Pavitra Rishta 2nd January 2014 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 2nd January 2014 Written Update by H Hasan

Pavitra Rishta 2nd January 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Sunanda telling Ankita that you have other identity as Ahana Naren Karmakar. She asks her to wear the jewellery given by Rushaali. Ankita says, I can’t wear it. Sunanda says, I take out your kundli in four hours and says your father is a drunkard and theif. I know everything about you. Why you married Naren and what is the deal between you and Rushaali. I know everything. She says, I will not give you place of a daughter in law and I knows your real place. I can understand that you married Naren because of your helplessness. I can’t give respect and place as you married him for your gain. At one side is Kinnari, who agreed to marry Naren reform her reputation. And at the other side is you, who married Naren for your gains. Both of you are similar. No one can give love to my Naren. She asks her to wear the necklace given by Rushaali and says you can take care of the status of being Naren’s namesake wife.

Purvi comes to Chadda and asks, why you filed a fake complaint against Arjun. Chadda asks her to keep her voice low. Chadda says he supplied drugs in my party and when I objected, he had beaten me. Chadda says that he will close their companies. Purvi says, I will tell to the police that you tried to misbehave with me and that’s why Arjun raised his hand on your. Chadda says, I will tell to the police that you was ready to do anything if I sanction your project. And I will tell Police that I refused you. He says, Arjun will be rotten in Jail. Purvi says, you will rotten in jail and not Arjun. Chadda asks her to see the reality. Purvi says, I mean what I can do. Ovi assures Arjun that I will take you out of this. Arjun says, it is non bailable warrant. Ovi says, I will submit your medical reports or will asks Purvi to file case against Chadda. Arjun asks her not to do anything. He says, Purvi’s reputation will be spoiled which he can’t bear. Ovi tries to reason with him but he doesn’t agree. Arjun says, I will stay her. Don’t tell her anything. She might be leaving for Canada now. Ovi asks, what is this stubborness? Arjun says it is love….

Naren is talking with the cactus plant and says, I have planned a big surprise for Ahana. Ankita is getting ready. Naren helps her in wearing the earrings…Sunraha hain tu…..plays…..Naren asks, did you feel current? Ankita says no. Naren says, no means yes. Ankita smiles and leaves.

Purvi is outside the police station. Ovi sees her. Purvi says, I know Arjun doesn’t love me and I won’t come back to his life again. But I can’t be seperated from him as I am worried about him. Ovi says, he told you clearly that he don’t love you. Purvi says, I tried to stop me but could not. I know that if I file a complaint against Chadda then Arjun will be out. Ovi asks her to go back. Purvi says, I will go once he comes out of jail. Ovi thinks, who am I to seperate you both. She feels bad for Purvi.

Naina looks at Ankita’s family and says it seems they are from chawl. Mr. Nadkarnis asks Naina to bring the shagun thaal. She does the tilak of Raunaq. Rushaali gives the shagun thaal to Sunanda who gives the thaal to Kinnari. Panditji asks to do the aarti of bride and groom. Naina performs the rituals. Panditji asks them to exchange the rings. Kinnari and Raunaq makes each other wear the ring. Everyone claps. People starts gossipying about Naren and Ankita’s marriage. Raunaq tells Kinnari that I heard much about you. Kinnari says, I also heard much more about you. Raunaq says, I don’t want to marry you. Kinnari says, I want the same but we can’t back off now. Mansi tells congrats to Kinnari then to Raunaq. read full updates daily with pictures only at desitv Raunaq holds her hand and did not leave her. Ankita sees this and calls Mansi. Soham gives money to Prashant and asks him to give it to Ankita. Naren calls Prashant and asks him to keep this money. Prashant says, but we have to give anything on tai’s behalf. Naren calls the waiter and gives the money to him. He tells Prashant not to worry about Raunaq and Kinnari’s gift. Ahana is shopping for their gift since morning. He tells Raunaq and Kinnari that the best gift will be given to them by Ahana only.

Raunaq asks, from where she got the money. Naren says, I transferred my company’s shares of 200 crores on her name. Everyone are shocked. Rushaali asks, what? Naren says sorry for not talking to her. He says, Raunaq was upset that his vahini is not rich. Now my Ahana is rich. Rushaali asks, what is this madness? Naren says, she is my better half. Now she is rich and I am poor now. But it won’t affect our relation as our love is same. Ankita is touched by his love. Naren asks Raunaq to get ready for the surprise gift. Sunanda thinks this girl is very clever and looting us. She asks Rushaali to offer sweets to everyone.

