Pavitra Rishta 16th August 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 16th August 2012 Written Update by NArESh

Pavitra Rishta 16th August 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Arjun and Purvi going for shopping. Arjun asks her so tell me what do you want? Purvi says, I told you na that I don’t want anything. Arjun requests her and says, whatever you want, jewelry, clothes, anything. He says to accept gift for him. He then says how about diamonds? Purvi still refuses. Arjun then says, come on we are going to get married and I want to give something special to you which you can never forget. Purvi shows him bangles and says you gave me special thing already. She says they are special because he gifted her when he had no money. Arjun then says to himself that Purvi is not going to agree and he will have to do something by himself. He then tells Purvi to stay outside mall and he will park the car and come right back.

Arjun then calls Archana and asks if there is any ritual in which a husband has to give something to his wife. Archana then tells him something.

Arjun now comes to Purvi and says, you don’t know anything about our tradition. He says in our tradition, a husband has to give a set to his wife. Purvi says, really? From where you learned all this all of a sudden? Arjun says Internet and then doesn’t let her question anymore and takes her inside the mall.

Punni is telling her mother, I think you talked rudely with Archana. Her mother then reminds her about what they did to her in party last time. Punni then says but when Archana took first step and tried to solve issues between us then her intentions won’t be wrong. Her mother says, What rubbish? I know her intentions very well, she doesn’t have anyone with whom she can share her happiness and sadness and that’s why she came to us. Vinod tells to his wife, what are you doing? If you can’t teach her anything good, then at least don’t teach her bad things. Now Manju and Vinod start arguing. Punni apologizes to them as because of her they started fighting. Manju says, it’s not your fault. Punni says they should patch up with Archana now. Manju asks her, what has happened to you? Are you alright? Punni says she thought a lot and now it’s for a new beginning. Vinod says to Punni, I am proud of you. Punni then tells her mother that whatever she is doing is correct and tells her to invite Archana and her family for dinner.

Archana and her mother are doing preparations for wedding and Purvi comes there. She says, Arjun made her do so much shopping, saying your husband gives you that, your father-in-law gives you that. She says, don’t know from where Arjun learned about all these rituals. Archana is quietly laughing, in end it’s her who told all these to Arjun. Purvi goes to rest now.

Archana tells her mother, Purvi seems so happy right. Sulochana says, she will be even happier after marriage. Now Archana and her mother are worried as they don’t have enough money to do such things for Arjun. Sulochana then says to Archana that they could break Ovi-Teju’s FDs from which they will get lots of money but Archana refuses it as those money are for Ovi-Teju. Archana says she wants to give that to Ovi-Teju when they leave her after two weeks. Sulochana says fine but we will have to do something to arrange money for Purvi.

Now Punni comes to Archana’s house. Sulochana asks her what are you doing here? Archana calms her down but Punni says, let her say because I deserve it after what I did with Purvi. Purvi also comes out from her room. Punni tells her, I hurt you so much and you still didn’t say anything. Punni then says but God punished me by breaking my engagement. Purvi seems upset after hearing that. Punni says, see you still care about me, even after I did so much and that’s the difference between me and you. Punni then says leave all that and she congratulates her. Punni apologizes to Archana as well for Manju’s behaviour and invites them (Arjun too) for dinner (kelvan dinner something like that). Archana says they will definitely come. Punni leaves.

Sulochana asks Archana what did you do that Punni changed this much? Archana says may be she realized her mistake. Sulochana says in her mind, Archana you’re good that’s why everyone seems good to you but I find something fishy.

Vishnu’s father gives him a gun and Vishnu is happy. His father says when you use that gun, you will know. One bullet and person will be dead. Varsha comes there and sees gun in Vishnu’s hand. Vishnu’s father is telling him, you have to go to police station tomorrow for attendance and inspector will try to make you angry, but you don’t do any mistakes else he will keep filing case after case and you will end up staying in jail for entire life. Varsha says what are you saying him? This case is still not solved and you? Vishnu’s father gets mad at her. He then sees Vishnu’s face and calms himself down and says her not to worry. Vishnu will be free bird as well just like me. Varsha tells him that she will also go with them tomorrow. Vishnu’s father again gets mad. Vishnu stops him. He tells Varsha that she doesn’t need to worry. But Varsha says she will go that means she will go with him.

Purvi asks Sulochana if she didn’t find it strange, Punni coming and inviting for dinner like this. Sulochana says she did find it strange but it’s good that everyone is coming closer because of marriage. Purvi then gets lost in some thoughts. Sulochana asks her what happened. Purvi says that she is thinking about Archana. Purvi says, Aai has got so busy in my marriage and doesn’t share anything with us these days. Purvi says, aai won’t say anything but it’s her divorce in few days and God knows how everyone at Manav’s house would be behaving with her as she approved for marriage with Arjun. Purvi asks Sulochana if Archana shared anything with her. Sulochana says, situation is not good there, Ovi fights with Archu, Teju also says anything to her, and Manav is also against her now. Sulochana says, I thought divorce is coming closer so there would be some changes but here.. Purvi tells her not to worry and says she will stop their divorce before her marriage. She says Archana and Manav will be together. Sulochana is crying and hugs her.

Precap: Manav is telling Archana, I am getting ready to go to court, person who kidnaps girls and ask money to their family must be punished.


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  1. Nerrisa
    August 18, 01:04 Reply

    Its better than desi tashan…. Here its written in brief also….

  2. Bridgette
    August 17, 02:24 Reply

    when will they get married….??? or will they breakup….

    • maryam
      August 17, 05:45

      there is a bad rumour that arjun will marry ovi and purvi will either marry sameer or sachin

  3. Anonymous
    August 16, 22:37 Reply

    I really hope arjun and purvi get married they’ve gone through enough obstacles already

    • kajol
      August 16, 23:47

      arjun gets married to ovi and purvi get engaged to the inspector sameer rane

  4. moderator
    August 16, 15:05 Reply

    better and detailed update is updated now 🙂

  5. Anonymous
    August 16, 15:00 Reply

    horrible update, better dont update huh i only read the first few lines n couldnt go on, cant wait for a better update. Plz let it be quick.

  6. moderator
    August 16, 14:25 Reply

    30 mins or so better update will be updated 🙂

  7. Mes
    August 16, 13:32 Reply

    This type of English from a person from INDIA ! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT !

    So embarassing to read English written in such a rotten manner where it makes no sense at all.

    • Anonymous
      August 16, 18:02

      Ha anyone forced you to read? If you do not like it go somewhere else idiot.

  8. elephants
    August 16, 13:10 Reply

    plz write bettr english nxt time. i cant understand a thing.

    • Anonymous
      August 16, 18:03

      Find some other website then, the person is atleast trying

    • Anon.
      August 16, 13:07

      Then wait a few hours for the better update. I’m english and I can decipher it.

  9. Kiran
    August 16, 12:34 Reply

    Where is varsha’s husbend satish

    • moderator
      August 16, 15:06

      they never showed him after 18 years leap

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