Pavitra Rishta 24th June 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 24th June 2013 Written Update by Tanyaz

Pavitra Rishta 24th June 2013 Written Episode

Arjun is sitting in his room .He is looking depressed and worried .He cannot believe that Ovi could do this to him , send him divorce papers …
DK’s words come to his mind how his father said that his relationship with Ovi was only a compromise and Ovi has realized this earlier than Arjun .
Arjun feels so confused about his life and does not know what to do .
Ovi calls him .
He picks up the phone and tells Ovi that he has been trying to call her .Ovi has been drinking and crying ..She begs Arjun to free her from this relationship and just sign the divorce papers and then she cuts the phone .
When Arjun calls her back she throws her mobile away .

It is night at the Karanjkar house .Purvi is standing alone in the dark .She cannot stop thinking about Onir ..The happy moments that they spend together ..How happy they both were , how they used to do pooja together , how he always was there for her and how once he told her that he loves her ( when he was sleep talking ) .
She cannot believe that Onir has changed so much .She blames herself for not recognizing Onir’s true nature when she was married to him .

It is shown that Ovi, Purvi and Arjun are all miserable and some painful memories are haunting them …a sad song plays in the background ..

Soham is working as the delivery boy at the grocery store .He is taking some bags to someone’s house
Near by, Gauri comes in an auto .The auto driver charges her 20 rupees but she does not have a change .She only has a note of 1000 rupees .While she goes around asking for change of the 1000 rupees note , Soham just quietly pays the auto driver 20 rupees and lets him go ..Gauri sees this . Soham tells her that he has paid the auto driver .Gauri gets annoyed .Puts the 1000 rupees note on his hand and tells him to keep 20 rupees and give her back the rest …
Soham cannot understand why she is being so rude to him when all he was trying to do was to help her .


In the Karanjkar house , Manju tells Sulochna that Vinod wants to buy a car as his work is far away from home . She tells Sulochna that they are trying to arrange a car loan from someone called Jaichand .Varsha tells Manju that Jaichand does not have a good reputation and it will be better for Vinod to take loan from a bank ..
Manju gets furious and tells Varsha to mind her own business .She reminds Varsha that she was the one who stole her sister’s baby and made him into a Gunda and today she has guts to lecture others on what to do …
Varsha looks hurt .
Sulochna comes to her daughter’s defence .She tells Manju to look at what she has done as well , all the time , Manju has done so much wrong to hurt Sulochna and her daughters .She reminds Manju that once she had thrown her mother in law out of her own home .Manju gets angry and tells Sulochna that Sulochna keeps targeting her all the time .
Sulochna says that a home is as much the bahu’s home as it is the daughter’s home …
She tells Varsha not to feel bad and make her a cup of tea. Varsha looks happy and relaxed to see that her mother’s support .

Soham is still working at the grocery shop .Teju brings him his lunch tiffin , packed wit his favourite sabzis ..Teju says that these days their mother only cooks what Soham likes ..Then Teju goes off to buy some vegetables .Some rowdy no good gundas start teasing her …
Soham sees this and he is so angry that he goes up to them and raises his hand to beat them up but suddenly manav’s words come to his mind …how Manav calls him also a Gunda and says that he will never change .

Soham puts his hand down .Those guys beat him up pretty bad .Teju is shocked that her otherwise brave dada is taking up this beating and not fighting back
She fights those goons and they eventually all run away .She asks Soham why he did not fight back .A wonded Soham stays quiet .Teju takes Soham home …


Onir and Kinshuk are walking in the market .Onir wants Kinshuk and Shalini to stay for a little longer in Mumbai so that Purvi will be sure that Onir has cheated her …
he tells Kinshuk that he will always love Purvi and will never forget her but his happiness is in her happiness now …
Kinshuk goes to tell Shalini that they have to stay in Mumbai little longer .Onir sees Purvi in the market .he tries to avoid her but Purvi goes up to him .She wants to know why he did this to her .She used to think of him like a God but he cheated her ..why he did not tell her about his first marriage ??

Onir tells her rudely that he never questioned her about her past and she too better never question him about his …
Purvi walks away feeling hurt with his behavior ..Onir says to himself that he is feeling so bad that he is hurting her but he loves her so much and wants to see her happy with her true love Arjun and will do whatever it takes to bring her back with Arjun .

