Pavitra Rishta 19th February 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 19th February 2013 Written Update by ArVi-licious

Pavitra Rishta 19th February 2013 Written Episode

ovi is crying and tells arjun she is worried for purvi, arjun calms her n says once archana ayee comes everything will be fine.. ovi says she is really scared, and wonders what will archus reaction be..
arjun joins onir, tells him that d family is on their way, onir asks if he has told them abt purvi, arjun says he could not break d news to them.. onir cries n says he tried but cud not save d child… arjun reassures him n says it was not his fault n tried his best..
The entire D clan arrive at d hospital, totally worried.. archu rushes n enquires abt purvi n ovi.. onir n atjun point towrds ovi’s room.. arch rushes in n enquires abt ovi;s health n child, ovi says she delivered a baby girl.. every1 is elated…archu hugs ovi..
manav n archana thank onir for all tht he has done for d family..
onir says he is also a part of d family n it was his duty.
archu tells ovu to take rest n that she will go n meet purvi.. the three are stunned, and exchange glances.. onir tells it wud b better if archu avoids meeting purvi at d moment.. archana is confused she wants to knw what d problem is, and starts questioning abt purvi, no1 answers, ovi says, its better u not meet purvi, coz it’l be a difficult situation for both.. archana demands to knw what has hapnd also manav questions them.. arjun n ovi r crying n finallu onir responds… he says he could not save the baby n that he has lost their baby…

archana is heartbroken.. everyone is saddend to hear the news.. archana goes into purvi’s room.. purvi is lying on her bed n staring at the empty cradle.. archana sits next to her, she says what has hapnd is not good, n that they had really not imagined that such a thing could occur.. it was bappa’s wish n they cant do anything.. arch says its not d end and they can have the same happiness again.. manav consoles arch n tells her that she must take care of herself n also take care of purvi n help her get out of this shock.. arch tells purvi to cry n let out all her pain but purvi is silent.. onir tells every1 that its diff for her to be ok after such big incident n to give her time…manav tells arch that there r a few things that a husband n wife share..(indicating all to leave d room n give her time)
everyone leave d room..purvi tells onir(drum rolll) ‘mujhe aone bacche se milna ha’ onir takes her to d baby, purvi breaks down n weeps bitterly.. onir tells her its time to get back to d room.. purvi says.. hamara baccha n cries n hugs onir..

FB: Onir recalls.. when he delivers ovi’s baby, d child is still born he is shocked n wonders how he will tell purvi this.. then d nurse comes in says the other lady’s pain has increased n he has to go there.. onir goes to purvi’s room, but the nurse had to leave for another emerg case(how convinient)
onir delivers purvi’s baby.. tells her its a baby girl.. both r very happy.. purvi thanks god n says good that everything good has happened.. she questions abt ovi n onir says, the child could not be saved..he tells her after accident the fetus has died in d womb.. onir says he is feeling so defeated, he recalls how arjun n ovi were concerned abt the child.. he cries n says how will he tell ovi this, she will not be able to handle it truth…purvi tells onir not to blame himself n says she says she can still make things right.. onir is confused? she says..’agar hum apna baccha dein tho’
onir tells her does she even knw what she is saying.. purvi says she knws she making a hasty decision, but its the only way…she has seen ovi change over time n become a responsible mother.. its the only way to give ovi n arjun happiness.. onir is not convinced.. he tells her how can she make this decision.. she had let mumbai come to kolkata n struggled just for this baby, n now how can she give it up.. purvi says.. its d only way…
she tells him he has supported her in every walk of her life, n now she needs him to support his decision.. onir reluctantly agrees…
back to scene..onir is hugging purvi n crying..
episode ends

Onir tells purvi that they have to leave mumbai ASAP..
purvi(she is hugging a rolled up sheet, to get d baby feel!) disagrees, n says how can we leave? OUR baby is in d incubator, we cant leave her now.

No picture today sorry…

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  1. sharon
    February 20, 12:57 Reply

    Oh god, is there no end to the madness in this series.. Pavitra rishta is getting so ridiculous with this storyline… Is Purvi always gonna be sacrificing her happiness for the family, is she not entitled to be happy… Is Arjun always just gonna let her go??? God let some one be happy on this show… With all the tears that have been shed on this show, we cud have had a rainstorm with the thundering and the lightening…

  2. Dazzler
    February 20, 08:12 Reply

    No schl bro..
    Mine exams are going to be from 26 february and d
    amazing thing is dat I hv not started mine preparations till yet…!!
    I myself don’t know wat am I waiting for???:-):-)
    Aap toh kafi days ke baad online hue ho..rt..??..
    Chalo bro bye..
    I goto go..
    C u on 2days page!!

