Pavitra Rishta 24th September 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 24th September 2012 Written Update Tanyaz

Purvi tells Archaan that Varsha is alive and maybe she wants to get close to the family and that is why she attended Ovi’s reception . A very emotional Archana tells Purvi that someone had gifted Ovi a Ganpati murti and that must be Varsha and few days ago her mother had seen a woman outside her house who had covered her head with her saree pallu and that too must be Varsha .
Purvi and Archana start looking around for Varsha as Purvi tells Archana that maybe she feels that she bumped into her little while ago .

In another room , Soham takes his disguise off ,warps his face with a scarf and walks out .
In the big hall, Archana is crying because she could not find Varsha and she is telling Purvi that she wants her Soham .While she is saying this , Soham / Vishnu passes her and is walking out of that room .
Archu is crying a lot and telling Purvi that she wants her baby back …

In their hotel room, Vishnu gives the gold necklace to Balan .He wants Balan to be proud of him as he got the job done .They are happily dreaming about all the things they can now buy after selling this gold necklace ( Vishnu wants an AC in his house ) . Varsha comes in the room , she gives Vishnu a hard slap on his face .
She tells Vishnu that he should be ashamed of what he has done .She only came to Mumbai so that she could stop Vishnu from doing illegal activities and tried her best to call him so that he will not go after this necklace but Vishnu just does not listens to her .

She takes the Ganapati murti and says that Vishnu stole the Ganpati necklace so now this murti will not stay in this place .She tells Vishnu that he has hurt her very badly .Then she takes the murti out .Vishnu tries to stop her but Varsha does not listens to him .
Balan tells Vishnu not to worry as he will calm her down later .
Looking at Varsha crying like this is making Vishnu very upset .

At home , Archana tells Manav everything .Purvi also confirms that she has indeed seen Varsha .Manav cannot believe and is looking so shocked .The whole family comes out and is listening to this .Archana shows Manav the picture of Ovi’s reception .Varsha is in the picture .

Everyone looks so happy and Archana is saying that if Varsha is alive then Soham too must be alive .
Savita also comes to manav and says that she wants to advise him , even though he is not talking to her , that Archana must be telling the truth and he must go and find her grandson .Manav tells Archna that they must go to the police station and get the case reopened .savita wants to come as well but seeing Manav is stil lnot talking to her .Archana tells Savita that as soon as they find out somethign she will call her .
Manav Thanks Purvi that first she got him back with his wife and now she has found a way that can lead them to their son .He says that he cannot find words to thank her .
Purvi tells him to go and find Soham dada .
savita prays to God to help Manav and Archana find Soham .

Manav and Archana are on their way when the function organisers come rushing and inform Manav about the stolen gold necklace .Manav is shocked but he tells them to somehow handle this matter as he has something even more important to do right now .

Soham is wandering outside on the roads , he is feeling very ashamed of himself .He sees a police station and decides to give that necklace back there .
He goes in the police station and is shocked to see Manav and Archana sitting there .He assumes that they must have come to register the complain of the missing necklace .A police man asks Vishnu what he is doing here .Vishnu shows the necklace to this policeman and says that a man was running out side and he just left this bag and this gold necklace was in this bag .The police man is happy that Vishnu is doing something good by bringing this necklace here .He wants Vishnu to fill up some papers but Vishnu is reluctant to go in the room as Manav si sitting there .

He quietly goes in the room .Manav and Archana are telling the police officer the story about their son Soham and what happened 18 years ago .They are both desperate that he should be found .
The policeman ( who was talking to Vishnu ) brings the gold necklace to this officer .Manav and Archana immediately recognise this necklace but Mana vtells the officer that he is too worried about his son to talk about the gold necklace now .
The officer tells Manav and Archana to calm down .Soham is quietly listening to them from a distance .

Varsha is walking alone on the road , she is blaming herself that she could not stop Vishnu from stealing Bappa’s necklace . Soham sees her and tells her that he has returned the gold necklace . He tells her that Mana vand Archana were also there i nthe same police station but they were not there for the necklace but were talking about some missing person .
Varsha gets worried and wants to knwo who they were talking about .Vishnu tries to think and then tells Varsha : Archana was saying , ‘ Varsha is alive ,Soham is alive and I want him back ‘ .
A shocked Varsha listens to Vishnu say this as she realizes that now her sister knows that she and her son Soham are both living and did not die in that accident 18 years ago .

Precap : Varsha and Balan are in their hotel room when police comes in the middle of the night .The police has an arrest warrent for Varsha..

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  1. shikha
    September 25, 08:10 Reply

    i don’t think ekta will reunite soham and his family so easily
    the precap must be vasha’s dream i guess !!!!!

  2. puja
    September 25, 07:04 Reply

    kwl…just loving the soap,varsha get ready to face the drama

  3. Anonymous
    September 25, 05:17 Reply

    Until arjun marries puvri,I won’t enjoy the show again.ovi must suffer d consequence of her arrogance just as savita n sachu must suffer for their sin.if their punishment is just dat long stupid talk manav gave then the show is a mess as they make us understand anyone cud be so wicked n go away unpunished.

  4. Ammu
    September 25, 00:34 Reply

    I think its a dream

    • Guest
      September 25, 05:43

      I think so too!!

  5. deepthi
    September 24, 22:57 Reply

    oh i think ye varsha ka sapna hoga we knw ekta wo etni jaldi secret nahi revel nahi karti there must be some high drama waits for us

  6. Anonymous
    September 24, 19:59 Reply

    I guess another truth about Savita will be released soon… The series s really movng faster than I thnk….

  7. Arya fan
    September 24, 14:29 Reply

    O god now dis varsha drama……….wen ‘ll dey bring our arvi back?????????

    • 123
      September 24, 17:29


  8. Kashish
    September 24, 14:02 Reply

    Hi Admin…
    Mostly (99%) Arjun epi of 16th sept wil be telecasted at 5:30pm Indian Time….
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try to record it and reload it in ur site… plzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..
    I cant watch d epi on tv…. So plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do me & other Arjun fans a HUGE FAVOUR…!!!!
    Im posting this on all written updates column… Sorry abt that… but had to inform u…..

    • Mary
      September 25, 17:53

      no she is not, she was dreaming that.

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