Pavitra Rishta 3rd October 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 3rd October 2013 Written Update by bhallarox

Pavitra Rishta 3rd October 2013 Written Episode

Deshmukh House

The Deshmukh family and Arjun are standing in the house. Archana and Purvi are talking right outside the home. Archana is telling Purvi that I promise you until your delivery date you are my responsibility. Archana and Purvi hug. Archana tells Purvi let’s go inside as everyone is waiting for you. Purvi and Archana walk inside. Teju goes to Purvi and says Congratulations! Teju hugs Purvi. Damodar congratulates Purvi. Purvi says thanks Ajoba. Gauri and Purvi hug and Sachin hugs Purvi too. Ovi is looking reluctant but she smiles a little bit and says Congrats to Purvi. Purvi says thanks Ovi. Ovi’s phone rings. Ovi goes to the other room and she says hello. Someone says something to her and Ovi looks shocked at this. Ovi says I will book my tickets today. Ovi hangs up, and she is looking very worried and tense.

DK’s office

DK is talking to a businessman named Shirish. DK is telling Shirish that he is very happy and now we are just waiting to see the miracles unfold. Shirish says oh definitely I will bring this company at a very high position, that no one will be able to touch it. Manav is coming in. DK says Manav, come in. DK says Shirish this is Manav Deshmukh, I told you about him. Shirish says hello to Manav and is about to shake his hand but Manav does not shake hands with him or say hello. Manav looks mad and says to DK, sir, I need to talk to you. DK says yes go ahead, we are here to talk anyway. Manav says I just want to talk to you. Shirish has a little smile on his face. Shirish says sure, I will wait outside. DK says no it’s ok Shirish, you please sit. Shirish sits back down and smiles. DK says Manav, he is our business associate, you may say what you want to say in front of him. What is it? Manav is looking angry and looks at Shirish. Manav says sir, we both know each other for so many years, and until today we have always made our decisions together and until today you have never made a decision without informing me. But today you kept me in the dark, and started a partnership with this man! Manav says sir I don’t like it. DK says Manav you were not feeling well, I did not find it right to disturb you. Manav says sir since I was not ill, couldn’t you have waited to make the decision? DK looks confused and says it was a good deal! Manav says I’m sorry sir, I’m really sorry but it is not a good deal. Manav says and I also want to say that you did wrong. Sir, this Shirish Karmakar, is the board of directors of a company which has a very bad reputation in the market.

DK’s office

Manav says sir, by doing partnership with this man means our company’s goodwill is over. DK says look Manav I thought a lot about making this decision. I know every company does not have as good of a reputation as ours but it’s ok, why don’t you sit down and we can talk about it? Manav says no sir, I have not come here to sit. I need clarity for some things, I have just come to take that. DK says do you not have trust in me? Manav says trust, what trust are you talking about sir? Manav says you started partnership with this man without informing me. My trust in you is gone. Shirish says look Mr. Deshmukh. Manav says loudly, excuse me! Manav points his finger at Shirish and says you do not need to come in between, this is our personal matter. DK says Manav he is our business associate and you are insulting him right now. Shirish smiles. You are not feeling well and you need rest, I think you should go home. Manav says what do you want to say sir? I am not well and I don’t know how what’s right and wrong and I can’t make decisions?! DK says I did not mean that Manav. Manav says whatever you mean sir but the truth is that you ignored our relationship that we shared for so many years just for some bad man! DK says Manav, if you have a little bit of respect for me, please leave. Manav looks at Shirish angrily. DK looks at Manav. Manav leaves. DK is looking disturbed.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Archana is in the bedroom. She is organizing some clothes on the bed. Ovi is coming to the room with a red suitcase. She leaves the suitcase at the entrance of the room and comes to the bed. Ovi says aai. Ovi sits down and says aai I need to talk to you. Archana says yes. Ovi says aai I am leaving for Canada. Archana says what? Archana says Canada, but? Ovi how can you go now just like that? Sachin’s wedding is coming up and you are just leaving like that? Ovi says aai I am not going for so long, just 2-4 days. Actually there is a show going on there and as soon as it finishes I will come back. Archana says why did you even accept the assignment, you could have said no. Ovi says no aai I signed a contract for them, I can’t ignore this. Savita is coming and she is listening to their conversation. Ovi says please try to understand. Aai I promise you I will be back for Sachu dada’s wedding. Archana says but Ovi you could have said to them or told them to postpone the assignment. Ovi says aai. Teju comes in the room and Archana says to Savita, aai, see, she wants to go to Canada today. Tell her not to go. Ovi says aai why are you making this matter so big, I told you I would be back after 2-4 days, I promise. Teju says yes aai, let her go, and also, until she doesn’t go she will be focused on the assignment only. Archana looks at Savita. Savita is looking tense.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Archana says but there is no other reason right? Ovi says no aai, what else could it be? Archana says ok, how about you wait for Manav to come, and go after Manav comes? Ovi says no aai I can’t wait that long, I need to leave right now, or else I will be late for the flight. And don’t worry, I will bring the driver along with me. Aai I know you will make baba understand, I will need to leave right now, I am getting very late. Archana is looking reluctant. Ovi says aai please don’t stop me. Archana says ok, but come for the wedding. Ovi says ok aai. Ovi stands up and says ok I will leave now. Archana tells Ovi to take care of herself. Ovi says yes aai. Ovi and Teju leave the room. Archana looks worried.