  3. tennyfan
    February 20, 08:00 Reply

    The network is slow! So hows skul. Wen r u doing ur exams?

  4. tennyfan
    February 20, 07:58 Reply

    New entry in pr! Is it new archna or is it onir’s ex from the states!

  5. tennyfan
    February 20, 07:51 Reply

    And this is episode 982 – 18 to go pr to reach a thousand!

  6. tennyfan
    February 20, 07:50 Reply

    Suces for ur exam anu. Dazy u there?

    • Dazzler
      February 20, 07:56

      Ya bro I’m still dere…
      Yaar ye network pata ni mujhse konse janam ki dushmani
      nikal raha hai…!! Bht slow hai..!!

  7. tennyfan
    February 20, 07:48 Reply

    Sorry guys was having tea. Anu am fine dr. Dazy have completed my course so have 2 wait for my results. 2 weeks. Terry i have to admit you are right. You dnt have 2 apologise yu neva said nythng wrong. Guys u stil
    there 86 coments! Is not our best number.

  8. Anu
    February 20, 07:46 Reply

    Guys mera toh kal band bajne wali h, i thought der s strike 2moro too, but it s cancelled… Meri ek exam h kal maine socha ki strik ki vajah se kal class nahi h… Ab mujhe padna hoga… Bye guys… Ab toh mai gayi..

    • Dazzler
      February 20, 07:54

      Don’t be tensed dr…
      Jst relax and start studying…
      All the very best for ur exam…
      Bye bye..

  9. terry
    February 20, 07:40 Reply

    Guys pr is a show that has been on the top ten shows on the trp chart ever since it started. You guys are attached to the show, even with some of its twists you always watch it hoping that maybe arvi wil reunite
    and the writers wil come up with good storyline. The write up has been changing now and then ever since ankita decided to quit the show. Purvi’s xter is maturing from suporting to lead if archu wil die. Her xter has made pr numbers
    increase along with arjun. There is a reason for the current twist y should we reprimand her xter like this. Negative coments have been writen here y not the times wen arvi was together and the best part of the show! Apavithra??? Ekta is the producer of the show and not the writer of the show yet ekta is given her dose of insults. Disliking the page wont gain any1 nything so plz guys ignore the page instead of hating it! Sory if my coment ofended ny
    of u! Tery gold

    • Dazzler
      February 20, 07:44

      No dude, u need not to be sry…
      Everyone has his own way to think and see…
      So jst chill..!!

  10. Anu
    February 20, 07:34 Reply

    Ya mehak i’m here..

    • Dazzler
      February 20, 07:36

      U tell how was ur day???

    • Dazzler
      February 20, 07:46

      Anu r u still online??

  11. tennyfan
    February 20, 07:25 Reply

    Hi guys, yes i have completd my egzams. It was an ok long paper which lasted for almost 6 hours! So how are you guys! Dazy nd anu?

    • Anu
      February 20, 07:29

      Amir :: Mai Ek damn mast hu…. How ru???

    • Dazzler
      February 20, 07:29

      Hi…I’m absolutely fine bro…
      So it was quite long paper….Now wen is ur next exam??

  12. Anu
    February 20, 07:16 Reply

    Hey mehak kaha chali gayi tu???

    • Dazzler
      February 20, 07:26

      Oh sry dear…
      Woh main chai banane chali gai thi…sry..
      No dr I’m not on fb..
      Actually I don’t know y bt I don’t like fb , orkut, etc..
      Are u still dere??

  13. Dazzler
    February 20, 06:35 Reply

    Hi amir bro…
    How r u??
    How was ur exam bro??

    • Anu
      February 20, 06:46

      Amir :: nyc amir bhai…. Wen u hav exams again???
      Mehak :: ru still der???

    • Anu
      February 20, 06:49

      How was yo exam amir bhai???

    • Dazzler
      February 20, 06:50

      Hi anu..
      How r u???

    • Anu
      February 20, 06:54

      M Gud mehak…. How ru??? How was yo day???

    • Dazzler
      February 20, 07:03

      Me fine…
      Mine day was awesome…Today my frnds came to my
      home widout telling…unke aney k baad ghar mein itna hala
      mach gea tha k pucho mat….I was feeling lyk wo mera ghar
      nhi balke unka ghar hai….but all over it was fun…

    • Anu
      February 20, 07:08

      Hey ru der in fb???

