani gets tears in her eyes. Raghu tells her that Maa’s friend is here in this city and decides to meet her. Shivani agrees.

Onir tells Purvi that you did right, meet Arjun and he will understand. He is very sensible. Purvi shares her problems. Onir explains her about the understanding of them. Purvi says you are right but we used to fight a lot. Onir says marriage is for life and without fight there is no love. He explains beautifully that love is beyond the fight. Purvi thanks him. Onir smiles.

Raghu and Shivani comes to Archana home. She greets them and asks them how come they are here at this time. Raghu introduces Shivani as his wife. Archana blesses them and asks them to sit. She says she will bring the breakfast and tea. Archana gives the tea and says tomorrow is Sachin’s wedding. Raghu says it is a good news but we can’t stay here as we are in problem. He says Shivani’s dadaji passed away and her brother threw her out of the house by making the fake will. Manav says Sachin can help him in the case. Archana says you can stay as long as you wants. Raghu says actually his wallet is stolen and that’s why he needed help.

Purvi comes to Arjun’s home and thinks Arjun will forgets his anger once he sees me. She is informed by the servant that Arjun went to the hospital with Ovi. She asks the servant to give the address of the hospital and leaves for the hospital.

Archana asks Shivani to have food. She asks whether she didn’t like the food. Shivani is teary eyed and says she recalled Daaju as he used to take care of her. Archana says Raghu is with you, he understands you, loves you, take care of you. She explains her about the pavitra rishta of husband and wife. It connects the two people in a sacred relation. Shivani asks, whether her marriage is love, Archana says her marriage was arranged and love happened after marriage. Manav tells Archana that Raghu wants to leave today and asks her to talk to him.

Purvi comes to the hospital and searches for Ovi and Arjun. She gets tensed and hopes for their well being. Shikha tells Ovi and Arjun that they can take the baby. Purvi looks on at them. Ovi thanks him for staying with her.

Arjun gives the baby to her and says she is my responsibility and I can’t run from her. Purvi hears them and runs after them. Arjun and Ovi leaves from the hospital. Purvi wonders about the baby. She thinks to talk to Arjun. Ovi and Arjun are in the car, Purvi calls him and says she needs to talk to him. Arjun says he is in the meeting and says he will call her. Purvi thinks why Arjun lied to me. Ovi tells Arjun, whether he will tell Purvi. Arjun says he will tell her. Ovi tells him, not to say anything to Purvi. Arjun says she should now this being my wife. It is very necessary for her to know about the baby.

Manav gives the money and his visiting card to Raghu. Raghu thanks him and says he will return the money. Archana says no need to return the money. Raghu says if you need any help, then do let me know. Archana invites them for Sachin’s wedding. Raghu says they have to go and wishes Sachin. Archana gives them sweets. Shivani says she is happy to meet them and praises Archana’s family. She says she is touched to see the love and simplicity here. She says love and relations are important for living a happy life. Raghu and Shivani leaves from there.

Inspector calls Manav and informs him that Soham ran away from Jail. Manav is shocked and tells Archana. Police is searching for Soham but he hides. Purvi enquires about Ovi. She is told by someone that the baby is Ovi’s and she delivered prematurely and the baby was in incubator for 2 months. Purvi tries to enquire about baby’s father but she refuses divulge any details.

Onir comes there and asks her how come she is here? Purvi tells him that she saw Ovi with her baby. Onir is shocked and says how can this be possible. He says you can’t suspect his loyalty. Purvi tells him that Arjun lied to her. She says she wants to know the truth and asks Onir to help her. Onir asks, what he can do? She asks him to check in the hospital as he is working there. Onir says he will do something. He asks the nurse to give the file. He is shocked to see the father’s name as Arjun kirloskar. Purvi comes and reads Pia’s Kirloskar, father Arjun and mother Ovi. She is shell shocked.

Archana tells Gauri to sleep now and says that guy can’t do anything. She says tomorrow is your marriage day, so don’t think anything. Purvi calls Archana, Archana asks her to come to Sachin’s wedding. Purvi remain silent and cries. Archana gets worried and asks what happened? Meanwhile Soham enters, while Gauri is in the kitchen. Archana asks Purvi to tell what has happened between them. Soham comes and kidnaps Gauri, suddenly some utensils falls down and Archana comes to rescue her but in vain.