At the office

Manav is at the office. One of the workers says to Manav bye sir, good night. The workers are leaving. Shirish is coming. Shirish walks over to Manav and says Mr. Deshmukh. Manav looks at Shirish angrily. Shirish says if I remember correctly, you probably used to be a car mechanic right? You lived in a chawl and you achieved this position with a lot of hard work. Oh hats off to you. Even after being rich, you have not changed your standard. Manav says I don’t want to talk to you. Shirish says you are not even worthy enough to talk to me. Manav says don’t even talk about worthiness, I know what you are worth and what you can do. Anything I have achieved in my life till today has been with honesty. Not by cheating like you! Shirish says but still DK sir is with me. A piece of my advice, you take care of what you are worth and your position. Also, how long can DK sir, such a high society person, bear a chawl mechanic? Manav gets very mad and he grabs Shirish’s collar. Manav says how dare you try to spoil mine and DK sir’s relation! Our company will not do anything with your company, never! Manav lets go of Shirish. Shirish says who are you to decide this? The decision has been made. DK sir has turned on the deal, I am going to work with him. Shirish says have a good day. Shirish leaves. Manav says no, I will not let this happen! I will never let this happen!

Arjun and Purvi’s house

Arjun and Purvi are coming in their home. Arjun says, Dad! DK comes out and says hey Arjun, Purvi, welcome! DK says welcome home my dear. Arjun says thank you dad. Arjun and DK hug. Purvi seeks DK’s blessings. DK says to Purvi you know I was so happy when Arjun told me. I was so happy that I left all of my work and came straight home. If Aashna were here today she would have celebrated this so nicely, I am a little weak in this matter. Purvi says baba why do you say that? You have given us the love of a mother and a father and also all this happiness is here due to you. Arjun says so true and besides dad you raised me and I am going to raise this kid. DK’s phone rings. DK says excuse me and he tells Purvi to go and rest, I’ll catch you in a while. Arjun and Purvi leave. DK picks it up and says yeah Shirish. Shirish says Dk sir first let’s decide if we are going to work together or not. DK says what, what do you mean? Shirish says your partner Manav Deshmukh, the way he behaved with me today, he almost raised his hand on me. Shirish says DK sir, there will be differences in the business, agreed? Maybe he might not want to work with me but to behave like this? Shirish says sir I was just quietly going home, he almost came and attacked me! Shirish says because of his behavior, your name is ruined. Sir he was rude to me today, later he will do it with other clients. Look sir I have some advice for you, this man could be a big problem for you, I don’t want to lose my respect and work here. DK says Manav probably got in excitement and did what he wasn’t supposed to do but you don’t worry, our partnership’s not going to break. We will work together and I will take care of this. And yes if there is any business correspondence or interaction then it will be with me, Manav will not be involved in this. IS that ok, so you can relax, please. Shirish says thank you. DK says thanks. Shirish smiles. They hang up.

DK’s house

DK gets a glass and he pours a drink in it. Arjun comes over to DK. Arjun says dad, is everything ok? DK says I’m a little upset. Arjun says why, what is it? DK says Manav is not feeling well so he misunderstands, and he behaves strangely. It happened today in the office. DK is explaining everything to Arjun about what happened in the office. DK says I am mad at Manav, I’m very upset at what he did today. I could not believe that this was the Manav that I knew. Arjun says dad you’re right but he is also not feeling well, so. DK says listening to your happy news made me feel good. DK smiles and says but frankly what I feel is what Manav did with Shirish is unacceptable.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Manav and Archana are in the bedroom. Manav is saying to Archana that I told DK that I don’t want to do any business with that man. DK sir achieved a high position by doing lots of hard work, I can’t see it going to waste. Manav says Archana, that person is a very bad person and it is very important to make him realize this, which I did. Archana says yes Manav but DK sir. Manav stands up and says I don’t know what magic that man did on DK sir. He is not even ready to listen, he is blind and does not see the truth of that man. But I see it, I see everything and understand everything. I will not let anything bad to our company under any circumstance.

