Pavitra Rishta 12th June 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 12th June 2013 Written Update by Tanyaz

Pavitra Rishta 12th June 2013 Written Episode

Purvi and Onir’s house
Purvi wants to know the truth about Onir and Shalini’s relationship .Onir gets angry with her that she is suspecting him of an affair .He tells her that she is the one who brought Shalini to their house otherwise he did nto know her at all.
Purvi is not convinced , she is crying and very angry with Onir .She tells Onir that she heard him talk to Shalini and wants him to tell her the truth .

Purvi puts Onir’s hand on Pari and tells him to tell the truth now , gives him Pari’s kassam .
Onir cannot lie anymore and he tells Purvi that before marrying Purvi, he was married to Shalini .
Purvi falls down with grief and is crying a lot .
Onir admits that he has been very unfair to her .
Purvi keeps crying and she tells him that today she is glad that she never got close to Onir even though he is her husband because Onir has broken her trust .She tells him that she trusted him more than anyone in the world but today their relationship has been totally shattered by his betrayal .
She tells Onir to leave the house immediately and when he tries to console her she tells him never to touch her .
Onir leaves quietly .

Purvi hugs Pari and she cries for her mother .She says that she really needs her mother but cannot even go to her and today everything is over for her .She keeps crying that she needs her mother very bad right now …

Karanjkar House
Soham is in a bad mood .He is angry with Varsha that she went to talk to Manav .He says that Manav is a kind of person who has no respect or value for his relationships …
Sulochna comes in the room .She is shocked to hear Soham talk this way about his father .
Soham apologises for using strong words but then he tells Sulochna all about what happened in the Deshmukh chawl and how Manav and sSchin behaved with him .
Soham says that Archana is his mother but Manav can never be his father .
He says that he was decorating the place for his mother but Manav just believed Sachin and insulted him by calling him a Gunda .No matter how hard he tries , Manav will always misunderstand him .Sulochna tries to talk to him and tell him that one day manav will see good in him but Soham says that he is not interested in Manav and all he needs is his Mai ( Varsha ) and his Aie ( Archana’s ) love .
Soham leaves in an angry mood .Sulochna is feeling helpless. She says that she keeps praying to God to send someone who will help father and son ‘s relationship to get better .
Varsha says that she is here …Archana is now going to improve this relationship between Manav and Soham …

Outside Deshmukh Chawl
Manav’s car comes in the compound .Manav and Archana come out of the car .There are lots of ladies there who are welcoming Archana back .Archu is looking lovely in the green saree that was gifted to her by Manav . She happily looks at the Chawl that was decorated with flowers to welcome her .Manav holds her hand and takes her to their home , he is also looking very happy today .

Outside Onir’s house
Purvi is walking out of this house .She I holding Pari and has a small bag with her .Onir tries to stop her but she refuses to stay .she says that this home is not hers and he should bring the rightful owner of the house ( Shalini ) back to his house . She says that she is not going to live with a stranger ( Onir ) . Onir is worried about Pari and he asks Purvi where she will go with thislittle baby as she cannot go back to her Aaji’s house , neither can she go back to her mother’s place .
Purvi answers back that their fate will guide them .She tells Onir that if he ever respected her then he should let her go ..
Onir watches helplessly as Purvi walks away alone with the baby .

Manav and Archana are walking towards their home .Manav tells Archana that because of her coming back , everything about his home looks different .Archana says that now they are going to start their life all over again ..
She looks in her house from outside .
Sachin and Teju are decorating the house and Savita is cooking .

Teju and Savita do a little pooja and then Archana enters her home . Archu takes ashirwaad from her in laws .Savita says that this home has come alive again now that Archana is back .
Teju has made kandapoha for Archana and Savita has made bhajias …Archana eats the kandapoha first and tells teju that is is delicious .
Archaan then tells Manav that the whole family is here except for …
Manav thinks that she is talking about Ovi but Archana says that not just Ovi, even Soham is not here and she wants them to go and bring him to live in his home with them .
Manav tries to evade the topic but Archana keeps saying that they must go and get Soham .
Manav then tells Archanathat Soham is not allowed to come to this house .

Archana cannot believe what Manav said .
She wants to know why Soham cannot come to this house as he too is a son of this house just like Sachin …She is confused because she thought that Manav had accepted him but now knows that Manav was putting up an act .
Manav says that he is not going to give any rights of a son to Soham ..
Archana is not accepting this at all and she is talking back to manav and wants to know why he is doing this .
Manav gets angry and tells Archana that Soham is a Gunda and will always stay like that only .

