Pavitra Rishta 15th June 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 15th June 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Ovi slaps Purvi .Everyone is shocked .Ovi starts yelling at Purvi that she dare think of taking Arjun away from her .Archana comes in and stops Ovi .Now everyone is even more shocked to see Archana there .Savita and Ovi call Archana shameless that she came to the party even when she was told not to .Manav tries to correct Ovi but Savita yells at him and he stops . Ovi blames Archana’s upbringing for what has happened she tells Punni to tell the truth to Archana. Ovi tells Manav that it was Punni who had called her to tell her about Arjun and Purvi’s affair . Punni tells Archana that Purvi is trying to steal Arjun away from Ovi and that Arjun and Purvi are having an affair . A very angry Archana gives a hard slap to Punni .

Archana tells Punni to shut up but she keeps saying that Purvi and Arjun are having an affair and this is a fact .She even shows the MMS clip to Ovi where arjun and Purvi are together .Purvi says that this MMS was made by Punni to take revenge on Punni .Archana says that Purvi can never be wrong and Punni is a liar .Punni tells Archana that she feels sorry for her because her own daughter is lying to her .She taunts Purvi that she is quiet even though what Punni is saying is true .Archana gets even more angry and she screams at Punni that she has no shame that she is talking so cheap for her sister .Archana wants to know how can Ovi just think so wrong of Purvi without even finding out the real facts .
Archu cries and wants to know wh yis Punni is destroying her two daughters when Archu looked after Punni like her own daughter . Ovi starts yelling at Archana and calls her wrong .

Archana says that there is nothing wrong with her daughter’s character . Savita starts bad mouthing Archana .She says that it is good that she raised Ovi and Teju or else they would have turned out to be selfish like Archana . She says that Archana picked up a child from the roadside and now destroying the life of her real daughter .
Archaan tells Savita to be quiet as Purvi is her pride , her identity and she has full faith in her and even if God comes and calls Purvi wrong , Archana will not believe it .
She tells the real reason why she had to come to the party but could not stay quiet when she saw Ovi slapping Purvi .Archaan then asks Manav if he also thinks that Purvi is wrong .
Manav says ‘ no, never …Purvi can never do anything like this ‘. He tells Ovi that she is under some misunderstanding and this MMS is misleading .
Punni again telsl Purvi to tell the truth but Manav tells her to leave and stop creating problems .Savita also tries to insult Archana but Manav tells Savita to be quiet .

Purvi is walking back home alone ..She is in a dazed state and thinking about all that happened .Everything that Archaan had said about how much she trusts her daughter , how Manav stood by her is repeating in her head ..It is raining and she is walking and thinking about her parents and the trust that they showed in her today .She just did not have the courage to speak the truth in the party and is now feeling terrible that she is letting down her parents and though her mother is fighting for her with her own people .
Back in the Deshmukh house , the whole drama is going on .Ovi is still sure that Punni is not lying .Archana tells Ovi that she should have faith in her love .Ovi tells Manav that she knows that Arjun is not wrong and Purvi is trying to trap her Arjun .Manav gets very angry and yells at Ovi and she starts crying .
Savita says that Archana first tried to steal Manav away from his mother and now she is trying to break up Manav with his daughter .
Teju also tells Archana to keep away from Arjun and Ovi’s matters.Archu is shocked that Teju could talk like this .Manav tells Archana to go away from there or else this argument will just keep on going ..
Archana leaves , Ovi ,Savita and Teju are all looking angry with Manav .

precap .Manjusha , in an angry mood has come to see Archana .She is with Punni and Archana is in the Karanjkar house .

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  1. yuvraj & dhanjay
    June 18, 05:29 Reply

    these all problems are created by archhana because she was not tells anything witch are tru to manav

  2. Anushka
    June 18, 04:48 Reply

    Plz change the story, so boring to see this now….

  3. Anonymous
    June 17, 10:53 Reply

    There shld be a big change now atleast after the leap of 18 yrs. The director and writer & producer have gone mad to show just a stupid fighting among the family members that are very close relationship is this nuisance called pavitra rishta if such fight our generation watches that waht sought of though will be generated in their mind. They shld show something new and good now what stupid thing after 18 yrs also Archana is just crying for her family and Manav being a understanding husband even dont had the guts in past and nor in the present to speak in front of her mother even when he knows that how she is and he shld support archana now. Arey yaar 2 bacchion ka baap ban gaya ab to bol. that sachin is show oversmart and even archana is listening to him , what write he has to separate his parents. If in reality any other mother would had slapped him for such thinking. Boss please change the story make some changes dont show so much of drama and fight . Give Savita a big lesson.

  4. Anonymous
    June 16, 11:41 Reply

    the story line of pr is repetitive and boring. i stopped watching a long time ago

    • monica
      June 16, 14:37

      its a boring serial..infact i have lost the interest to watch..they are just beating around the bush

  5. Anonymous
    June 16, 11:40 Reply


  6. Anonymous
    June 15, 20:56 Reply

    just hpe damodar cumz n sumhw cntrls savita (shws hs hsbnd sde) n teju lyks archana n purvi

  7. Anonymous
    June 15, 20:53 Reply

    ya tru even im w8n 4 arviz milan n cnt blieve teju cud b so selfish

  8. jia sabharwal
    June 15, 18:17 Reply

    are yar kb tk ye drama chalega arjun aur purvi ka mahamilan kb hoga.

  9. Anonymous
    June 15, 17:28 Reply

    I Want to bcome a member of pr forum plz help

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