Pavitra Rishta 2nd July 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 2nd July 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Archana peeps out of the door to see where Arjun is staying .He comes out all dressed up to go for an interview .Archana also comes out and is indirectly seeing what Arjun is doing .Arjun sees her and he comes to her and tells her that even though she is not happy to see him , he feels lucky to see her because he never had a mother and now God has send her for him .Then he tells her that he is going for an interview and wants her ashirwaad .

Sulochna is also there watching this .Archana is feeling odd .Arjun touches her feet and says that though she did npt give him ashirwaad , she also did not stop him from toughing her feet and that is a good enough for him .Sulochna is happy and she smiles looking at Archana .Arjun leaves for his interview .

Savita is having a terrible headache .Teju massages her head and she starts talking to Savita about Archana.

Teju wants to know exactly what went wrong between her parenst 18 years ago . Saviat tells Teju that like any other couple , Manav and Archana had a fight and Manav decided to move to Canada with his whole family and instead of coming with him , Archana just send him divorce papers . She tells Teju that she was not the least bit bothered about this whole issue of divorce so she never asked Manav anything and Savita also advises Teju to keep out of this .She says that Archana never called them for 18 years and Ovi and her were taken care of by their grandmother instead of Archana and that is all there is to know .

Savita says that when Archana shows concern for Ovi and Teju , it is nothng but just as act .Teju is listening to all this quietly .
Arjun goes for an interview where he is immediately recognised as DK’s son and the manager says that because he is the son of such a big man , they will sack two other employees and give their job to Arjun .Arjun refuses this position and goes out .In another company he again refuses because the manager says that thee is no job but they will some how accomodate DK Kirloskar’s son .

Arjun goes to another company and the manager assumes that he has had a fight with his dad and tells him to work against DK …Arjun gets angry and walks out of the office .
Purvi is in a mandir praying to God for Archana ( to be united with her family ) and for Arjun ( to help him to find his identity ) .Arjun sees her there and they both start talking .He tells Purvi about what a bd day he is having and he really feels that Archana is right that he is not anything without his father’s name . He feels that now he has realized howwrong he was when he used to sack people just like that . Purvi says that it is not true because all the degrees and qualifications he has are all because of his hard work and he used to manage a huge company and some very complicated problems totally on his own and due to his hard work he made those companies successful .She tells him not to be hard on himself .She also tells him that he does not have to prove himself to anyone and should go back to his father .Arjun kisses her hand and says that he will not go till he proves himself in front of her mother .

In a Garage , the owner is getting angry with a mechanic .He badly needs someone to fix this car but the mechanic has taken the day off without letting him know .Arjun is passing by and he overhears this .He goes to this man and says that he will fix the car .The Garage mechanic says that the car is not just any car but a big 6 cylinder car and it is not easy to fix this .Arjun opens the engine and fixes the problem easily .The Garage owner is very happy and immediately offers Arjun a job with a salary of 8000 ruppees .The Garage is just a walk away fro mwhere Arjun lives so comign to work every day is also easy .Arjun thinks of how Archana has told him to only earn 10000 on his own and she wil lallow him to get married to Purvi .
Arjun says yes to the job and the manager happily introduces him to the rest of the mechanics in the garage as ” the new Mechanic Arjun “.

Precap : Archana is going in an auto .She sees something and tells the auto driver tostop and comes out .She sees Arjun working in the garage , fixing a car .Looking at him working there , she looks worried …

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  1. Rashika Singh
    July 02, 18:10 Reply

    Ab Archana ko samaj jana chahiye ki Arjun Purvi se kitna pyar karta hai. Arjun work in a garage for Purvi just like Manav did for Archana

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