Teju brings Soham home .Savita immediately starts taunting Soham when she sees his wounds .She believes that Soham was doing Gundagardi outside as he always does …Archana runs to Soham to see what has happened to him, Manav is also there .Teju protects her brother .
She tells the whole story to everyone and tells them that despite of being in right , Soham did nothing to protect himself …
Manav and Sachin are still angry and walk away ..but Savita is now quiet .

Arjun and Purvi meet in a restaurant .Arjun tells Purvi that they should do a case on Onir but Purvi does not wish to get involved in court cases . She feels that Onir was never her husband so why fight for him .Arjun says that he will always be there for her ..Purvi remembers the divorce papers send by Ovi .
She tells Arjun that she knows that Ovi has send her divorce papers but he never shared his problems with her .
Arjun says that he did not wish to trouble her at all.
Purvi wants to know if she has no right to share his problems .Arjun apologises that he could not keep his promise and keep Ovi happy .
Purvi says that all is not lost .Ovi still loves him and he should not sign the divorce papers .
Arjun says that nothing can be done now and even his dad has told him to let this relationship end .He says that to end this relationship will bring Ovi happiness and also to him …
Purvi is stil t rying to convince him to not sign the divorce papers but Arjun says that he has made up his mind and will sign the papers .


Precap : Purvi is telling Archana that Ovi has send divorce papers to Arjun .


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  1. Sonya
    June 25, 15:54 Reply

    Nice episode. Soham is trying hard to change and should get some recognition. Archana’s love has brought him back and he is a very protective brother. Good episode and a lovely story. Bravo!

  2. Yolanda
    June 25, 08:45 Reply

    Really the writers of this show are just not creative. Really a whole episode on Onir explaining himself . So it changed nothing really now he still looks like a bad guy. Purvi will never know the truth or her family. It’s bad writing. It’s a loose end really. I hope they end the show before it hits rock bottom.

  3. shrruti
    June 25, 06:48 Reply

    hey agent j fir onir bhi to purvi se pyar krta h na?mene bus yahi socha.mene ye kaha bola arjun acha nahi h.

  4. Captain Jack
    June 25, 05:59 Reply

    yuhuu ladylover you there.I am back because of you my lady love is gone.

  5. monu
    June 25, 04:24 Reply

    hey..guy’s i know u guy’s don’t me bcoz i’m new to u all.well i want u all to read this and respond ,bcoz i’m big fan of arvi i started watchin PR feb 2012 where our arvi r shown but when get know that there goin to a another leap..this made me comment ..comin to the point i want all us come together and make appeal to the ekta mam that PR trun off-air on a good note…{happy that arjun ,purvi r nt goin to be part of PR after this stupid leap

  6. Agent-J
    June 25, 02:15 Reply

    Soham is trying hard to be a good person.but as we all know the D peoples.they are not able to distinguish between good and worst.Soham not to worry boy. The pen is mightier than sword.

  7. shrruti
    June 25, 01:59 Reply

    jab purvi and arjun ko he milana tha to onir ko purvi life me laya hi q?wapas do mahan premi(arjun purvi)ko milane k liye?ab dekhna ye h k purvi kise chunti h…onir ya arjun ko,agar arjun ko chuna to wo bohot bdi selfish h.fir to arjun purvi and onir shalini ko milake show bund kr do

    • Agent-J
      June 25, 02:07

      are you out of your mind.If purvi choose arjun then she is selfish and if its onir then she is true lover.what world are you living in?its arjun and purvis love story from the day one.onir is late latif.I agree onir is not a bad guy but that does not mean he can separate was arvis love story,it is and will be.
      Arvi forever.

  8. madona
    June 24, 21:26 Reply

    reunite arjun purvi pari
    & end pavithra rista with a happy ending

  9. Pj
    June 24, 19:13 Reply

    The characters are so dumb that no relationship affect them break it or keep it makes no sense to this new characters, Purvi seems to think she is the only one who can sacrifice rest re fools. Only Onir is playing by the theme his you can say is pavitra rishta …..out of no greed or expectation

  10. QH & PV #1 fan!
    June 24, 19:09 Reply

    WOOOOWWW Soham is helping Gauri and she is just being rude. Atleast Soham is being nice to her… so sweet <3 I feel bad for Arjun Purvi and Ovi.

  11. Sonya
    June 24, 18:45 Reply

    A sad episode. Onir is a real gentleman and really cares and loves Purvi that he is willing to hand her over back to Arjun – this is some kind of sacrafice. Love Soham’s acting. I liked it. Can’t wait to see what’s coming in the next few days.

