Pavitra Rishta 29th August 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 29th August 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Archana standing outside court and Sachin comes there. Archana tells him, finally the day has come for which you were waiting since 6 months. She says, I am doing everything for you because I love you a lot. You wanted me to go away from Manav’s life right? Now I am going away from him forever. She says, I am here to fulfill one promise that I gave you. Archana then tells him, today there is Purvi’s wedding function but I still came here just to fulfill promise that I did to you. Archana says, now it’s time for me to ask you for something and I am sure you will give me it. Archana says, I want you to take care of your sisters.. I want you to give them all happiness they deserve. Archana then says, I hope you also get all the happiness you want and leaves from there. Sacchu turns back and says, I don’t know what is she made of.

Purvi is getting ready for the function and Punni is helping her. Purvi chooses bangles that Arjun gave her even though they don’t match with her dress. Purvi then says that she can’t believe that her marriage would be done like this. She says, I never expected someone to love me or me to love someone… I thought I would marry to guy whom aai and aaji find. Punni says, ya only few people find partner of their choice. Purvi then gets worried for Punni and Punni tells her not to worry.. God will send someone for me as well just how he sent Arjun for you. They hug and at the same time Purvi gets a call from Arjun. Punni tells her to talk with him and leaves from there.

Arjun says, I feel like meeting to you. Purvi says, I can’t come. Arjun says then I will come to your house. Purvi says, fine you can come…all the guests are here. She laughs and disconnects the phone.

At the court, judge reminds everyone that today is last day of 6 months. Manav’s lawyer says, they tried living together for 6 months but still they couldn’t forget their personal issues and they still want divorce. So it will be best to allow the divorce.

Judge says, court understands that they lived 6 months together and they still couldn’t solve their personal issues so it’s important n required to allow the divorce. Judge continues, but we have received an affidavit which we cannot ignore. Manav and Archana are shocked and look at each other.

break 1..

Sacchu tells Manav, don’t know which affidavit is this. Judge says, it’s from your daughter and she requested to postpone the case hearing for 10 days. Judge gives 10 more days. Judge leaves and today’s hearing ends.

Archana says she didn’t know Purvi did all this. Manav says how is this possible? If you had stopped her then we would get our divorce today. Manav says, Purvi betrayed you by sending this affidavit. He tells Archana, when you knew she is against our divorce then you should have stopped her. And then he says, mistake is my and tells Archana that Purvi came to him yesterday. Archana apologizes to him and says she will talk with Purvi.

Varsha is crying and tells her husband that she doesn’t like anyone saying a goon to Vishnu. She tells him, it’s all because of you. Today his future is on risk. Her husband says, you didn’t say anything when Vishnu gave his first salary to you. You didn’t ask from where money came or anything so now why are you blaming his work? Varsha says, it’s all my mistake.. I shouldn’t have came to you. He says, I didn’t hide anything from you and you should be thankful to me that I let you stay in my house etc.. etc… without asking anything about your past. He says, don’t know what happened to you after Vishnu came to Mumbai. Varsha gets worried. He says, no need to get worried.. I am not going to ask anything about your past. He then says, no one came to ask anything about you in last 18 years.. so if there is anyone your own then it’s me only. He leaves.

At Manav’s house. He gives news to his mother and she gets shocked. Manav says that he is tensed.. he wanted all this court stuff to end as quickly as possible and now.. She tells him to rest.

Manav’s father is happy hearing this news.

Break 2..

Manav’s father tells Savita that she won’t be able to stop this divorce. Everything will happen the way God wants. Savita says, even I don’t want Manav’s divorce. I am just separating him from Archana for our family’s happiness. She says we waited for 6 months .. now just 10 more days then you will see.

At Archu’s house, she gives news to Sulochana. Archu says she doesn’t know why she did all this when she knows this divorce is going to happen no matter what. Archu then tells sulo that manav got angry at her. She says, she wants to know why Purvi is doing all this when she told her not to so many times. Purvi is coming there. Sulo tells Archana, we won’t say anything to Purvi for now. Purvi asks Archana what happened in court. Archana says they postponed divorce for 10 days and leaves from there. Purvi is happy and has a sign of relief.

Episode ends..

Precap: Purvi is coming back from some place. She sees Ovi standing outside her home. Purvi asks her, you here? Ovi says, i have came to meet you only.

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  1. Juan J. Teson
    August 30, 05:02 Reply

    They have no life. First they have seperated manav-archana and now they’re running behind purvi-arjun to spoil theirs life and keeps dragging this show down.

    If they can’t find a good story , they run behind theirs so called old popular show’s same craps and brings them to their present shows , just to make a disaster. Why they can’t write a good story instead of separating fine couples?

  2. Anonymous
    August 30, 03:41 Reply

    They should change the show from pavitra rishtaa to “no rishtaa will be happy if the deshmuks can help it” bloody frustrated with the way this show is shaping up

  3. Anonymous
    August 30, 00:35 Reply

    this show gets more stupid because we know Ovi is gonna ask Purvi not to marry and she says YES to her….so flippen stupid going around in the same vain….sacrificing happiness to satisfy others….the writer of this show is an absolute MORON for their predicability…very predictable whats going to happen…..I READ BUT NEVER WATCH THIS ANYMORE:::

  4. Rani Jee
    August 29, 17:37 Reply

    I suspect that this is Ovi’s doing as the precap states that she went to meet Purvi. She is probably delaying the divorce to bargain with Purvi. I feel though that Punni knows about this – hence the reason why she is so happy.

    • Anonymous
      August 30, 02:45

      this series is getting stupider day by day…..nkt!!!

  5. Esmeralda
    August 29, 15:22 Reply

    Ovi,,,needs to get a life or i just hope she get hit by a fast moving truck..sorry it wil be a huge lost to manav &archu,but it will a wonderful relief to everyone’s life.

  6. hallie
    August 29, 15:11 Reply

    Same here,Laksh! Y du de always cut Arvi’s happiness!!!!????
    Wen’s d show ending? We r tired of d apprehension we undergo as a result of Archu’s also..
    Itz jst not fair 4 a woman 2go thru all dis hrtaches pls. Itz too fictitious 4 one 2 bear!!!

  7. laksh
    August 29, 15:00 Reply

    This idiot ovi ll bribe purvi tat she ll make her family accept archana and will get arjun. This puvi will fall for this.and arjun will suffer. If this happens I will stop watchIn this show. Do you agree people?

  8. Arya fan
    August 29, 13:56 Reply

    Pls dont separate arvi.we all luv their pair.we dont want to see them separate lyk manav n archana.let live them togather.

  9. ahseya
    August 29, 13:28 Reply

    it didnt work talking to manav and archana so now ovi wil directly beg purvi?
    ovi needs to get a life!

  10. Ruchi
    August 29, 13:11 Reply

    Thanks For the update. This is done by Ovi not Purvi as per my guesses. Y don’t Ovi realize love can’t be win forcefully, she postponed the divorce so that she can put a condition in front of Purvi saying Archu will get everything back if Purvi let Ovi marry Arjun…This is too bad Plz let ARVI get merried without any problems…kick out this Ovi character from show till wedding.

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