Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Archana , Varsha , Teju and Balan are waiting in the hospital .The doctor comes out and telsl them that Soham’s condition is critical and he needs blood .His blood group is AB positive and usually parents blood group matches that of the children .Balan and Varsha tell the doctor that they are his parents but their blood group is different .Archana remembers that Teju is also AB positive .

Teju refuses to give blood to Soham and says that he is a criminal .Varsha begs her bu tteju still refuses .Archana tells Teju that Soham is her brother and if he is a criminal then that is not his fault but the fault of his upbringing . Teju still refuses so Archana gets angry and slaps her . Both Archana and Teju start crying .Archana begs Teju to give blood to Soham or else they will lose both Manav and Soham .She tells her to give him blood for the sake of her father .Teju agrees and tells Archana that she will give him blood but only for the sake of saving Manav as Soham is a criminal and she hates him .

Inspector Pandey tells Manav , who is in police lock up , that Soham is still alive .Manav is very happy to hear this .Inspector Pandey tells Manav that he is not at fault as he only used the gun to save his wife .The police inspector gets the paper work ( for Manav’s release ) done and Pandey takes Manav to meet his son at the hospital .

The doctor comes out of the operation theatre and tells Soham’s family that Soham is still critical and two surgeons in Patna have been informed and one of them will have to operate on him as the surgery is very challenging .

Arjun is standing alone in his room .He is thinking about Purvi and thinks that Purvi was unfair to him as she had promised him to always be with him but she left him alone but that will not change his stand and he will never stop loving her and will keep Ovi happy but only for Purvi’s sake .Ovi comes in the room and asks Arjun if she can ask him a favour regarding the company .Arjun says that she is Manav’s daughter and can take a decision on her own but she still wants Arjun’s permission. She wants Purnima to get her job back .

Arjun is reluctant but Ovi tells him that Purnima is from a middle class family and really needs the job .Arjun gives in and tells Ovi that Purnima can have her job back .When Arjun leaves the room , Ovi thinks to herself that the main reason why she wants Punni to come back is for the sake of her marriage .She wants Punni to help her keep Purvi away from both Arjun and Ovi so that again she can bond with Arjun and things would be the way they were in Canada . Ovi is sure that both Arjun and her will then have a happy married life .

Balan , at the hospital , tells his goons to kill Manav .Manav comes in the hospital with the police around him .Balan sees him , gets furious and attacks him .He is hurling abuses at Manav for shooting his Lalla ..
The police hold Balan and take him away .Manav and Archana walk towards each other .Both of them are looking shattered . Manav is looking complelety broken and depressed .Archana hugs him and he breaks down crying . He tells Archana that he only shot Soham because he wanted to save her and had no idea that Soham was his son .. Both Manav and Archana are crying a lot and Varsha is listening to them .Manav tells Archana that he is so unlucky because for the past 18 years he had been dreaming of his lost son and when he came in front , he shot his own son .
Poor Manav is crying so much .
Archana makes his sit down and tels him that he was not at fault and it was her mistake that she got so emotional on seeing Soham that she did not tell him that Vishnu is Soham .She tells him that Soham is still critical but Teju gave him blood and soon everything will be allright . God will give them their son back now . Teju also hugs both her parents .

Manav goes to the doctor and tells him that they should get the best Surgeon for Soham and should not think about expenses .The doctor assures him that they are doing everything they can for Soham .
The operation starts .Surgeon manage to take the bullet out of Soham’s body .
The doctor comes out and tells Manav that the operation was successful but still Soham is critical and has been shifted in the ICU .

Varsha is looking at Vishnu through the door. He is unconscious . Varsha starts crying begging Vishnu to look at his maiyee .Balan comes to Varsha and tells her to calm down as their Vishnu will be fine as he is a bahubali .
Archana comes from behind , she is very angry and tells Varsha that she has turned Soham into a Gunda , is this what a mother is supposed to do ?
She says to Varsha that Soham is in this state today because of Varsha only and she is hardly someone to tell Archana that Archana has no right to be Soham’s mother .She accuses Varsha of stealing her child and turning Soham into a criminal and today Soham is so scared of police that when Archana approached him he thought that he was getting in trouble with the cops .
Varsha is crying as Archana is telling her all this .
She accuses Varsha of keeping Soham with a criminal like balan and making his life into a living hell .
Balan gets angry at Archana’s accusations and tells her that Soham is his son .He threatens Archana to keep away from Soham . Manav sees Balan talking to Archana and he also coems there and tells Balan to keep away from his wife and his son .
Balan gets more angry and telsl him that Vishnu is his son and he dare not even think of taking him away or else he will have to face the consequences .
The doctor comes out of the operation theatre and asks Soham’s family , ‘ who is Soham’s maother here ?’ .
Both Varsha and Archana come forward and then they both look at each other .