  14. tennyfan
    February 20, 06:30 Reply

    Hi bharat longtym misd u lots! Hi anu am through with my 6 hours exam! Yeeepi the problem is it was kinda hard! But have finishd! Ny1 hme

  15. Anu
    February 20, 03:42 Reply

    Gud noon…. Anyone online????

  16. dxb
    February 20, 02:39 Reply

    i think all of you are being extremely harsh on purvi..
    we have to remember that purvi was an orphan before archana brought her up & she didn’t have an family at all.
    so whatever purvi is doing is for her family,something she didn’t have for 18 years.
    and we ALSO have to keep in mind that ekta ma’am has obviously thought something beforehand & the story has already been planned…

  17. Anu
    February 19, 23:57 Reply

    Gud morn every1… Hav a great day.:)

  18. Crazy for ARVI
    February 19, 22:30 Reply

    Uncertainty has been looming large over the future of Archana (played byactress Ankita Lokhande) in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

    It was earlier reported by TOI that the actress has decided to quit the show. But soon after, another report suggested that she might consider staying back for some more time, as the fate of her character is yet to be sealed. The actress is currently spending some quality time with beau Sushant Singh Rajput, who is awaiting the release of his Bollywood debut Kai Po Che. We have been informed by reliable sources that her character may soon bid adieu.

    Informs the source, “Archana will die and that’s how her exit has been planned. It can happen anytime. Ankita doesn’t want to age further and is currently serving her notice period. The story will then focus on Arjun and Purvi. We hope the impending track works well.”

    Ankita said, “No idea till now.”

    so now i dont think purvi will fall in love with onir

  19. Crazy for ARVI
    February 19, 21:20 Reply

    Good neWs I am so happy

    DNA article :Love is in the air 4 Rithvik nd Asha ….

    A little bird tells us that romance is brewing on the sets of ZEE’s Pavitra Rishta. Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi who play the lead pair Arjun and Purvi are said to be seeing each other in real life. They areshown to be in love with each another but are married to other partners in the serial, but offscreen the two are apparently are a couple. A source says that Rithvik is very protective about Asha. “They not only spend a lot of time with each other, but whenever they are rehearsing or shooting, Rithvik takes a lot of care of Asha.” Even the ratings of the show have improved considerably with the GenNext tracks. Earlier, on the same sets, love had bloomed between between the then lead pair of the serial Ankita Lokhande (Archana) and Sushant Singh Rajput (Manav). Sushant opted out of the show a couple of years ago, and recently there was news about Ankita also following suit. However, a source tells us that Ankita has taken a two-month break as she wants to be with Sushant to promote his first film Kai Po Che. “After that, she will be back in Pavitra Rishta,” adds the source.

    • ARVI
      February 19, 22:15

      thanks that made my day

  20. sumone
    February 19, 20:53 Reply

    stwwwwwwwwww.>>>>>>>>> again

  21. Anonymous
    February 19, 19:26 Reply

    yesterdays and today’s ep made me cry a lot

  22. anonymous
    February 19, 17:31 Reply

    i was actually just waiting for arvis reuniting bt like it seems as though thats not gunna happen which is soooo sad therell be no point i watching the show and no one gives up their child just like that

  23. Anonymous
    February 19, 16:42 Reply

    writer and director need to be fired and frieeeeeeed

  24. Nandini
    February 19, 16:39 Reply

    Apparently no one in India knows happiness, its all about sadness and dis-appointment. That’s what this soap teaches.

    • Anonymous
      February 20, 04:10

      I agree. Most of the series being aired on Zee TV show too much suffering, problems and emotional trauma. There’s so many good things to focus on and bring hope to the masses. Instead they focus on the negative and create more unhappiness.

  25. Nanz
    February 19, 14:28 Reply

    It’s sooooooooo sad with India, can a person in real life be so mad or act zoo stupid, plse tell me ….. Just end pr with a good story line and happy ending…. No use twist n curl it…. It is just making the matter worst … Omg ….it is zoo stressful to look at pr …. For example …. Ovi is six months …. How premature is that baby ……can it life ????? Purvi is eight month ….. Can It life???? Plse tell me …. So why can’t ekta not be a little more realistic …… Ovi did not take care of her self n her baby … So how in the world she wants her baby to life ….. Ooh come one guys…..plse don’t be so disappointing n negative ….net pr with love and just start with a new story ….

    • drs
      February 19, 14:46

      ekta n realistic….no connection between the two dude….:p v can neva expect ekta realistic….shez after all the drama queen right?? so full justification to the title….neva be realistic….!

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