Pavitra Rishta 17th April 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 17th April 2013 Written Update by ArVi-licious

Pavitra Rishta 17th April 2013 Written Episode

purvi is standing outside the K house, onir joins her.. both are very sad..and they begin to leave from there, purvi has tears in her eyes, turns back n sees the house n has flashes of her childhood n past with archu n ajee.. onir tells her they have to leave.. soham comes there, he tells them, that he is concerned about them if not the other family members, and they have to stay with him. but onir declines, so soham says, why is it because even u consider me bad? this is mumbai n it is very difficult to find a house to stay, onir again tries to say no, but soham insists n tells them to stay till they find another place to stay. so they go with him.

ovi has a headache and ajee n teju are taking care of her, arjun enters the room, teju asks him why he is here after all the drama.. arjun requests her to let him speak to ovi.. he looks at manav n says baba…, but before he could continue manav walks away.. after everybody leaves the room, arjun talks to ovi.. she is angry, arjun explains, he never wanted to lie to her n that even he got to know about this just a few days back..he says, at least for pari, let this go, and if she wants they can leave all this and go to canada.. pari starts crying..Ovi gets irritated with the continuous crying of the baby, she tells arjun to take pari away.. teju enters the room, but arjun lifts the baby from her cradle and goes out.

soham brings purvi and onir into their house, he tells varsha they will be living with them from now on… varsha is very happy and tells them they can stay as long as they wish.. purvi hugs varsha and begins sobbing… varsha tells her to cry her heart out, and if archu was there, she would have consoled her, but now as her maasi she is there for her.

arjun is in his car with pari strapped on to the next seat… he recalls the past with ovi n the preg n baby.. he says he had no intention to cheat ovi,and now cant watch their family falling apart, hopes that atleast for pari she accepts him.. some vehicle comes in front of his n he breaks voilently, and holds pari.. arjun is very worried.

mittal tells punni, he has finally succeded and can now send onir to jail, manav enters his house with sulo ajee.. manav tells mittal can make any kind of a deal with him, but in return not to disclose that cd and not go to court with it against onir.. mittal says very well and that he needs ajee’s house.. this was the reason he had married punni and nothing else, and that he wishes to build a big hotel there.. manav is outraged and says that will never happen and it is sulo ajee’s house. so mittal says fine i will use the cd.. he tells punni to send his family members out.
sulo ajee tells manav that she wishes to talk to punni and requests him to wait in the car… she gives punni one tight slap! tells how could she do such things even after she has raised her n taken care of her, she goes on to say that she has now proved that she is manju’s daughter! sulo tells punni, that she will never succeed in getting the house and it will always belong to sulo karanjkar.. and that she disowns her as her grandchild.

arjun comes to his house with pari.. DK is also there.. he asks arjun where ovi is… arju says she has not forgiven him, and may not in the future also and that he never expected that what ‘galti’ he and purvi did would have such consequences…DK tells him that he has been playing with human emotions, if he knew the truth about the baby he should have told everyone, the worst case scenario would be some broken ties between manav and him, but now everything is blown out of proportion.. arjun says he will take care of pari.. she is not alone and she has her father, so DK also holds the baby and says she has her grandpa too.. he also goes to say it not easy to be a single parent, and that he saying out of experience..

sulo n manav at the K house they tell vinod and manju abt punni’s contract marriage.. vinod is shocked but manju is thinking why punni never used that cd and that she is foolish!! ajee tells them that she has broken all ties with punni and doesn’t want her as a part of the family.. manju protests, but ajee tells her once in the past she had also tried such a stunt and now her daughter has gone a step ahead, ajee says she had made her decision n if manju has a problem with it, she can also leave the house.

PRECAP: the police come to arrest onir, crime being exchange of the babies.


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  1. arvi
    April 18, 08:30 Reply

    punir sucks arvi rocks

  2. Veer
    April 18, 08:20 Reply

    go go ovi u have romils swear just go shoo away.onir ll b behind d bars.den its awesome jab arjun met purvi.oh yeah pari u already rocked gal.cuz of u dey r going to unite again.good job pari.
    punni n slimmy mittal thanks a ton.
    my ears r waiting for arvi bg tone.
    Arvi rockss…

  3. arjunpurviforever
    April 18, 04:51 Reply

    ARVI will be back together… i read in india forums… onir is in jail.. tht idiotic fucking bitch ovi is as usual throwing her crying tantrums… pari will be the reason purvi and arjun will cum together emotionally….. am very happy tht ARVI are goin to reunite… throw tht IDIOTIC OVI sumwhr out of the show….. SHE (OVI) IS A STUPID TANTRUM QUEEN AND THE MOST SELFISH , IDIOTIC, FUCKING BITCH I’VE EVER SEEN. she can’t even see wht purvi has sacrifices for her.. doesen’t even know wht true love and sacrifice is… all she wants is her way.. STUPID SPOILED BRAT…

  4. reader
    April 18, 01:43 Reply

    Purvi was royally wrong. Her stupid sacrifice nature ruined a lot. She always thought of ovi, but nit Arjun. She apparently cheated him by hiding the truth of his child. DK was right, if she had told then itself, what would hv happened, much less turmoil than now. Now Pari is suffering too. And Arjun us broken jnspite of his loyalty, liv, sincerety etc. It won’t be long before he starts hating purvi.

    • ammara
      April 18, 08:24

      u r so right dats all ive been trying to say arjun is always at the shittiest end of the stick ,,,,,,, both ovi and purvi have given up pari…..

  5. Midhu
    April 17, 22:58 Reply

    If the writer back togther with arvi.. i hate this show..they shows sirf bewaafayi only bewafayi…

  6. drs
    April 17, 22:17 Reply

    AK…..if u are reading this…. jus let me know the subjects u got in first year…may be i can help….do reply i will check later…!

    good morning every1….. 🙂

  7. MK
    April 17, 18:10 Reply

    Manav has always demonstrated his lack of intelligence in thinking logically. First he misinterpreted archana and believed his wicked ass mother and separated archana from her children.

    Now he is still so arrogant and not listening to Purvi and making rash decision once again and supporting his spoilt brat greedy daughter ovi.

    He did not do a good job in raising his children and wants to blame Purvi for his own shortcomings when it comes to Ovi. He has always given in to her whims and fancies and treats her like she is the only person in this entire universe and she alone deserve everything in life and no one else matters. He need a smack in his damn head.

    • reader
      April 17, 18:49

      Totally agree. He lacks basic smartness to differentiate between right n wrong.

  8. vijaya
    April 17, 17:17 Reply

    Manav is not a good father as he only supported ovi, if he is a real and good father than he would have support purvi and can get a solution for this issue and would expect archana back soon as she and soham can solve the issue

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