Pavitra Rishta 27th July 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 27th July 2012 Written Update by *Shruti*

Short Update:
Arjun and Manav are dancing with rest. Bishnu and his gang apply colour on their faces. Ovi is standing alone when Tej comes to her. They talk how Manav broke handi and festivals in India. Tej says she will break handi one day if Arjun can do it why can’t she. Ovi becomes sad and tells Tej how she misses Arjun. Tej takes Ovi with her to a nearby paani puri stall when someone throws colour on her face. She goes to clean it handing her cell to Tej.

Arjun and Purvi are having a cute conversation nok jhok. Arjun teases Purvi how he broke handi and she says her Manav Baba did it. Purvi tells how she was scared for him when he was about to fall from height. Arjun is too close to Purvi and she says what is he doing someone would see. Arjun says he doesn’t care. Purvi asks what if someone takes her away in front of his eyes to which he says he will not let that happen and nor will he let her go away from him even if she wants. Arjun says she looks beautiful and then asks her to give him his price i.e kiss as he broke the handi. Purvi asks him to leave her hand and she would smartly escapes.

Tej is having paani puri when Damodar comes there to eat it as well. Savita comes there. Damodar-Savita both have nok jhok and realize Ovi is not there but Tej informs she would join them. Bishnu’s men kidnap Ovi. They try to call Bishnu but he doesn’t receives their call.

DK comes to Arjun who informs him how he could not complete Archana’s challenge as he had to give his money for Churan’s treatment and didn’t tell Archana about this. DK leaves to talk to Archana about this.

Bishnu’s gang reach their place. The arrogant one calls up Balan the leader informs him about the change in plan and kidnapping Manav’s daughter how Bishnu is missing and they did all the work. He then tells him he is going to ask 1.50 crore as ransom not 1 as decided earlier as he wants his commission as he completed the task.

Varsha is angry tells Balan how many times she has told him to keep her son away from his criminal activities. Balan gets mad at Varsha and asks her who is she to question him why does she apply sindoor wipes it off. He adds everyone knows here and Varsha completes the sentence that she is his keep. They have a heated argument.

Precap: Bishnu is very angry is talking to his gang that now the girl will go and tel her family everything. The arrogant one asks to calm down as girl will inform her family not Balan. Bishnu asks him to keep quite and let him think of a plan.

Detailed update


Everyone is outside celebrating Janmashtami. Vishnu is outside with his gang and they are putting colors on their faces. Ovi is standing in an isolated area. Teju comes to her.
Teju: Ovi I have been looking for you. Teju tells Ovi about how Manav broke the dahi handi and Ovi tells her that baba broke the handi so well even after 18 years. Teju says if Arjun can break the dahi handi even I can. Ovi gets sad when she hears Arju nand tells Teju that it has been a month since Arjun left her. Arjun and Purvi are together.
Arjun: You told me that I could not break the dahi handi now did you se what I did? I made the impossible possible.
Purvi: Yes but that was because my baba had saved you. But I was worried when I saw you up so high.
Arjun: Purvi I was fine. Arjun gets close to Purvi and says I can’t be far away from you for 1 second you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Arjun comments that Purvi looks very pretty in her saree. Purvi thanks him and leaves.