Raghu asks Shivani to eat vada paav. He asks her whether she was thinking about the old things. Shivani says no, and says she felt happy to meet Archana-Manav family. They had welcomed them and helped them. She says strangers loved them but her own brother is like a stranger. Raghu asks her to eat Vada paav. raghu says he is thinking to call Doctor uncle. Shivani says yes, he can help us. Raghu calls him but just then Shivani starts doing ha ha haa. And says vada paav is very spicy, Raghu offers her water. Shivani thanks him.

Raghu tells her that Doctor uncle phone is not reachable. Shivani says he didn’t come for Daaju’s last rites and feels something is fishy. Raghu says they will talk to him after going home.

Soham takes Gauri to mandir, Gauri says you can’t force me. Soham says he is not having any other way out. Gauri says she will die but not marry him. Soham asks the pandit to recite the mantras. Gauri asks him to leave her. Archana and all the family comes there, Archana pleads Soham to leave Gauri. Soham is taking pheras/rounds. Gauri’s mother tells Archana to do something. Manav says he has called the police. Soham says today no one can keep her away from him. Archana says Gauri doesn’t love you. Soham says his love is enough for him to marry her. Archana asks Manav to do something.

Onir calls Arjun and informs him that Purvi is in Canada. Arjun is shocked. Onir says Purvi came here to make you understand and to surprise you. But you surprised her. Arjun says what he means? Onir says she came to know about the truth and says she is totally shaken and broken. She is in mental trauma. He asks Arjun to come and explain her.

Nurse informs Onir that Purvi is not in the ward. He go there. Purvi feels pain in her abdomen and falls down. Onir rushes to her and asks the nurse to make the arrangements for the operation.

Sachin asks Soham to leave Gauri. Soham fires at Sachin but Gauri takes the bullet on her chest, leaving his family shocked. Soham is shocked and asks her to wake up. He says I love you. Archana rushes to her but Soham says you killed my Gauri. Manav and others asks him to leave her. Soham says he won’t and is leaving with Gauri. Police comes and says all the ways are closed. Soham runs away from there and jumps in the pond. Archana curses him. Everyone is shocked. Archana cries.

Manav ( with some grey hairs) says 20 years have passed but emotions have remain the same. He says now the story will continue with his grand childrens. He asks the viewers to keep watching Pavitra rishta.


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  1. padma pinto
    May 25, 13:01 Reply

    just a question Ovi carried pregnancy without no one noticing how crap and in which part of her belly did she hid her belly crap however fill sorry for Purvi

  2. Aarya
    October 14, 03:30 Reply

    Pavitra Rishta will finally take another time-leap, this time of 17 years. And Ankita Lokhande will get to play her own granddaughter Kavya in the show.

    Apparently, Ankita had returned only after the makers promised her that she would get to play a younger character and the storyline would focus on her. Currently, she plays grandmother Archana. However, much to her character Archana’s chagrin, her mirror-reflection Kavya will be Soham’s daughter — someone Archana hates. His other two children will be played by Aparna Dixit, who will play Mansi, and a 10-year-old son, who is yet to be cast. Post the leap, Gauri will be shown dead and Sachin will marry an NRI (played by Mansi Sharma).

    Like Soham, Sachin too will have three children, played by Naveen Ramani, Jinal Jain and Nishant Raghuvanshi. Charlie Chauhan will play the grownup Pari. Karan Mehra will be seen opposite Kavya in the show

  3. neha love u arvi
    October 13, 08:52 Reply

    waititng for monday very badlyyy ;'(
    sohum will be having 5 kids
    sachin will be having 2 kids
    ovi’s kid pia
    arvi’s kid parii
    latest news

  4. Any truly loves Arjun
    October 13, 05:29 Reply

    Arjun,my dear, i am your lawyer but i think we’ll lose the case. I’m trying to give you what you deserve(you deserve Purvi, you belong to her) but Ekta didn’t want that(she will throw Ovi in you hands). I will be by your side even the weather isn’t sunny as for the others. I will be your sun…

  5. mks
    October 12, 23:07 Reply

    Purvi and ovi together
    Purvi accept arjun marry ovi
    Arjun and ovi daughter pia
    Arjun and ovi son
    Ovi accepted her daughter pari
    Purvi in divorce/custody paper
    Onir second wife delivery son
    Onir second wife died
    Onir’s son 1 year old
    Archana accept purvi marry Onir
    Onir’s third marry purvi onir dutt
    Purvi half son (onir’s son)
    Purvi and onir twin daughter and son

