Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2012 Written Episode

DK Arjun and Ovi are having dinner. DK wants to know what Ovi wants to do in future and if she wants to continue modelling. When Ovi sounds unsure, he suggests that Ovi should work in their company along with Arjun. Ovi is very happy with the idea and wants to start as soon as possible. Arjun does not look too happy and he starts thinking about Purvi. Arjun thinks of how once he and Purvi were discussing about their future. Arjun wanted Purvi to work along with him after they get married but Purvi wanted to stay home so that she would take good care of their house and DK. Arjun told her that even DK stays at work all the time so Purvi agreed to work but she said that the day DK retires, she too will leave work.

Teju calls Ovi and gives her the news that Manav wants to celebrate Ganpati pooja in a big way and she is going out shopping with sachinand Aniket, she wants Ovi also to join them. Ovi takes permission from DK who tells her that she does not have to ask anyone to go to her home. When Ovi leaves, DK asks Arjun how he is doing. Arjun is looking extremely fed up and disinterested in DK and Ovi’s conversation and he tells his dad ( sarcastically ) that everything is just OK. DK can clearly see how disturbed Arjun is feeling.

In the Karanjkar house, Sulochna and Purvi are also making a shopping list. They also want to celebrate and welcome Ganpati. Sulochna is worried about the rising inflation and their budget but Purvi assures her that she will take care of everything and will stay within the budget. When Purvi sees the list, ven she gets worried. She comes in her room and takes out a gold jewellery set and remembers her time with her mother Archana. Archana had bought this gold set by selling her own gold jewellery as she wanted Purvi to have everything at her wedding. When Purvi told her not to mortgage her gold set, Archu told her that it is her dream to see Purvi getting married with everything she ever wished for.

Savita’s friend wants to know if everything is good in her family as everyone around is talking how Archana is taking all the family decisions. She tells Savita that this is all good because now Savita is old and she should take it easy and let Archana take care of the house. Savita gets angry and says that all this is just a rumour. Teju with Aniket come with shopping bags, they ignore Savita and go in their home. Savita starts to get worried that people are talking about Archana taking control of her family and even the children are ignoring her.

Ovi comes in her parents house with DK. Everyone is very happy to see her. Manav and Archana greet DK and Archana goes in to get tea for him. DK wants to talk to manav. He tells Manav that he now wants to shift his company’s head office back to India. Manav is very happy to know this.

Arjun is driving and he sees Purvi. He stops his car. Purvi quickly walks away when she sees him but he follows her and tells her that he is trying to go along with her wishes of marrying Ovi but he is finding it very hard to do all this now and is unable to forget her. He wants to know if Purvi is also finding it hard to forget him. Purvi says yes but she is trying to. Arjun gets angry at her and wants to know why she is always thinking about Ovi’s happiness, her mother, her father and everyone and is totally ignoring their relationship. he says that they are now so apart that they cannot even be friends. Purvi says that she will pray for his happy future but Arjun says that his future is with her only.

Manav and Archana are standing outside a mandir. They are both looking very happy and walk up the stairs hand in hand. They are thinking about the past how they used to go to this mandir together.

Vishnu and his friends are playing Carrom in a house. His friend Cheenu comes in and tells him that he has made a lot of money from somewhere. Vishnu gets worried when he sees all this money in Cheenu’s hand but then he tells Cheenu that he will take this money to buy a gold bracelet with it. Cheenu tells Vishnu that he mugged a girl and ran away from her and the police is after him now. Suddenly the police comes and Vishnu and his friends run away from that place, leaving the money behind.

Manav and Archana go inside the mandir and they both do the pooja. They both close their eyes to pray. Manav prays to Bappa, ‘Bappa, you have given me my Archana back, I have come to you for your blessings. Give me enough strength to give all the happiness to her that I did not in the last 18 years. I have been very unfair to her and even if I want to make it up to her, I can’t and cannot correct all my mistakes but still I promise you that as of today my Archana will never be unhappy because of me’ .He looks at Archana who is praying quietly.

Precap: Looks like Archana has fallen from the mandir stairs and has hurt herself. Vishnu is trying to help her get up. Manav was talking on the mobile with someone when he notices that Archana is hurt. He is about to come to her. Vishnu sees manav and also police around him and wants to run away …


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  1. swati bhandari
    September 19, 04:02 Reply

    i want please arvi couple to get back i cant see them without each other i dont want purvi to get married to soham or sameer arjun is only perfect for her

    • Anonymous
      October 02, 17:10

      Arvi are made for each other.

  2. Mary
    September 18, 17:35 Reply

    I know that manav will ask purvi to come home with them. But wat will happen to purvi?