Precap : An inspector tells Balan that he has come to arrest Varsha and Balan because they kidnapped Manav’s son .Varsha begs the inspector to let her see her son in the ICU . The Inspector looks at Manav who tells the Inspector to take Varsha and Balan away .

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  1. salva
    October 16, 01:14 Reply

    Please Ekta let Ovi and Punni die in an accident. It is so unbearable to see both of them plotting to seperate Arvi. There have been too many bad characters in PR. Take out some of them and maybe bring in others who will not seperate Arvi.

  2. KSG!!
    October 15, 22:00 Reply

    Finally Varsha got what she deserved!! Stop Ovi your getting on everyone’s nerves!

  3. “…and he will never stop loving her and will keep Ovi happy but only for Purvi’s sake”

    Sickest thing I ever heard. Loads and loads of crap & $h!t this is!!

    Can we expect Ovi to get Preg?

    • Man if I grew up in a twisted family like Archana’s – I would have just run away. I don’t know what kind of middle class values the PR team is trying to show. Disgusting!

      – Archu is stupid with all sacraficing
      – Varsha is twisted with all this lying
      – Purvi is stupid just like Archana
      – Savita – all lying and deceiving their family
      – Ovi is another low life character
      – Punni – same as Ovi

      DaMN all the female characters in this show are useless and horrible. I just like Teju – she is normal character for once!

      And men? Arjun – spineless human being always doing what lady love demand of him – AND woman are not smart either

      Manav – is okay

      MAN I guess the moral of PR is: if you let woman rule – then this $hit will happen I guess.

      Really stupid.

  4. Mary
    October 15, 17:21 Reply

    Varsha and Balam got lock up???? I think both Varsha and Archu will go in to see Sohan/Vishnu……

  5. ArVi Lover
    October 15, 15:10 Reply

    I HATE OVI But I’m sure that Arjun is gonna realise what she’s up to and that will be the last straw in their marriage. As for Punni, karma has always caught up to her and it will continue to do so. I hope that Soham/Vishnu doesn’t defend Varsha and Balan. Anyhoo, let’s just wait and watch!

    When will ArVi re-unite???

  6. mel
    October 15, 14:48 Reply

    Jus h8 varsha ,can’t stand da annoyn womans face

  7. whateva
    October 15, 13:47 Reply

    this is a stupid show
    eventhough my favourite character is ovi because she is the best
    i hate purvi and her ugly faceshe just boils my blood whenever i see her
    she DIGUSTS me
    and i love varsha sooooooooooooooooo much because she is always right UNLIKE ARCHANA

    • Treena
      October 15, 13:58

      Yet another lost soul . May god enter your thoughts before such hate next time .

    • Anonymous
      October 15, 15:19

      have you been watching this show? didnt u see whatvarsha did to archu? you liike the worst peple in the show and stop callin us babies bcause U are the one whose bein a baby- talking about who is the best, and who is not. do u think we care? im sorry for being rude, but u deserve it.

    • Mary
      October 15, 17:27

      Like so one cares ok

    • TheKill
      October 15, 20:21

      So what you’re trying to say is that your parents hate you so you come on the internet to get attention? Either that you’re an ugly bitch just like Ovi and the only reason you side with her is because you sympathize with her, being an ugly little cunt yourself. Ugly girls always hate the beautiful nice girls. Now shut the fuck up and go back to trying to get your parents attention. No one cares about your fake opinions about the show.

    • Treena
      October 15, 21:33

      Where I offer a prayer , you offer a curse 🙁 . You are a clear example of what is wrong with this world . I am beautiful outside and inside . I hope that the universe blesses you with some sense my friend 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

    • ArVi
      October 15, 22:19

      this is defenitly ovi is the best… got no life… when n change name… here u go again… hey ovi is the best bitch… seriously go and get a life dumb ass… u need attention u fuckterd? than go and get it somewhere else… not here… damn good for nothing fucking retarded bitch…

      to the one and only fucking retarded bitch here…

    • Treena
      October 15, 22:51

      Y do u think that I’m Ovi is best ??? Is it so inconceivable to u that someone could offer words of peace rather than hate . I do not condone what he/ she writes , but we are no better than her / him if we also argue and hate . I practice what I preach . I hope for the sake of your family and friends that you do not show them such animosity . Your tongue should speak pure words , for you are blessed with the ability to speak . Soon it will be Dewali. The lights of the little deeyas helped to guide Ram back to Ayoda . I would rather be a light ,than a part of the darkness .