  6. Nishi Rais
    October 12, 11:37 Reply

    Stupid bloody writers of this storyline. all either horny while writting or all are going through that situation ! such a cheap storyline ! just put a happy ending to the whole story , get everyone pregnant and happy with their respective partners and end it ! This seems like another Kasamh Se ! get creative u dumb Ekta and start changing your story writters ! all are screwed up in the head and seem to not know whats wrong and right! Sick headed and very low minded..
    Stopping PV after this ! Let it fall..Ovi,
    Purvi , Arjun and Onir , great that ur leaving this show.. waste of time and very immoral !

    • Mani
      October 12, 13:07

      I think they are not leaving this show

    • Yusra
      October 13, 16:50

      Sorry they are not leaving the show aur agar aapko ya show passand nahi he to pls mat dekho is serial ko pasand Karne wale bohot log hain

  7. Any truly loves Arjun
    October 12, 08:43 Reply

    If we all imagine something about the leap…i was wondering…what if Purvi is dead? I read some comments about Ovi accepting Pari as her daughter…that’s why my mind is going crazy…i hope it won’t happen’. I just say something for more comments at PR.

  8. Canadian Babe
    October 12, 08:06 Reply

    If you need the viewers to continue watching Pavitra Rishta then develop better stories with the 3rd generation!

    • Canadian Babe
      October 12, 08:09

      I can see Purvi aging as she looks very mature for her age but what will they do with Ovi….

  9. Canadian Babe
    October 12, 08:04 Reply

    I can’t wait for the leap. I’m totally disgusted with the current situations. Time for new faces and people exploring new places!

  10. Janas
    October 12, 07:33 Reply

    Guys take it easy. I know I’m typing late, but look at thefunny part. It seems prior to the leap, Arjun is the only guy who can father children. And the two sisters (Purvi and Ovi) are treating him as a tennis ball. Once one gets pregnant and asks him to marry the sister and second time the other gets pregnant and asks him to marry the first.

    Award for best comedy serial – Pavitra Rishta

    • Canadian Babe
      October 12, 08:10

      There may be a few babies coming from Gauri as well.

  11. AK
    October 12, 07:32 Reply

    100 th comment lol

  12. neha love u arvi
    October 12, 03:08 Reply

    i hope dat sbs show something abt pr today
    bcoz i cannot wait

    • pinku
      October 12, 02:34


    • neha
      October 12, 03:03

      very true any

    • neha
      October 12, 02:11

      true anything for arvi

    • pinku
      October 12, 02:16

      i dnt knw what happened to arvi as i m new here, but still i wish everything ll be fine soon

  13. neha
    October 12, 01:58 Reply

    good morning eveyone
    as we do not noe wat will happen after leap
    n i have been searching for it from last night i did not get even single hint of the leap
    i guess we all not shld thing about it too much but watch n see wats next in pr
    arvi’s seperation shld not happen everyone plsss pray for this

    • pinku
      October 12, 02:04

      morning…….and yes we can only wait for a good one, hope upcoming episode ll bring some joy

    • neha
      October 12, 02:12

      yaa pinku
      we have to wait till monday

  14. anonymous
    October 12, 01:56 Reply

    Another one bites the dust.
    Hard on the heels of QH, PR is disappointing its fans and losing viewers. However, the creatives don’t seem to get it. No one wants this kind of crap, all this horrible negativity is hard to digest. It leaves the one feeling hurt and empty and angry too. Not good for the soul.

    What’s up ZeeTV, you seem to want to lose viewers in droves. One show after another to lose fans is detrimental to your popularity and business. Issue directives to the production houses to change for the better.

    Pavitra Rishta can run on for another 1000 episodes if they want to but at this rate only a handful will still watch. Bringing in new actors is good but not at the expense of the older ones. In the previous 18 year leap Manav and Archu split, in this leap Arvi might do the same. Varsha jumped in a lake with Soham, now Soham jumps in a lake with Gauri. Marriage, divorce and remarriages, you’re turning this show into a Bold and Beautiful nonsense. Where’s all the culture, traditions and values that are synoymous with Indians, they are invaluable ideals in a fast morally decaying world.

