Pavitra Rishta 31st July 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 31st July 2012 Written Update by *Shruti*

It starts with Archana hugging Manav asking him to get back her Purvi while he consoles her. Ovi is looking angrily. Archana sees this and separates herself from Manav. Manav tells Archana no matter how much money he has to give he will and promises to get Purvi back. He says Purvi is like Tej and Ovi for him. Archana thanks Manav. Manav is leaving and DK says he would also come. Sachin is going and Savita gives her nod. Ovi shouts Baba and tells him why will he go to help Purvi. She further says if this was happened to her she would have understood him paying but why will he pay for any girl it’s their (Archana’s) matter let them deal with it. Manav says tells Ovi what Purvi did with her he might never be able to forgive her but if anything happens to her today

At temple, police comes tells Manav if they are done they can go back. Everyone though tensed pretend to normal as if nothing happened. Arjun is showing Purvi’s picture to people outside asking about her when DK comes there consoles him.

At Desmukh house, Tej consoles Sulochna. Archana is broken. Sachin tells Savita to go home but she refuses. Savita goes to Damodar asks him to console Archana. Damodar goes to Archana but she says she doesn’t want any dilasa but her daughter Purvi.

Bishnu calls Manav. Manav agrees to his condition but says he wants to talk to Purvi but he informs him that he will call him later as Purvi is under chloroform effect as soon as she comes to her senses he will make her talk to him. Bishnu is having food with his gang talks to Balan tells him how his men kidnapped other daughter and he asked for Rs.3 crore as ransom.

Manav and Arjun are having a discussion wherein Arjun says to inform the police as kidnappers can’t be trusted but Manav doesn’t want to take any risk. The Inspector overhears their conversation asks his two constables to keep a watch on Manav’s family and close people as he suspects something wrong.

Purvi wakes up gets scared to see Bishnu and his gang. The arrogant one slaps her. Bishnu tells Purvi she has been kidnapped and how instead of Ovi she got kidnapped. Purvi tells his family will not leave them. Bishnu calls Manav who puts phone on speaker. A scared Purvi tells Archana and Manav she wants to come back home. Manav tells her he will rescue her. Arjun takes the phone tells Purvi he is there he loves her. Ovi is hears this is very angry. Bisunu passes a remark and Arjun gets angry. Bishnu tells Manav to get money ready by next morning 10.30 am.

Precap: Manav i putting money in briefcase when DK comes there with a briefcase with money tells Manav not to worry as he has arranged for money. Manav says he can’t take this money.

Detailed update by bhallarox

At the temple

The whole family is at the temple. Manav and Archana are hugging. Archana begs Manav to do something. Manav assures Archana. Teju and especially Ovi is looking at Manav angrily.
Manav: Archana I don’t care how much money it is I will pay. I promise you I will bring Purvi back. Archana please don’t worry Purvi is just as important to me as Ovi and Teju are and this is why I will help her.
Archana: Thank you Manav. Manav is about to go when DK comes over and says he will come with him. Sachu also comes. Ovi yells baba!
Ovi: Why are you helping Purvi?
Manav: What do you mean why? Dear Purvi has been kidnapped. We will need to save her.
Ovi: It’s ok if she gets saved but why are you saving her? You will give so much money to save that girl?
Manav: Dear a person is much more important then money. An innocent girl has been kidnapped her life is at risk. She needs to be saved.
Ovi: But why do you need to save her baba? That is their personal matter. Do you not know how much they have been bad to us?
Manav: I know but this doesn’t mean I just let Purvi get kidnapped. I may never be able to forgive Purvi for what she did to you but if something bad happens to her because of me then I won’t be able to forgive myself.
Ovi: She has crossed all limits. She first snatched my fianc and now my baba. And she snatched my mother away such a long time ago. If everything is for Purvi then what is for me?
Manav: Why are you thinking like that Ovi? It’s not like that. Archana tells Ovi that we all are with you. Ovi snaps at Archana and tells her to keep out of her and baba’s convos. Ovi hugs Manav and says baba you will not help Ovi
Manav: I will definitely help Purvi.
Ovi: Ok baba you have lost me. I loved Arjun and he left Purvi for me and now you have left me. I did not expect this from you. Savita goes over to Ovi.
Savita: Ovi dear try to understand we all know you are mad at Purvi. When she comes back we won’t even look at her but she is in trouble and out of humanity we should help her. She is from a good family and something bad is happening to her. Savita takes Ovi away with her. Manav assures Archana not to worry and Purvi will come back home safely. Purvi is in this state because of me so I will pay the price for it. And yes none of us will contact the police as this will be best for Purvi. Some police inspectors come over to Manav and tell him that if him and his family are done with their prayer they need to go home as they have police protection.
Manav: Yes sir actually after this we are going to Sulochana Aai’s home as there is a small get together so we are going there.
The police inspector: Mr. Deshmukh did you find anything suspicious? I mean the chances of that man being here are very high.
Manav: No Inspector.
The police inspector: Ok. The police inspectors leave.


