Pavitra Rishta 13th July 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 13th July 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Vaishali and Aniket come to the Deshmukh Chawl to meet Teju .Aniket is very excited to see her and gives her a hug . He also touches Manav’s feet .Manav and teju are very happy to see Aniket .Archana also is very pleased to see her sister and nephew .Savita is the only one who looks in a bad mood to see them .Manav asks everyone to sit in the lounge .Aniket has got a vada pao for Teju and he tells her about all the problems he had to face in getting it .Teju too makes fun of him and calls him motu . Vaishu tells Archana that Aniket was delighted to know that Teju is his sister.

Aniket asks Sundri that he will have green tea instead of the regular tea .Savita gets furious and tells Vaishali and Aniket to leave the house .Manav says that she is insulting Archana’s family but she answers back tha tin one month time Archana will be divorced and her family will have nothing to do with theirs .Vaishali and Aniket leave .Savita tells Aniket to take back the Vada Pao .

Teju gets angry with savita for insulting Aniket .Savita says that there is no future in her relationship with Aniket because of the divorce of her parents so no need for Aniket and Teju to meet .
In the evening Archana talks to Manav .She tells him that in the three months that Teju stayed in her house ,both her and Aniket got very close to each other and now they know that they are brother and sister so it is their right to spend time with each other whenever they want to .She says that problems are between them but why are children getting dragged in all this .She tells Manav about all the times that Aniket and Teju did a lot of masti together and makes him promise her that he will never stop Aniket if he wishes to spend time with his sister .

Teju is listening to all this and is crying .
Sachin comes to see teju and he has some bhajias for her .Teju asks him that when she has the same relationship with him as she has with Aniket , why is it that she cannot accept something that Aniket gave her and can accept Sachin’s gift .She tells Sachin that she is very confused about Archana behaviour as she cannot make out what kind of a person she is .she wanst to know if Archana did really ask about the alimony …Sacjin gets uncomfortable and leaves .Teju says ‘something is fishy about this divorce

Sachin is worried why Teju is asking questions if Archana is a good person or not and he better do something soon to change Teju’s mind . Damodar calls Archana . She is very happy to hear from him .He says that he knows that she is having a hard time because of savita .Archana says that she is happy because she is getting spend time with her daughters and do things for them .She starts crying and says that soon all this will be over . Damodar says that this divorce will neve rhappen because Manav and her made for each other .Archana says that things in this divorce are complicated ..teju is listening to this from the other room and is getting confused . Dmodar tells Archana at soon he is about to come to India .

Some goons are planning their illegal activities in a very quiet place .theyare updating their boss about the various kidnappings .The boss wants to know about Vishnu .His man tells him that Vishnu missed the train and is still in Mumbai and these days he is distracted from his work .

The Boss tells this guy off that he should stop saying things to Vishnu .He is planning a big assignment for Vishnu .A kidnapping in which a ransom of One Crore will be asked .He takes out the picture of the man who is to be kidnapped .
The picture is of Manav Deshmukh …Vishnu’s next target .
Vishnu’s boss says that this man is a rich businessman from Canada and Vishnu will kidnap him and soon dollars are going to rain on them .
He tells him men to send this picture to Vishnu with all the information about Manav .

Precap : Purvi is talking about an upcoming show on Zee Tv .

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