Purvi tells Rishabh Kapoor that your one testimony can save Arjun. RK asks, why I shall help him. Purvi says, he is innocence. RK asks, why you want to save him? Purvi says, because I love him.

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  1. PKL
    January 02, 22:51 Reply

    Loved Naren Ankita scenes today. Who say Naren is mad ? He has more common sense than other people.

    • uma
      January 03, 01:33

      you r 100 percent right.naren is not mad but those people are mad whose thought is that naren is mad.he gives more value for love than money and status.but these people being consious,doing mad things and respecting money more than humanity and point is that money is nothing before true love.naren proved it today .he is not mad and i am sure about it.

  2. PK
    January 02, 17:14 Reply

    Oh i loved 2 dialouges 2day..
    1)When Arjun said it is jail.
    2)What Purvi said in the precap..That she loves him……..
    I love u ArViiii

  3. Pushti
    January 02, 17:09 Reply

    Guys Those who watched the Serial behene …………..Is Naren From behene?

  4. [email protected]@!
    January 02, 17:08 Reply

    Ohhhh Nooooo Plzzz end this serial Ekta end Else u will lose lots and lots of veiwers and Fans of ArVi……………………..

    Hate sunanda

  5. hina
    January 02, 14:15 Reply

    ya ur right but i hope he won’t die….if he dies than pavitra rishta will realy lose many viewers

  6. hina
    January 02, 14:04 Reply

    does that mean that arjun will really die,and purvi will marry rishabh?

    • Barun Lover.!!
      January 02, 14:10

      Seems like!! But i dont think…. if arjun dies… which o also doubt…. purvi will marry rishabh!!

      Unless ekta brings in some other of her stupid twists..

  7. hina
    January 02, 14:00 Reply

    it’s better that they end this serial,than making it boring and losing viewers

  8. neha
    January 02, 13:58 Reply

    guys a bad news
    I heard somewre dat rishabh kapoor will be taking arjuns place after arjun died

    it is so bad na as we all noe dat no one else can take place of arjun
    if arjun leaves da show the serial will a big flop
    so I think a happy end should be there in pr
    it should finish fast with a happy ending by reunion arvi

    • Barun Lover.!!
      January 02, 14:00

      Whattt!!!!!??????? Soryy… i didnt get u ……..wud they need another arjun if the original arjun dies??

  9. AK
    January 02, 12:38 Reply

    When Sundani will discover that Ankita is Archana’s granddaughter she will eat her words

  10. AK
    January 02, 12:36 Reply

    RD I am ok hope you are ok.

    How are you all?

  11. AK
    January 02, 12:32 Reply

    Hope when Naren recovers he will accept and love Ankita.

    I was touched by how Naren proved his love for Ankita. I dont know to what extent he will love her when he is healed.

  12. Arnav fan
    January 02, 12:24 Reply

    I’m sorry its not neha di bt thanks to the person named RD, MY LUV. Sorry i dont knw your name.

    • neha
      January 02, 12:28


      its fyn

      hw u dear

  13. Arnav fan
    January 02, 12:17 Reply

    Thanks neha di. As soon as i saw rishabh i thought it would be rishabh kundra, Sorry.

    • neha
      January 02, 12:23

      it was not me who answered dat it was RD
      yaa he is not dat rk he is a business man

  14. Arnav fan
    January 02, 12:02 Reply

    Is rishabh kundra from madhubala. Plz can any1 say soon.

  15. neha
    January 02, 11:59 Reply

    hiii guys
    i hope arvi reunion fast
    as i waiting for it very badly

  16. ♥RD♥ my luv
    January 02, 11:36 Reply

    Hi Ak bhai , mk di, merina di , zaara , ilena , vihu , woohoo , zainab n all i’m soo sorry if i forgot sum1 how r u guys ? How was ur day ?シ
    Ya , Ilena ur new name is nice nd i no hindi 😛
    Zaara feeling sad for u bcz u have to study now….my college reopened 2day only nd even have 2 study now ! 🙁

    • neha
      January 02, 12:01

      hw u
      same here i hav exams on next feb 2
      i did nt study anything:'(

    • ♥RD♥ my luv
      January 02, 12:04

      Hi Neha i’m f9 . Wat about u ? I have exams from 17th jan :'(

    • neha
      January 02, 12:09

      i am fyn
      ohhh dats great anyways best of luck for ur exams

    • neha
      January 02, 12:11

      wat r u doing

    • AK
      January 02, 12:40

      RD be positive on Education.

  17. Zainab
    January 02, 11:33 Reply

    ooh so another RK again kya baat hai

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