    Zee TV, dare to be different. Stick to Indian values,they are so refreshing in this western culture dominated world.

  15. Any
    October 12, 00:58 Reply

    I feel so sorry for Arjun. He was FORCED to love someone he didn’t and take care of responsabilties as a normal husband and he really did it but destiny is not for his side. We all thought only about THE GIRLS in this show because most of us are girls and…i recognized i felt sorry for Purvi and the others too and…i said that Arjun is a pig( sorry dear Arjun).
    I guess that most of us wish to the others a generous destiny but what about the boys.
    Guys, please return these files from “Pavitra rishta’s”book and you all see Arjun’s pain and miscourage too. From now on, the author is introducing another chapter in this story and i will changed my name for Arjun. “Any” becames ” Any truly loves Arjun”. Begin from now i will be in Arjun’s team.
    About this new chapter everybody is wondering: will Purvi lose her child? She will be happy? What about Ovi? Teju? Archana?
    MY QUESTION FOR THIS NEW STORY IS: WILL ARJUN BE HAPPY??? With the one who love not a crazy who didn’t. If there is noone…i will love and keep you happy for sure, Arjun!!!

    • pinku
      October 12, 01:02

      purvi ll lose her child what…..hey actually i m very new to this daily soap, so little bit confuse…anyways good morning

    • neha
      October 12, 02:01

      i noe yr
      noe arjun is btw ovi n purvi
      feeling sad for everyone in ths show

  16. Radhika
    October 11, 20:26 Reply


  17. AK
    October 11, 16:35 Reply

    Hi Pinku the episode was sad and disturbing.

    We waited for almost 8 months for Arvi to reunite but this twist has shattered our morale with the show.
    It’s a daily soap so the best thing to do is to get entertained with whatever they offer.

    • kris
      October 11, 20:51

      Move to another serial, DDBEDS lol
      It’s good for now

  18. AK
    October 11, 16:16 Reply

    Hello guys.

    The revelation to Purvi was heart breaking, she hoped the earth would open up and swallow her more over arjun lied to her. I seriously can’t continue typing cos am speechless :(:'(

    • pinku
      October 11, 16:20

      don’t know much about this soap but what i got from your comment that today’s episode is damn sad…….i may be wrong

    • neha
      October 12, 02:03

      yaaa AK
      seeing purvi’s condition we all r blank
      let see wats next in pr

  19. mks
    October 11, 15:39 Reply

    Pavitra rishta 20 years leap

    Onir and purvi 3 children
    Onir’s son and purvi’s half-son 22 year old
    Onir’s and Purvi’s twin son and daughter 16 year old

    Arjun and ovi 3 children
    Arjun’s daughter and Ovi’s adopted daughter pari 24 year old
    Arjun’s and Ovi’s daughter pia 22 year old
    Arjun’s and Ovi’s son 18 year old

    Sachin’s wife married 21 year ago
    Sachin’s son 20 year old
    Sachin’s daughter 15 year old

    Teju and husband marry sunny 19 year ago
    Teju’s son 18 year old
    Teju’s daughter 15 year old
    Teju’s son 14 year old

    Soham and gauri married 21 year ago
    Soham and gauri daughter 20 year old

    • MU is Pissed at PR
      October 11, 16:23

      where did you get that info?

      Pari is 1 year older than Pia

    • QH #1 fan!
      October 11, 18:33

      What???!!! What about Purvi and Arjun?????? ;( ;( I am so sad to hear that ;( If it’s false then … YAY!!!

  20. Lila
    October 11, 15:28 Reply

    One nutcase (varsha) raised another nut case and that is soham

    • AK
      October 11, 16:19

      Some of her (Varsha ‘s) genes diffused in Soham ‘s blood stream. So we were bound to see that

  21. Momo
    October 11, 15:12 Reply

    Screw pr im now watching nb6 for rithvik and asha

    • pinku
      October 11, 15:16

      veg ye non veg hahha,,,hi

    • Momo
      October 11, 15:45

      What are you trying to say?????

    • Momo
      October 11, 15:46

      if u r asking me if im non-veg or veg then im non-veg

    • AK
      October 11, 16:20

      I will be watching because I would love to see Ankita playing a young fresh role again.

    • Momo
      October 11, 17:45

      Everyone has different preferences, but im just so excited for ashvik

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