Pavitra Rishta 29th January 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 29th January 2013 Written Update by ArVi-licious

Pavitra Rishta 29th January 2013 Written Episode

At the D house with d khandheshis.. savita n sunny’s mother talk to each other in a corner n are very happy that their plan is working pretty well… FB to d scene where they hatched d whole plan…the plan was to swap d sunny n teju to d opp house n torture them enough that they themselves give up on the whole idea of getting married to each other, without bringing any doubt on themselves..
Savita discussing with manav n fly that, she has not yet agreed n it totally depends on teju n her decision after staying at d khandheshi house.. teju assures every1 that she will be fine there, n she wants both d families to b happy.. she also says that sunny will also agree to stay at the D house n impress all..
(savita very happy her plans r workin so well n that will trouble sunny so much that he’l run away!!)

PART 2: Scene at K house,whole family there(ovi arjun purvi onir, ruchi…) purvi knitting a sweater n ovi says she likes it, purvi tells she’l knit one for ovi’s baby too, arjun looks on.. onir n vinod discussing abt his charity workas a doc.. purvi sneaks into d kitchen to eat sum ‘imli’.. both onir n sulo ajee catch her in her act n pull her legs…
every1 sittin at d table for food, archana on d phone n states that she has called d hospital for purvi’s preg duplicate reports.. purvi worried..
all d food items prepard are of punni’s liking n savita says punni will live like a queen at mittal’s place.. manju gets annoyed, she interprets that savita is hinting that punni is getting married to mittal for d money, n gets into a argument.. both ladies are annoyed and savita says she knows manju very well n doesn’t want to carry this discussion any longer… archana tells evry1 to calm down, there is wedding in d house n d atmosphere must be a haapy one..

door bell rings, arjun opens it n recieves purvi’s reports n hands it to archana.. she announces that purvi’s reports have come… onir n purvi are shocked..

PART 3:purvi worried, archana opens d reports, purvi walks towards archana to grab d paper but archana reads it n says” 6months” purvi perplexed n turns towards onir who gives her a reassuring look..
later at night, purvi discussed with onir that some sort of solution has to be there for her situation.. onir says d wise thing to do is to leave the house n the city…episode freezes on purvi’s worried face!

PRECAP: Punni saying that onir is too simple to be true n she wishes that he comes ‘saj dhaj ke’ to her wedding, much to purvi’s annoyance.

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  1. Veer
    January 29, 12:48 Reply

    Savita n snehalata you leader of oldy gang leave the love birds.let them fly dont you dare to cut their wings.hopeless witches.go join some laughter club rather than using your brainless heads!!!
    i cant blv ths ovi apani ovi haan haan wahi pagal jhalli ovi praising purvis handwork.

    • tenny
      January 29, 12:52

      True brow. I myself was shocked.

  2. tenny
    January 29, 12:44 Reply

    Drs and kriya are you gals online wil be back in 15 minutes

  3. tenny
    January 29, 12:42 Reply

    Onir is now joining the lie by the fact he helped purvi in faking the pregnancy reports.

  4. tenny
    January 29, 12:40 Reply

    Ms unbelievable tnx 4 the lovely coment!

  5. tenny
    January 29, 12:39 Reply

    Those pics are just lovely tnx admin

  6. dhanita
    January 29, 12:37 Reply

    drama shud stop mw n let it hav pavitra rishta

    • tenny
      January 29, 12:47

      Dhanita you are right. V want pr back!

  7. tenny
    January 29, 11:57 Reply

    Raghz yu r rite am sick of the problemz btn sisters. I think that family bond is pavitra and if ekta does that it wil be a very good twist. And reunion of lovers better.

    • saki
      January 29, 12:30

      can anyone tell me what does “saj dhaj ke” mean help anyone??

    • Veer
      January 29, 12:35

      @Saki: lemme try
      saj dhaj ke means very well prepared.
      i guess.