  12. karvi
    June 24, 17:11 Reply


    PURVI: 46
    ONIR: 49
    ARJUN: 46
    ARCHANA: 67
    MANAV: 69
    PARI: 20
    TEJU: 42
    SAVITA: 95
    MANJU: 72
    DK: 82


    • PAT
      June 24, 17:32

      That will be good for the show,,, and or they needs to killed some of the older character off.

    • MK
      June 24, 20:40

      I second that

  13. Hamsa
    June 24, 14:39 Reply

    Whatever it may be… Bt marriage s superior to evry relationship … We all will have a lovestory … Some one may get succeeded … Bt all lovestories are nt successful one…. It dont mean end of life… Marriage is nt game…. Its bonding … Onir or ovi alone cannot decide the things about the relationships … Onir is thinking that purvi-arjun will live happily if he makes an exit from purvis life… It will nt work… Because those relations r nt easily forgettable …

    • Mahi
      June 24, 14:54

      Even I think the same…..Purvi deserves to know that she’s wasn’t wrong to trust Onir.

  14. shrruti
    June 24, 14:07 Reply

    onir ne purvi ke liye itna kuch kia bt phir b fal2 me arjun purvi ko mila rahe hai.i hate their jodi.i wnt onir purvi.wo dono ek dusre k emotions ko samajte hai.ha its true ki pehle mujhe arjun purvi ki jodi pasand thi.arjun also luvs purvi a lot.koi shak nahi arjun ki shadi ovi se hui nd purvi ki onir se.ovi arjun ko bohot pyar krti hai :-(nd purvi bhi yahi chahti thi na ki arjun apni lyf me aage badhe.sub thik hogaya tha.onir ne b pari ko acept kr liya tha.then fir q arjun nd purvi ko wapas milana chahte h?kya onir ka pyar,uska purvi ki care karna sub kuch kuch mayne nahi rakhta?q arjun ka pyar uske samne jit jayega?onir ne purvi se bina kisi expectation k pyar sub kya majak hai yaaar.bhale he end me arjun purvi mil jaye…mere liye hamesha onir purvi ka rishta ‘pavitra rishta’tha hai aur rahega…i luv u punir(purvi nd onir)

  15. shadia
    June 24, 13:25 Reply

    Plzzz bring purvi n arjun together n give zis show a happy ending…..!!!

  16. MK
    June 24, 12:39 Reply

    Well just read the news update, so, seems as though Ovi did get pregnant by Arjun then, and drinking while pregnant too. So what will be her daughters role after 18-20 years. What story will there be. With Purvi, Arjun, Ovi, and Onir out of the show, maybe some others.
    This show has become so confusing and totally not interesting any more for such a long time now. And now once again some leap and more crap, don’t know what’s up with this production house and wanting to drag a show for so long no matter what crap is the content, is rediculous

    • shadia
      June 24, 13:30

      You r rite MK 🙂

  17. anisa mohammed
    June 24, 12:37 Reply

    Oh well purvi your sacrifice went in vain all three of u are miserable. y 2 ppl who r in love b together? y some evil person always havae to break dem up. please change ur story lines writers an be more creative. give the audience what they want.

  18. Anu
    June 24, 12:33 Reply

    Arjun iss baar kuch acha karo. Purvi ke paass jaavo tum apne pari aur purvi ke saat apne baaki zindagi jiyo b’se ovi never accept pari

  19. MK
    June 24, 12:28 Reply

    Like manav and archana took 18 years to reunite so will Arvi?
    So Pari grows up, Ankita plays cry cry again sacrifice once more to reunite her parents. Got to stop following these dumb serials and start reading books once again.

    • Mahi
      June 24, 12:32

      Wow, is that what this show will be focused on again….the really don’t want to end PR. It’s been dragging along for too long.

  20. MK
    June 24, 12:17 Reply

    Again Manju Vinod scenes. Yuck

    Arjun stop being a dumbass and give the damn divorce and reunite with Purvi. Don’t let Onir apsacrifice go in vain. No Onir scene yet.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      June 24, 12:23

      hey MK

      purvi arjun and onir leaving the show

      there goes PR they need to just end it with purvi-arjun union

      why play Ovi’s daighter Ankita? Im sorry the show doesnt focus on your love story anymore

    • MK
      June 24, 12:27

      Hi MU, I’ve stopped reading news on this show. So don’t know what the hell thie ph is doing with it now. Not interested though. Just want to see Arvi reunite and all could go shove off. Show is getting disgustingly frustrating now.

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