In a restaurant
Purvi is sitting in a restaurant with Pari and having tea .She is very disturbed as she is thinking about all that happened between her and Onir .
Arjun too is in the same restaurant as he had some business meeting with someone .He sees Purvi and comes to her .He is happy to see Pari and takes little Pari in his arms .He asks Purvi what she is doing here .Purvi says that she has come to see a friend ( does not tell him the truth ) .
Arjun offers to drop Purvi back home as it is raining and baby Pari is with her ..
Purvi has no choice but to agree …

The Deshmukh House
It is late at night and Archana is sitting alone in the lounge .Damodar comes in and he gives her a Ganpati murti as a gift .Archana who was feeling down , feels happy to see Ganpati bappa .Damoda says that he has give her this Ganpati because Archana is going to start a new phase in her life and everything will be all right in her life .
Archaan is feeling very desperate as she wanted to bring Soham back I nthe family but she just could not do anything . She says that both Manav and Soham are strong individuals and have their own thinking process .She just do not know how to resolve this issue .
damodar says that if she wants then she will make this happen as well, just follow the path that Ganpati Bappa will show her …

Precap :
Archana is in the Karanjkar house .She says that she has come to take Soham home .Varsha and Sulochna are very happy but Soham is shocked and he cannot believe her .
Sulochna asks Archana if Manav is OK about this as well…Soham too wants to know the answer to this question .


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  1. Sonya
    June 12, 19:58 Reply

    A beautiful episode. Sad and tense moments for Purvi. Onir has cheated on her – very sad. But Onir is a good man and she should have heard him out and forgiven him as he supported her during bad times. Every one deserves a second chance and Onir must have had a reason for letting his first wife go… Good story. Nice home coming.

    • MK
      June 12, 20:38

      Yes, but remember Purvi was totally honest with Onir, she expected the same from him, I guess that’s what hurts her the most. That he did not trust her enough to tell her the truth.
      But as is said, he is painting himself as bad in front of Purvi in order to help her reunite with Arjun.

  2. cheezu
    June 12, 17:06 Reply

    They celebrated 4 years….omg thats long…hoe much more you gonna keep going hurting the potagionists????? Please bring someone in to ruk ovi into place cuz everything is her fault and manav is the most unreasonalbe person ive ever come accross…..jissssy!!!!! Lol if i wanna see something unreasonable…watch this soapie…(not saying its bad in anyway) Hehe and sachin needs a wife…..(like Gauri) that becomes a new storyline there….its nice to watch but eish it gets boring when ovi and purvi start their nonsence.

  3. MK
    June 12, 15:51 Reply

    I’m so glad that Onir would not be evil after all. I so love his character and shakti is so cute.

  4. AK
    June 12, 14:32 Reply

    Merina here is the Update

    Balaji Telfilms Pavitra Rishta on Zee Tv is
    currently witnessing the preparations of
    Archana’s (Ankita Lokhande ) welcome and
    the entire family is planning a party for
    The upcoming episodes will throw light on
    various issues unfolding in every
    character’s life.
    Our source informs us that, “As Archana is
    back in the house, there will be a
    comeback party for her where Manav
    ( Hiten Tejwani ) and Archana will dance and
    romance as they haven’t met for long.”
    “Furthermore, it will soon be shown that
    Purvi (Asha Negi ) and Arjun ( Rithvik
    Dhanjani) will be getting close to each other,
    which will not go well with Dr Onir ( Shakti
    Arora ) at all. He will then start falling for
    Shalini (Menka Lalwani ).”
    The source further reveals that, “The twist in
    the tale will be that it will be known that to
    unite Purvi and Arjun, Dr Onir will act as
    negative but at the end he is positive.”
    When contacted Mrinalini Tyagi she said, “As
    of now we are having a welcome party
    sequence of Archana.”

    • Merina
      June 12, 14:34

      yeah, I read that. So what is your take on Arjun Purvi after that article?

    • Mahi
      June 12, 15:01

      Merina don’t worry…they will reunite Arvi according to this. If u look at the soap u see Shalini doesn’t wear any Sindoor.

    • Mahi
      June 12, 15:08

      AK where do u get the updates?