Teju and Damodar are at the Pani Puri stand. Damodar tells Teju to give him a Pani Puri. Damodar enjoys it as he has not been able to have it since 18 years. Savita comes over and her and Damodar start fighting. Damodar is afraid that Savita likes Pani Puri so much that she likes it even more then she likes him.
Savita: I will like what is good. Savita suddenly realizes that OVi is not there.
Savita: Teju where is Ovi?
Teju: Aaji Ovi got some color on her face so she went to wash it off.
Savita: How about you go with her and bring her back over here? Teju says ok and leaves. Vishnu and his gang are near Ovi and they are fighting. The leader of them tells his men to put a blanket around Ovi. They do as they are told. They grab Ovi and put a big blanket on top of her and make sure her whole body is in it. Arjun is nearby in the crowd but he can’t see them. They have took Ovi away from the area. One of the men from the gang want Lala(Vishnu) to come with them so they can head back to Patna but the another man says he will come on his own. The first man wants to cal Vishnu but he does not answer or receive the call. The other man says he knows where we will be so let’s go. They load their vehicle and start moving. Arjun is in the crowd and his friend hugs him for winning. DK comes over to him and congratulates Arjun.
DK: I’m so proud of you.
Arjun: Thanks dad.
DK: You learned so much in 1 month but you look upset about something.
Arjun: Dad I was unable to complete the challenge Archana Aunty gave me. Actually I had the money it was with me and I was about to go to her but then one of the kids from my chawl his name is Churan got in an accident and he had to go to the hospital and I arranged for the money so the money got all finished. So I don’t have a single rupee left.
DK: Does this mean you’ve told this to Archana?
Arjun: No I did not tell her. I didn’t want to give her an excuse.
DK: Arjun this is not an excuse but a genuine reason!
Arjun: I know dad but you know I can earn 10,000 rupees again I just didn’t want to make an excuse.
DK: You did what you wanted and I have seen you in a lot of pain now and I can’t see you struggle anymore like this.
Arjun: No no dad please.
DK: Look you did what you wanted now I will do what I need to do. I will speak to Archana. DK is going and Arjun is trying to stop him but DK is gone.

Outside at the gang place

Vishnu’s gang has reached their area with Ovi. They are wondering why Vishnu is not answering the phone as he has always been very careful with his work then why today? They hope Vishnu is not in any difficulty and someone wonders Vishnu got caught by the police. One of the gang members say Vishnu’s wanted poster was hanging outside in many places so the police may have recognized him. One of the men say forget about Vishnu for now and let’s find out what we need to do with this girl. The leader advises the man not to go anywhere until Vishnu comes back. The other gang member says we don’t have much time left to do our work and we can’t have the girl’s family call the police for a search else our plan will fail we need to call Sarkaar and then we need to threaten that girl’s family that if they complain to the police we will kill her. They give Balan(the boss of the gang) a call and tell him that all the work is done.
Balan: Good job this is very good news. I want to hear this news from Vishnu too. Give him the phone.
The man: But Sarkaar(they call him Sarkaar) he is not here.
Balan: What? He sis not here I thought he was with you guys.
The man: He was but then he had disappeared as soon as we kidnapped the girl.
Balan: What? You kidnapped a girl I told you to kidnap Manav Deshmukh!
The man: I told you but Bilal changed the plan and told us to kidnap Manav Deshmukh’s daughter so we got her and then Vishnu was not there. Jnamashtami day is very risky with these police inspectors and Sarkaar we are about to cal Manav Deshmukh.
Balan: Ok listen do what you need to do carefully no carelessness.
The man: Sarkaar we are doing everything carefully so we will do so in the future and we al ask for 1.5 crores from Manav.
Balan: What rubbish are you saying? Only 1 crore.
The man: We have worked so much so we should get some privileges too.
Balan: Ok talk to Manav Deshmukh and demand a ransom of 1.5 crores. Varsha is coming to the area where Saab is. Saab hangs up.

Outside in Patna

Varsha walks over to Balan
Varsha: I have told you so many times to keep my son away from criminal activites. What if the police catches him?
Balan: Look who are you yelling at? Don’t yell at me. The police has not caught him yet I just hope Vishnu is ok.
Varsha: What if he is not? What if my son’s life is at risk due to you?
Balan: Fix your tone! Balan runs over to Varsha and grabs her ear and tells her to quit yelling at him.
Balan: Who are you to question me?! And what drama have you put up? I have always treated you like a wife and I always did way more then what a normal husband would do for his wife but you?! Saab gets very angry at Varsha, grabs her and leaves. Varsha is crying.

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  1. Resha
    July 30, 12:01 Reply

    i think its purvi gets kidnaped not ovi!!!

  2. Mr.Nervous
    July 28, 11:15 Reply

    I was just wondering what will be ovi’s reaction as she keeps being crazy at little things! Ovi kidnap nai hui usine kidnappers ko kidnap kia hain! lolz! 😀

  3. atika
    July 27, 23:16 Reply

    oh so nw ovi is kidnapped instead of manav !! Arjun-purvi scene was just too too cute! They luk so prfct 2getha!! luv them

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