    • ArVi Lover
      October 16, 11:35

      Lol! You’re obviously commenting because you’re in need of attention and I’m not even gonna bother rectifying you coz that’ll give u the satisfaction that you want but I will give you some advice though… Ask your girlfriend/boyfriend (if u even hav 1) to let you talk now and then so that you don’t have to resort to stupid tactics to attract attention to yourself.
      Take care sweety! You need it!

    • ArVi Lover
      October 16, 11:37

      Seems like the name ‘Ovi is the best’ didn’t work out so well for you so you turned to the lame ‘wateva’. Don’t worry there are many asylums out there offering help to people like you.

    • ArVi
      October 16, 11:40

      hey treena… i never meant it for you.. im referring to wateva… wel.. since u wan attention badly u can have it… 🙂 happy?

    • Treena
      October 16, 15:05

      Ok Arvi, my apologies for misunderstanding 🙂 . But easy on the swearing ok , please .

    • whateva
      October 17, 12:53

      you guyz are just so stupid i see ppl in india are going dummer by the day
      i have pity for ppl with such low thoughts
      and i am my own person i have my own opinion and no matter what you tiny ppl say my opinion will always rule

  8. mkkbp fan
    October 15, 13:30 Reply

    o nice episode … i think too they should bring our ArVi back… they were the cutest young couple in PR..

    and please update with some pics

  9. rk madhubala fan
    October 15, 12:56 Reply

    I’ve been watching PR sinds the very first episode and over the years there’ve been a lot of negative characters like rasika tai, adjit, savita tai etc.I didn’t like them but the thing is I’ve never really hated them. But this BITCH ovi…I really hate her to the core. She makes me wanna shoot her in the head. How dare she seperate 2 people who are in love and still not being satisfied?
    Get over yourself! This is all manav’s faulth. He gave her everything that she wanted and now that she is used to it she doesn’t give a damn about others, as long as she gets what she want. It’s just fucking irritating. I want arjun and purvi 2 be together and for once in this serial see a couple happy..
    Ekta do something fast before I stop reading the WU because I’ve already stopped watching it.
    That will be all for today

  10. babycakes jolie
    October 15, 12:45 Reply

    i think varsha should be in jail for a life time, and understand how could you keep a child away from his real parents for eighteen years.she just being selfish and greedy and ovi is doing the same

  11. Angel061
    October 15, 12:43 Reply

    I thought that arjun and purvi are main leads after the leap of 18 years of pavitra rishta but that fucking ekta again brought that buddha manav and rondu archana on the screen…. I just love to see pavitra rishta because of arjun and purvi that to when they are together not when arjun is with stupid bitch ovi. . .

  12. Arya 4 lyf
    October 15, 12:35 Reply

    Ovi and Pooni are disgrace to pavitra rishta.
    Yes Teju listen to Archu since Sohum wax brought up by iresponsible varsha and balan, thats hw he grew up.
    I just hate Ovi.

  13. Yusra
    October 15, 12:32 Reply

    Mtwsssss Ovi is a bitch, dat gurl is so selfish as she only like her self… But all blames shld go to Purvi for givin her wat she want…. Annoying series.

    • shikha
      October 15, 13:22

      and y do u think so ?

  14. Ovi
    October 15, 12:12 Reply

    I dont want anybody to kill purvi instead i think they should kill my character bcus my character is a mean witch and deserves to be murdered I dont even know y I signed up to play the part of ovi

  15. ovi is the best
    October 15, 12:08 Reply

    archana is too much concerned about her other children but not ovi. pls archana do something about purvi to make ovi’s life better. i say u just kill purvi, she is of no use now. murder her. ovi is your true daughter.

    • MinahilNauman
      October 15, 12:10

      haha 😀 poorvi sacrificed everything and u say ovi is ur true daughter funny it is!

    • ArVi
      October 15, 12:25

      hey ovi is the best bitch… seriously go and get a life dumb ass… u need attention u fuckterd? than go and get it somewhere else… not here… damn good for nothing fucking retarded bitch…

    • jjjjjjj
      October 15, 12:48

      you are truly right arvi

    • shikha
      October 15, 13:23

      r u kidding me !
      do u really think ovi is best ?.

    • Treena
      October 15, 13:55

      There is so much hatred and war in this world already ,for us to be so angry like this . This person is looking for attention and she/he does not mind if that attention is negative . The best thing to do is to ignore these comments and always pray for lost souls like this one . This person did not have a good upbringining , but I am sure that you others are not like this . You should never get into an argument with irrational people .

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