    • Mary
      September 18, 17:36

      srry not wat will happen to purvi, wat will happen to sulo

  3. adhil
    September 18, 11:06 Reply

    nice to see archu happy im eagerly waiting to ee arvi happy…..

    September 17, 23:25 Reply

    brng back the romantic track …We want 2 see Arvi marriage…Tele is called Pavitra rishta n it reflects all failed relationship,compromises n so watchg PR we feel fustrated n depressed…so 4 timebeing just stop watching PR …till we get someting really interesting…

  5. julie
    September 17, 15:29 Reply

    Let ekta just bring purvi nd arjun back let him just bring happiness into dis story

    • Rashi
      September 17, 16:13


  6. Rashi
    September 17, 15:27 Reply

    Now Ovi should return Purvi’s Arjun back to Purvi. I fell really bad for Purvi. Ovi is soooooooo selfish. I hate her

  7. SA
    September 17, 14:01 Reply

    It’s very sad that true love has to make way for the selfishness and egos of some. Why is this show making a mockery of all things pure. First it was Manav and Archana separated by his mother (Savita). Now it’s Arjun and Purvi separated by Ovi (whom Savitha raised up since Ovi was a baby).
    Is Ovi going to be like Savitha, or Archana. Will Archana’s unselfish ways rub off on Ovi and make her a good person who thinks about others and their needs as well. Is this show teaching it’s viewers that it’s ok to demand and take whatever you want even if it destroys the lives of others.
    There’s been too many of these selfish characters in this one show: Savitha, Ovi, Manju, Vinod, Punni, Dharmesh,Varsha,Rasika and her son….how many more to come!!!!

    • Suni
      September 17, 15:20

      In life , as in this show , we also meet self seeking , egotistical , unrighteous people . Sometimes I wonder why these people go about there evil ways unpunished . I guess we have to trust in the creator or in this case , the writer .( who isnt really doing a good job of showing us justice ) . My grandparents used to say ” God’s work is slow , but it is sure ” . I only hope that Miss Kapoor sets things right eventually 🙂 .

  8. Sehar
    September 17, 13:21 Reply

    Now Arvi is not going to be together cause ovi is heart less and she will never return arjun to purvi….

  9. Arya fan
    September 17, 12:59 Reply

    What the hell is going on?purvi-sameer and arjun-ovi?can’t tolerate.want my arvi back.asha and rithvik were looking super gorgeous on 5th gold award.luv their dance so much.why ekta kapoor doesnt understand that they(arvi) r made 4 each other?

  10. Yusra
    September 17, 12:56 Reply

    My happiness is to see and Arjun back together

  11. ArVi Lover
    September 17, 12:53 Reply

    ArVi HAVE to get back together. That’s their next storyline since Archana & Manav are back together. It’s either that or Varsha being exposed. How many more times can Ekta fool us?

  12. madhu
    September 17, 12:53 Reply

    i just want arjun<3purvi back on track

  13. Gayathri
    September 17, 12:39 Reply

    I want my arjun and purvi back . My love is gone but my ……..arvi

  14. chhaya
    September 17, 12:26 Reply

    guys,i rqst u ol 2 stop xpctin anythn 4 Arvi relation.As is seen,Arjun is already tryin 2 mk his marriage wrk n is softenin twds if dre ws any hope,dre myt hv been sm scene whr Arjun says smthn tough 2 purvi n it mks sm efect on her bt alas!so plz 4gt Arvi:( :'(

  15. renu
    September 17, 12:18 Reply

    cant understand finally purvi will get whom…. arjun…sushant…soham or sameer

    how many rumours will be there????

    but i hope that purvi gets her arjun back in her life

    • coooolll
      September 17, 12:40

      she will get a new boy aarav singh his real name is Sameer Rane check his pik on google images he doesnt luk soooo bad but ekta is makin a mockery of pavitra rishta

  16. lovely
    September 17, 12:11 Reply

    i am waiting wen arjun and purvi will be together

    • coooolll
      September 17, 12:37

      but i hav herd dat purvi wil lyk a new boy called AARAV !!! soooo iritatin … just wish u were rite ….

  17. ArVi
    September 17, 12:02 Reply

    i got finals later in the morning…
    but here i am with 1 hope… to watch Arjun and Purvi back together… with every little hope that true loves does exist… ill wait… i wait for ArVi to rise again…

    • Anonymous
      September 17, 12:07

      dont u think u r hoping for too much in a balaji show
      it is the ekta show yaar. u cant expect anything good in that!! 😉

    • lovely
      September 17, 12:12

      true ekta will not do dat

    • coooolll
      September 17, 12:38

      lolllllzzz yeh rite

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