Pavitra Rishta 13th June 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 13th June 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Archana and Manav are in the kitchen .Archana reminds Manav that it is their daughter’s birthday tomorrow.She even has a cake in the fridge .she tells him that he should go and wish them when it is 12 o’ clock .Manav tells her that he will not do so alone and both of them will go and wish the girls together .Archana convinces him to go alone as the girls hate her so much that they will get angry and never accept her blessings .Manav goes to Ovi and Teju’s room and wishes them happy birthday .Both girls are extremely happy and they hug their father .Manav , Savita and Sachin watch as the girls cut the cake .The girls happily tell Manav that they knew it that he would not forget their birthday .Manav tells them that he has planned a big birthday party for them and he actually did forget their birthday but Archana reminded him and also got this cake .Ovi is furious and she throws the cake on the floor .Savita gets angry with Manav that he hurt the girls on their birthday and the girls and sachin leave the room …Archana starts crying and she comes to clean up the mess on the floor .She says to Manav that she knew that the girls cannot be told the truth any more .

It is late night and Archana is standing alone in the balcony .Manav comes out of the house and walks up to her .He stands next to Archana who is looking very upset .She tells Manav that the girls hate her so much that they don’t even want her to come to their birthday .How should she ever tell them that she is not that bad ..How wil lshe attend Ovi’s marriage …she starts crying .

Manav : Why are yo udoing this to me ? 18 years ago I wanted you to come with me to Canada but you didn’t . Why do you always confuse me like this . We could sort our problems earlier but look at us now . whenever I try to solve our issues you just don’t help .

18 years ago we were naive , made mistakes but even after 18 years I can’t stop being connected with you . After 18 years , we are more sensible and even today I feel more connected to yo uthan anyone else .I thought we would be happy if lived in one house together with our daughters but yo ujust want to divorce me ..One thing is for sure that after 18 years yo ujust don’t have feelings for me but I have seen love in your eyes for our daughters . For the first time I have seen Ovi and Teju so close to someone and that is you , They were so happy with you in your Aie’s home .
Today I know that it is difficult for the girls to hate you because the woman they hated is so different from the woman they see. I don’t want our daughters to ever feel that their mother never loved them . If yo ulet me then I wil lmake everything right .I wan tyo uto come back . Please let me go and tell the girls that yo uwere not the one who was wrong 18 years afo , I was the one who was wrong . They love me so much that they will forgive me and will start loving you all over again .Archana , we have to try and sort it out or else our daughters wil lnever love anyone or trust anyone in their lives ..If they cannot trust their mother then how can they trust anyone else .If not for my sake then at least for your daughters sake , please come back .

Archaan is looking very moved with all that Manav is saying and she gets carried away with emotions ..She runs in his arms and hugs him tightly , crying and telling him that she wants to come back with him in his life and she wants her family back .She keeps telling him that she loves him and cannot live without him .Manav is confused but he puts his arms around her …

Suddenly Archana remembers Sachin begging her that she should give Manav to Shravani .Thinking about that , Archana pushes Manav and steps back .Manav is shocked and wants to know what is wrong .

Archana tells Manav that she cannot come back to him because it is too late for her to change her life now , too many complications can happen and she does not care if her daughters hate her ..maybe the girls will love her but she is not sure if she will also love her daughters .

Manav says that she loves Purvi so wh ycan’t she love Ovi and Teju .Archana says that Purvi is adopted and will never come i n her way but Ovi and Teju can .

Archana says that she loves money and that is why she cannot come to Manav .

Manav says that she wil lhave money even if she comes back to him .Then Archaan says that she wil lonly come back to him if he leaves Savita and Sachin as Sachin is not her own child and she finds it difficult to live with sachin ..She tells manav that if he is ready to leave Savita and Sachin then she will come back to him .

Manav is shocked .He tells Archana that he cannot leave his mother as it was his mother who had helped him all these years to raise his daughters .

He tells her that he knows that Savita is unfair to her …but he stil lcannot leave his mother .

Archaan says that she does not hates Savita but just cannot live with her …saying this she leaves and Manav is left thinking alone .

Manav ( thinking ) : What you are saying Archana is not what your eyes are saying .I have seen it in your eyes that yo uwant to come back to me but something is stopping you and I have to find out what that something is .

The next morning the girls cut the cake again in their house .Manav and the rest of the family wish then happy birthday . Archana also is happy looking at this from a distance .Manav looks at Archana and smiles …

he tells the girls that he wil lnow make arrangements for the party . he goes i nthe room and calls Purvi .

He tells Purvi that it is the twins birthday and he wants her to make all the arrangements for the party .Purvi is worried that the girls will get angry but Manav assures her that nothing like this will happen .He tells her to do this for his sake and that makes Purvi say yes .he also tells her that she must come to the party …

Manav then goes out and tells the girls that he has invited all the office staff as well to their birthday party .

Ovi says that he is wecome to invite evryone but that one person .

Savita says that Ovi should say aloud that she does not wish to call Archana to the party as Archaan does not deserves to be invited …

Manav says that Archana is their mother but Savita says that she wil lnot let Archaan come .Ovi again says that she does not want Archana to come .Archana also agrees that she will not come .sachin takes the girls in the room …

Precap : Teju is all dressed up , looking ver ypretty and is about to go to the party …Archana wishes her happy birthday .Teju walks away but then she stops and quietly says ‘ thank you ‘ .

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