Arjun is outside. He is going to people and showing them Purvi’s photo asking them if they have seen her. All of them shake their heads no. DK comes over to Arjun.
DK: Relax Arjun.
Arjun: Dad Manav uncle said Purvi is kidnapped.
DK: We will find her.
Arjun: We have to find her who could’ve kidnapped her?
DK: Relax.
Arjun: But why would someone kidnap her?

Karanjkar House

The Deshmukh Family and Karanjkar Family come to the Karanjkar House. Teju is comforting Sulochana and telling her that if she keeps crying it will not be good for her health.
Teju: Baba is here and he will get Purvi. We all are here. Teju comforts her and then brings some water for Archana. Sachu goes to Savita and says aaji you must be tired. Do you want me to drop you off at home?
Savita: No dear the kidnapper will call and then we can leave. Savita goes to Damodar.
Savita: Why are you just standing like this? Look at Archana’s condition. Go and console her she addresses you as baba. I would’ve consoled her but it would look strange. Damodar goes and comforts Archana but Archana says she just wants Purvi to come. Manav gets a phone call and it is Vishnu.
Manav: I will fulfill all of your demands but please I want to talk to Purvi right now.
Vishnu: You are very smart Manav Deshmukh Ji you know everything. She is unconscious right now but you can talk to her when she gets up. Vishnu hangs up. Police inspectors come to the outside of the K home. They listen to a convo between MAnav and Arjun.
Arjun: Time is passing Manav uncle we should do something like inform the police.
Manav: They told me clearly that if I inform the police then Purvi will be killed if I could inform the police I would’ve done it a long time ago. The police inspectors are listening.
Arjun: But what is the guarantee that we will give them money and they will let Purvi go? Dad we can’t trust these kidnappers.
Manav: I can understand your panic but we need to think from our mind . We have no other choice but to listen to them and if we listen to them and do as they wish then Purvi’s life will not be at risk.
Arjun: Uncle. The police inspector goes back to his other two constables and asks them to keep an eye out on Manav’s family as he suspects something is going wrong in the family.

Outside at the gang place hideout

Vishnu and his gang are at their hideout. They are happily talking about how they will get 3 Crore Rupees. Vishnu tells the news to Balan and Balan is very happy to hear this and he says from 1 Crore to 3 Crores good job. Purvi wakes up scared to see the gang. The gang threatens her and one of the gang members slap her. They are threatening Purvi. Manav gets to talk to Purvi. He tells Purvi not to be scared. Archana talks to Purvi over the phone tells her not to worry.

Karanjkar House/The gang place

Purvi is crying and begging for her parents to come. Purvi says she doesn’t know who these people are. Arjun comes on the phone.
Arjun: Purvi don’t worry. I love you Purvi these people won’t do anything to you. Vishnu says something mean to Purvi and Arjun yells at Vishnu. Vishnu tells Manav to have all the money ready by 10:30 A.M. next morning. Everyone is shocked to hear this.

Precap: Manav, DK, Arjun and the rest of the family are at the K home. Manav is putting lots of money in his briefcase. DK says Manav don’t worry about the money I have arranged for it. Manav says I can’t take your money.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 01, 04:02 Reply

    when r ul updating the detail update and when r ul updating other progs like saubhagyavati bhava, dil dosti dance, etc

  2. Anonymous
    July 31, 15:22 Reply

    ovi ovi i guess that her play jus wait and see how she act when she fine out the truth . i bet she will be all crying>

  3. anonymous
    July 31, 15:02 Reply

    ovi is very heartless she should be punish

  4. lats
    July 31, 14:02 Reply

    please publish the detailed version asap.

  5. sonu
    July 31, 13:05 Reply

    What kind of people are shown here?

    Why didn;t anyone slap Ovi….does she have no humanity?

    It was because of Purvi that she got saved and she is arguing with Manav and Manav is arguing back!!!…

    I want to see Ovi being slapped real hard (atleast by Arjun or DK) for her behaviour otherwise this serial is not worth watching…

    I have never seen anyone so heartless…

    • Anonymous
      July 31, 13:18

      purvi is just a spoiled little brat and deserves a good slap!

  6. moderator
    July 31, 12:31 Reply

    missing chunk added and pics we are trying to cover for as many as shows we could.. so far we have started with top shows ..pavitra rishta is in our list 🙂

  7. Anonymous
    July 31, 12:14 Reply

    testing time for arjun purvi, but when they come out of it their love would have reached eternity;)

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