Pavitra Rishta 21st June 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 21st June 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Manav is furious with Arjun .he screams at him that Arjun was playing with Ovi’s life .Arjun says that he wanted to tell everything to Manav before the engagement .Now Manav is even more angry that all thsi was going on before the engagement .Manav keeps yelling that if he was having an affair with another girl then why did he get engaged to Ovi .
He tells Arjun and DK to leave and pushes Arjun out of his house . Manav tells Arjun that he cheated a girl who loved him so much and would always wait for his phone calls , whose entire life was all about Arjun .
DK tells Manav that he also knew about the fact that Arjun was in love with Purvi and wanted to tell this today .This shocks Manav and he wants to know that is this was so then why did DK bring the proposal andwhy has he waited so long to tell him this .DK tells him that he did not know at that time and hopes that Manav and him can still be friends …Manav folds his hands and tells DK that they cannot be friends any more . Archana comes back and she sees Manav telling DK off.

Archana tries to stop Manav and tells him that she also knew about this .Manav is so shocked and angry ..he starts moving towards Archana who is so scared that she is unable to talk properly in front of him .He grabs her shoulders and pushes her hard against the wall.Archu gets hurt and DK just cannot tolerate it .He screams at Manav that he toerated him slapping Arjun and blaming him but he cannot tolerate the way he is assulting his wife in front of everyone .
Manav says that his life of past 18 years is only because of his daughters and whatever Manav Deshmukh is now is only because of them and today Arjun has hurt his daughter so bad .He tells DK that he has been cheated by the people whome he respected the most , that he hates DK, Arjun and most of all Archana , that Archana and DK have helped Arjun to break Ovi’s heart He tells Archana never to show him her face again .He says that Archana was bad mother and now she is even worse than what she was before .He tells DK to leave his house .Before leaving Arjun looks atOvi who is crying and then he goes ..Ovi starts crying that Arjun is going and is consoled by her family and Manav hugs her .

Archana is in the kitchen and she is talking to her mother on the phone .She is crying and saying that she wants to share Manav’s pain bu tshe can’t because he does not wish to see her face .Sulochna says that she has to give time and everything will be allright .Archana asks about Purvi if she is back ? Sulochna tells Archana that Purvi is in her room .
Arjun is in his house sitting at the bar and he is drinking .He is disgusted with himself for hurting so many people .Manav and DK ‘s friendship ended because of him , Ovi got hurt .Purvi is going to be talked about in a bad way .
DK joins his son and Arjun tells him that he was always so good with his strategies but when he fell i nlove he jsut could not help himself and fell for Purvi and does not wish to lose her .
DK tells him that he too fell in love with Ashna and this was their destiny and the same is happening with Arjun ..He tells Arjun that him and Purvi will also follow their destiny . Arjun asks his dad what he should do and DK tells him that he would neve rwant to seperate two people who are in love and that Arjun should marry Purvi and DK wil laccept her as his bahu .Arjun isso happy , he hugs his father for his support .

In Ovi’s room ,Teju and Savita are trying to make her eat but she is crying .Archana coems in and savita starts bad mouthing her .She says that Archana spoiled Manav’s life and now Purvi spoiled Ovi’s life .She yells at Archana why her daughter did such a shameful thing and most definitely she is after Arjun’s money and send her daughter to trap Arjun.
Ovi also immediately agrees that this whole planning was done by Archana who is after Arjun’s money . Teju gets angry with Ovi and says that Ovi is in denial because Arjun himself said that he is in love with Purvi and that too in front of Manav .
Ovi refuses to listen and starts screaming that Arjun still loves her and that is why he got engaged to her .She says that Arjun will definitely marry her .
Archana says that this marriage will not happen . A shocked Ovi screams at Archana to be quiet .

Archana says that Ovi only is seeing what she wants to see .She says that Arjun is not worth her .He is also not worth Purvi because he was playing with the hearts of two girls .Ovi calls Archana an insecure woman who is scared to let a rich guy like Arjun get away from her hands.Archana says that she is worried that Ovi keeps thinking like this then she will get really messed up .Ovi again yells at her that she is no one to show concern .Archana then asks Sachin , Teju and Savita to tell Ovi the same thing .
Ovi tells Archana to shut up and stop trying to make her family go against her .Teju says that she wil lnot support Ovi and wil lnot let her marry a guy who loves someone else . sachin also says that he does not wish to see Ovi getting hurt .Ovi is really mad now and blames Archana for turning her family against her .She tells that either Archaan or her wil lbe in this house now .
Archana says that she is not going anywhere as it is her right to stay in this hosue til ldivorce .Savita is furious but Archana looks very firm.

Precap ..It is raining and Arjun and Purvi are in a park .Arjun is standing and Purvi is walking towards him .

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