    • Merina
      June 13, 08:41

      Don’t know guys. Just visited PR official facebook. They are asking if they like to see Onir Purvi as couple again. I dunno what they are upto..why are they playing with sentiments of Arvi fans is something beyind me.

  5. Miss Unbelievable
    June 12, 13:58 Reply

    Archana you never cease to amaze me LMAO

    You allow people to separate you from your own children only God should have that right. You are a sham to true motherhood

    You allowed Varsha to separate you from Soham

    You allowed Savita manav & Damodar to separate you from your daughters

    You are now allowing Manav to separate you from your own son

    And You definitely allowed your own family to separate you from your own true daughter Purvi & pari


    Now destiny led Purvi to Arjun. And will also reveal the truth to Arjun through shalini and onir’s reunion

    Now Ekta and teh CVs better not screw up.. 9 frigging months we the fans have been waiting for our love birds to unite

    Varsha please get Soham married to a good girl and Purvi married to Arjun thats all I ask. After that just end teh serial

    • Merina
      June 12, 14:08

      I second you Ms. unbelievable. If destiny had led Purvi to Arjun, they should now stick together. Cvs better not screw it and it is better Onir and Shalini stick together(on 5th june episode Onir admitted to Shalini being his first wife and there was neither Purvi nor Arjun to listen to him saying so, and even today he swore on Pari that Shalini is his first wife and Onir so far is not a character to make a false oath on Pari). so probably shalini is his first wife and he will perhaps get closer to her in the upcoming episodes. And as for Archana, Manav, Ovi, Ks, Ds and their selfishness, lesser said the better. Purvi should now realize that only Arjun was meant for her and Arjun should now be his former sef–strong and firm and move forward with Purvi and PAri.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      June 12, 14:13

      correct Merina its like they are saying love makes you weak when its suppose to make you strong

      Arjun was a arrogant ruthless bastard but Purvi changed him now he’s a punk in love

      Arjun needs to regain that arrogant ruthless nature and get his wife and child. The sooner the better

      He always has his father;s support he doesnt need anyone else once he has that

    • Merina
      June 12, 14:26

      Correct Miss Unbelievable. Also they say that ” True love is the one that comes back to you even you have set it free” and Arjun Purvi keep on bumping with each other in spite of having let go of each other. And yeah, Arjun need to grow his backbone back and decide to stick with Purvi and Pari. And Purvi needs to go back to Arjun..just not because he is Pari’s father but because she still loves him and there can be no one else whom she will be attached heart and soul.

  6. Trishna
    June 12, 13:55 Reply

    Hye whtz dz yaa i dn’t wana anir ..2 gt hurt yaa n he cn’t b bd..

    • AK
      June 12, 14:02

      Let me share an update for you .

    • Mahi
      June 12, 15:12

      Trishna: Onir deserves to be loved truly so I can somewhat see reason for the writer’s decision.

  7. SS
    June 12, 13:11 Reply

    PUrvi said whrevr destiny takes her…& destiny took her 2 arjun….!!

    • veer
      June 12, 13:17


    • Merina
      June 12, 13:58

      I hope that the destiny sticks her to Arjun, at least for Pari.

    • AK
      June 12, 14:04

      Well Said!!!!

  8. rosheena
    June 12, 13:08 Reply

    Purvi should turn to soham as she wil be further bashed by her selfish family for destroying ovi’s marriage,however arjun should take a strong stand for pari.

  9. SS
    June 12, 13:06 Reply

    so slow update…plz update fast…!!

  10. bru
    June 12, 12:48 Reply

    I am fine AK 🙂 😀

    • AK
      June 12, 14:05

      That is just Great 🙂

  11. SS
    June 12, 12:42 Reply

    ya remembr dat scene whn shalini was gtng scolded by onir…& he said dat purvi shldnt knw of d yes onir is nt gng 2 gt bck 2 purvi…ovi is gng 2 soon gve arjun divorce!!

    • Merina
      June 12, 12:48

      Lets hope so.. Let CV, BT and Ekta know how fervently are viewers waiting for this to happen. Let Arjun Purvi be together in spite of Onir’s positivity..Let him fall for Shalini. this is what we have been waiting for past 9+ months.

    • veer
      June 12, 13:14

      i will help

    • Merina
      June 12, 13:37

      We can’t Veer, no matter how much we want you and I can’t help that poor girl. The only person who can help her is Arjun, but that again depends upon CVs whis and fancies.