  8. tenny
    January 29, 11:50 Reply

    Name pr best jodi? Arman1-,arman2,-punir,-arvi,-puntal(puny-n-mital),tenny, ovun(ovi-n-arjun)

    • Veer
      January 29, 12:37


    January 29, 11:50 Reply

    omg !!!! that wall between ovi and purvi has been broken i hope tht it will never come back between them

  10. Mannuel
    January 29, 11:50 Reply

    Hai Every one,

    Could you guys please tell me what is the name of serial.Is it meaningful in any way it is like naming someone

    Mercy and she is a thug who kills any one for money.I hate this serial whats the point of all this things.In some previous serials i have seen that one will love another and marry another due to some twist and when husband find about this love he will diverse his lady and let them be together.Is this the culture of India even though it is not followed any where in reality please at least show some thing that makes us proud about Indian Culture.
    I will say this serial is garbage in every aspect.

  11. tenny
    January 29, 11:48 Reply

    Who is the best beti in pr? Archana-,Purvi,-Ovi,-Teju,-,Punima,-Ruchi,

    • Veer
      January 29, 12:39


  12. tenny
    January 29, 11:41 Reply

    Puni is so wicked i also hate her

  13. tenny
    January 29, 11:38 Reply

    Ekta i have an idea let purvi stay in mumbai so that the rishta btn the 2 sisters wil grow strong and wen she is about to deliver onir wil say its premature!

  14. tenny
    January 29, 11:35 Reply

    Hey saki,sia, ksg,ms unbelievable

    • Miss Unbelievable
      January 29, 12:05

      hey tenny whats up chica? you see (looks around) i sneak on here during work cant let the boss see whats up. I must look busy all times even when slacking off. lol

      i do enjoy your comments tooo lol

      I say premature birth for Purvi’s baby its simple as that. Plus Onir’s network of doctors are keeping their secret safe and solid.

      And Savita is correct Punni is a gold-digging bitch. Like mother like daughter remember how Manjush wanted the property and how she plotted with her mother to do it? Let’s not forget trying to use Purvi’s salary to sustain them.

      I tell you now Manjusha treated Sulo she will get the same treatment from Punni. They are selfish and cunning women. When Majusha gets really old now along with Vinod and she asks to live with them in Mittal’s mansion Punni would be like no stay where you are. You’ll cramp my rich style and add expenses to my household, when we all know she’s gonna be fully loaded wealthy if she doesn’t spend it all off.

      Its good that Ovi is being satisfied for now and not being a witch. But we all know faith and how Ekta is. If Ovi looses that baby and Purvi’s being the goddess of the show gets…Like I said if the soham-varsha-archu plot is on repeat I will really go on strike. But I know Ovi will loose the baby its written in the stars!

      Sunny and Teju are very stubborn people they’ll pull through. I beleive in their rishta….Holy snapz is this the love triangle as Jignesh sensing his mom wickedness will help Teju and both of them will get close and confuse our Teju’s love for Sunny?….Seems like it to me

      Now would Sachin and Ruchi make a good couple? Seems Ekta is up to matchmaking again

    • baby
      January 29, 22:07

      i want purvi to stay with onir and fall in love…

  15. tenny
    January 29, 11:30 Reply

    Admin plz do add pics 2day!

  16. tenny
    January 29, 11:30 Reply

    Savita is very smart she knows that puny is after material wealth

  17. tenny
    January 29, 11:28 Reply

    Very wicked women y do they want to torture my fav jodi in pr. I hate savita and snehalata

  18. KSG!!
    January 29, 11:27 Reply

    Woah is Ovi actually being nice to Purvi?? I almost just fell of my seat!!

  19. tenny
    January 29, 11:26 Reply

    Hy ms unbelievable nowadays you only write 1 coment pls write more i love reading your comments. Pls do coment

  20. tenny
    January 29, 11:24 Reply

    Hey guys am shocked ovi complimented purvi’s handiwork.

  21. saki
    January 29, 11:18 Reply

    what does “saj dhaj ke” mean help anyone??

  22. Shan
    January 29, 11:06 Reply

    Jaldi se update karo please .. Arjun get to know please

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 11:36

      what would be the point of arjun knowing, he has no back bone and everyone is always dancing to ovi’s tune no matter what

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