Pavitra Rishta 25th June 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 25th June 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Arjun is in office .He sees Punni and remembers that it was Punni who made the MMS. He fires Punni from work . Purvi comes to Arjun’s office .DK is in the office and not Arjun.She gives her resignation letter to DK.DK asks Purvi if she loves Arjun or not ? Purvi does not answer .DK says that if she loves him then he will accept the resignation letter because then the equation between Arjun and Purvi will make it difficult to keep things professional at work but if she does not loves him then he will not accept her resignation .
Purvi tells him to please accept her resignation and then she leaves .DK is very happy to hear her answer .
Ovi is at home and is really depressed .She is not eating anything and that makes Savita worried .

Manav comes in the house .He has airtickets to Canada for Ovi, Teju and Savita .He wants them to leave tonight as he feels that Ovi needs to go back now .Archana is really shocked and does not know how to react .Even Teju feels tha tManav is hurrying this up .Ovi gets in a rage .She tears up the tickets and starts yelling at her dad.
She says that Manav is trying to seperate her from Arjun and she is not going back to Canada until she gets married to Arjun .Ovi starts getting so out of control that a frustrated Manav is about to hit her but Archana comes and stops him from hitting Ovi .
Ovi gets even more angry .She starts yellign at Archan that a woman who left her husband 18 years ago would know nothing about love .She says that Archana is no one to stop Manav from hitting her .Shw takes Manav’s hands and starts hitting herself and then so helpless with grief , she cries in her daddy’s arms .Her family looks at her , unable to do anything .Even Archana is feeling helpless .
Savita calls Archana in a room and tells her that if she loves Ovi then she should tell Purvi to break up with Arjun so then Arjun would come back to Ovi .Archana is shocked that Savita still wants Ovi to be with Arjun .

Archana says that Arjun is a cheat and is not right for either Purvi or Ovi .Savita wants to know how can Arjun be right for Purvi and to that Archana replies that he is not and as a mother she will stop Purvi to be with Arjun . Teju is quietly listening to this conversation . Savita does not believe Archana that Purvi wil l break up with Arjun.Archana says that Purvi will do as she says .
Archana goes to the Karanjkar house and she is talking to her mother about Ovi .She tells Sulochna that Savita is encouraging Ovi to get Arjun back .
Sulochna is also worried and says that it must be difficult for Ovi to accept that Arjun now loves Purvi .Archana gets angry when she hears this .She tells her mother that Arjun does not loves Purvi and Purvi is also infatuated and Purvi is being foolish .
Sulochna feels that Arjun is genuine and does loves Purvi .Purvi comes in .A ver ystrict looking Archana wants to know where she was and if she had gone to meet Arjun .
Archana warns her tha tshe has to stop meeting Arjun .She says that after meeting Arjun ,Purvi has become foolish , that Arjun is not worth her and she says to choose between her or Arjun .
DK tells Arjun about Purvi’s resignation letter .Arjun is really happy to know that indirectly Purvi accepted her love for Arjun in front of his dad .

Manav is driving to DK ‘s house .He is thinking about all that happened .He has made up his mind that he cannot work with Arjun anymore so he has legal papers which dissolves his partnership with DK ‘s company .
He goes to DK’s house and telsl DK that it wil lnot be possible for him to work with Arjun as the sad face of hsi daughter keeps coming in front of him .
DK tries his best to convince him not to do this .He says that Manav has put so much work in this company and how can he just walk away from it . Arjun also comes down and he too is really disturbed to know that the partnership is getting dissolved .
Manav tells DK that what Arjun has done cannot be forgiven and now DK has only two options ..either let him go with his share of partnership or throw his son Arjun out of the company .

Precap : Archana is in the Karanjkar house and she is very angry with Arjun .She is telling him that all he has is his father’s name and money and on his own he is nothing .
She says that she does not likes guys who are only what they are because of their father’s money .

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