  12. Merina
    June 12, 12:36 Reply

    Hey guys..did anyone read the recent news that Onir is not turning negative but just acting to reunite Arjun Purvi? What does it mean guys? Ajun Purvi will not reunite once Purvi knows Onir’s truth? Was all the indications of Arvi getting closer was another trap to raise TRPs? So what happens next?.. Ovi comes back to Arjun and Purvi will go back to Onir ( Read somewhere in wu that Onir said they will consummate their relationship only when Purvi will come to him willingly)? So is it a step to bring Purvi and Onir closer? And then will Ovi come back pregnant and all? Guys I’m just feel like crying now. Why CVs always do this to Arvians?.. Why????????

    • ♥RD♥ my luv
      June 12, 12:39

      Is it true….???? I just cant c Arjun suffer anymre ! :'( :'(

    • Merina
      June 12, 12:43

      Don’t know pal.. there was an article today on the same line. Don’t know what will happen once Purvi knows about Onir’s sacrifice. You can go ti india forum and read the latest news. just when I was thinking to resume watching PR i got this news. Damn them all.

    • Mahi
      June 12, 12:50

      I don’t Merina but I don’t want Onir to be portrayed as a bad character….even though he was married before he respected Purvi….maybe Arjun and Purvia will reunite soon. Yay for all their fans

    • Merina
      June 12, 12:54

      Yeah even I don’t want Onir to turn negative. But if he is positive and Shalini is just helping him, do you think Arjun and Purvi can reunite?.. I don’t find it a happening perspective.

    • Maria
      June 12, 13:11

      If you read the article, Arjun and Purvi will come closer together and Onir will accept his wife……I also read that it is the end of Ovi as she will go back to Canada after she gets her divorce from Arjun…..Good Riddance to both Ovi and Onir………He is such a ugly geek…………..Ovi a spoiled brat like her father who forgets where he came from………

    • Mahi
      June 12, 13:14

      I know they were lovers and all but I think marriage is somewhat beyond the stage of being lovers. The writers may have to show that marriage is the sacred bond which we all try our best to upkeep. Not sure how things will turn out Merina.

    • Merina
      June 12, 13:25

      @ Maria: We are still not sure Shalini is Onir’s wife. That may just be a ruse.
      @ Mahi: Please tell me whether u are an Arvi fan or Punir fan. Yeah marriages are sacred, it is a bond beyond love.. both Arjun and Purvi tried to work on their respective marriages and at one point of time I at least accepted ArOvi and Punir with resignation. But again PR official facebook and the montage gave us the hope that Arvi wll reunite. But if it is not in cards, why harp with the sentiments of Arvi’s fan all over again? There is Soham, there is Teju and there is also Sachin, the story can now focus on them.
      I thank all the Arvi fans for keeping the optimism of their union alive. I for that matter cannot see the silver lining in the dark cloud any more. ( months of torture is enough and fully worn y patience.

    • Mahi
      June 12, 13:50

      @ Merina: I don’t exactly whose fan I am lol but I really want both their marriages to be successful. Writers didn’t waste time to shatter some characters already. Before Shalini came in I used to think that Onir being the kind hearted guy he is will tell Purvi to go back to Arjun. But then Shalini came in! I know there are flames etc with Arjun and Purvi but today we have seen how Purvi really depended on Onir….so sad. I hear arvi are a couple real life?? Not sure but its all a soap…so Arvi fans can atleast rest that in reality they are a couple.

    • Mahi
      June 12, 13:53

      True, lets see something new in PR…Teju needs to be more in this show….focus on her and sunny now…or Gauri and Soham….

    • Merina
      June 12, 14:20

      @ Mahi: RD and Asha have yet not confirmed that they are seeing each other in real life. And I think it is their prerogative to decide who they want to with in their real life. So it might be true, might not be true and I care two hoots about their personal life.
      As for their reel life story, well we can have our logics, counter logics and preferences. In spite of being a die hard Arvi fan, as I said earlier, I had accepted with sighed resignation that ArOvi and Punir are married. If they wanted to show Punir then the chawl days could have been a good catalyst, but around the same time CVs started sending the signals of their reunion and Purvi and Arjun were still shown having feeling for each other. And here I am blaming CVs that if it was ArOvi and Punir ultimately, why they strung Arvi fan’s sentiment with the hope of Arvi’s reunion? Just to experiment with TRPs, that’s so cruel. And yeah no matter where Arjun Purvi’s story go now, either Arvi fans or Punir fans are bound to have heartbreaks.

    • Mahi
      June 12, 14:58

      Hey Merina…me too I’m busy enough already to care about their personal lives. Hmm, story lines are unpredictable we just have to wait and see. I feel the writer will reunite Arjun and Purvi.

  13. bru
    June 12, 12:35 Reply

    gud nit guys 🙂 😀

  14. bru
    June 12, 12:32 Reply

    this update is so slow 🙁

  15. bru
    June 12, 12:24 Reply

    someone help my purvia nd pari 🙁

  16. aaru
    June 12, 12:23 Reply

    arjun or archu plzz help purvi

  17. bru
    June 12, 12:22 Reply

    hi guys how r u all

    • AK
      June 12, 12:30

      I am fine how are you?

  18. SS
    June 12, 12:20 Reply

    Archu luk lovely in sari….

    • bru
      June 12, 12:27

      she is always best in sari

    • AK
      June 12, 12:32

      She is beautiful in any dress she wears 🙂

  19. Anonymus
    June 12, 12:20 Reply

    Hey RD , MK and SS ? Omg my purvi. I hate karanjkar family and deshmukh family they only feel 4 their selfish ovi . I also hate archana now .

    • SS
      June 12, 12:22

      she is a mother aftr ol…definately angry on purvi…bt nly she gt d guts 2 tel ovi dat evn she was wrng..!! wid time she wld help out purvi…

    • bru
      June 12, 12:29

      ss u r right archu will cum for purvi

    • Merina
      June 12, 13:35

      Hey Anonymous! My words exactly. Ds (Demented clan) and Ks (Kinky clan) are so selfish. forget about Purvi, manav cannot understand his son.. that it was no fault of him to turn out like that. How can u expect a guy who can’t under stand his own son to understand Purvi? Neither will D clan coz Manav and Ovi got their selfish genes just from them. And lesser said about K clan and their mercurial temperament, the better and Archana has their genes after all.

  20. SS
    June 12, 12:19 Reply

    archu do smethng…help purvi…evn varsha understood her

  21. AK
    June 12, 12:14 Reply

    He says
    that “Manav is a kind of person who has no
    respect or value for his relationships”
    Well Said Soham .

  22. SS
    June 12, 12:14 Reply

    Cannt wait 2 c wat wld be archu’s rxn on learng onir’s truth

    • AK
      June 12, 12:16

      Hope she looks for Purvi and takes her to the K House

  23. SS
    June 12, 12:13 Reply

    Nw only archu cld gve manav a peace of mind

    • AK
      June 12, 12:15

      How are you?

  24. AK
    June 12, 12:06 Reply


    • bru
      June 12, 12:20

      hi atlest u remember me

    • SS
      June 12, 12:24

      Hi AK…im gud…& hw r u?

    • ♥RD♥ my luv
      June 12, 12:32

      Hi AK bhai and all…..hw r u ? I’m fine . whre r u these days ?

    • ♥RD♥ my luv
      June 12, 12:38

      Hey every1 (Anonymous ,Ak bhai ,Mk ,Anu ,Veer ,Ss and sry if I forgot someone…..) how r u guys ??? And whre r u all these days ?? I want to c ♡ArVi♡ union ASAP ! Arjun plz come to purvi’s rescue

  25. SS
    June 12, 12:05 Reply

    evn nw i doubt whthr manav is ure dad soham….?? lOL

    • AK
      June 12, 12:10

      SS that’s what I was wondering! Is Soham, Manav ‘s real son. And the way he reprimanded Archana for loosing Him to Varsha when he was kidnapped. If he was a real father he would have accepted him and catch up for the lost years

    • SS
      June 12, 12:17

      Dre’s 1 thng dats stopping manav….male ego !!

  26. AK
    June 12, 11:57 Reply

    My poor Purvi facing all difficulties by herself! No one to offer his/her shoulder to her 🙁
    Where is Arjun?

    • AK
      June 12, 12:05

      MU by the way he was even not in yesterday’s episode.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      June 12, 12:15


      arjun will be here by Friday

      Varsha has to take in Purvi no matter what. She should allow Purvi to live in their old home if Sulo runs off her mouth. I know Soham will defend Purvi he is the closest sibling to her.

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