DK’s house

DK is sitting down. Arjun comes to sit down with him. Arjun says dad but maybe baba might have some reasons for doing this. Why don’t you talk to baba about this? DK says maybe, what does maybe mean? Purvi comes in the room. DK says Manav is a businessman and he understands. There are rules in a business and a certain protocol one has to follow. If you have a disagreement with someone then you talk about it, debate and argue about it, why would you need to get physical with them? Purvi says but Papa he is also not feeling well right? DK stands up and says to Purvi dear, if he is not feeling well then he should be at home. He has to have faith in Arjun and me. To challenge my decision in front of a business associate is not right.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Manav and Archana are in the bedroom. Manav says I did not challenge his decision Archana. I am just saying what is true but he is not ready to listen! He thinks I’m not normal and can’t see what’s right and wrong and can’t make decisions. Archana do you also think whatever he said, am I not normal? Archana says no Manav. Manav says I said I was ill but I’m not crazy, and I can make decisions! I know if it would be right or wrong! And I also said to him that whatever he did was wrong! Manav says, did I do right Archana?

Arjun and Purvi’s house

DK and Purvi are talking. Purvi says but Papa I still think you should talk to baba about it once and maybe it is not his mistake. Arjun says no Purvi, Manav baba is wrong and this behavior is not acceptable in the business. Especially not in front of Shirish.

Deshmukh House

Archana says Manav, you always need time to make a decision. It can’t be proven whether it is right or wrong immediately and I think more important then this decision is the relationship we have had for so many years.

Arjun and Purvi’s house

DK is saying how did he forget our long lasting relationship so quickly? Today for the first time I felt I was not talking to Manav but someone else. Unbelievable.

Deshmukh House

Manav says I did not feel good by saying all this Archana but today DK sir trusted that new man more then me, and that too a bad man who I can’t stand. Archana says Manav I don’t think DK sir can do this, you have misunderstood. Manav says Archana you were not there, that is why you are saying this. Did you know that DK sir did not even listen to me? He just flat out refused whatever I said, he does not see anything past thiat Shirish Karmakar but I will not let anything happen. Archana until today I have worked with honesty and I will not work with that Shirish Karmakar. I can’t forget my beliefs and values and I will make sure to make DK sir understand this.

DK’s house

DK says whether Manav likes it or not but I will work with Shirish. The screen splits in two, with DK, Arjun and Purvi on the left, DK looking firm and Manav and Archana on the right side with Archana putting her hand on Manav.

Arjun and Purvi’s bedroom

Purvi is in her bedroom. She is remembering what DK was telling her about how Manav should stay at home if he is not well and that to challenge my decision in front of a business associate is not right. Purvi is remembering Arjun saying it was Manav baba’s fault and this behavior is not tolerated in the business. Arjun comes in the room and he has brought a cup of milk for Purvi. Arjun says to Purvi to have her milk. Arjun tells her to have it quick as it has gotten very late. Arjun looks at Purvi and says what happened? You ok? Purvi nods her head and Arjun tells her to have milk as it getting late and we have to sleep. Purvi says Arjun I am not tired. Whatever happened between Manav baba and Papa is haunting me. Arjun says Purvi I understand the condition is quite critical because I myself have never seen Manav baba fighting with papa. But in any case I talked with dad and dad said he will handle this and it’s good that it was dad because if anyone else was in dad’s position then Manav baba’s helath condition. Purvi says exactly Arjun, he is not well so that’s why he’s behaving like this. Arjun says I know, I know. I don’t mean to offend you, I am just saying that it is good that it was dad and not anyone else. Now take Shirish for example, he does not know Manav baba well and he would not be aware of his condition and it was good that Dad handled this at the right time otherwise we would lose this project. Purvi says Arjun how can you think so practically? You know very well that baba did not do what he did on purpose, he is ill Arjun. Arjun says I know I know he is not feeling well and I think we should not interfere in this. Dad and Manav baba will handle this themselves. Purvi says but arjun I think you should talk to Papa about Shirish because if baba has a problem with Shirish then there definitely has to be some problem because as far as I know baba he would not just judge a person like that. Arjun says I will talk to him. Arjun kisses Purvi’s hand and he turns off the lamp. Arjun and Purvi both lie down. Purvi’s eyes are open.

Deshmukh House in Archana and Manav’s bedroom

Manav and Archana are in their bedroom. Manav is getting ready. Manav tells Archana to please get his tie out. Archana goes to the closet and gets Manav’s tie out. Archana gives it to him. Archana says Manav, are you going to the office? Manav says yes Archana, I am going to office. Archana is looking tense. Manav says Archana I know what you are thinking. Don’t worry I will fix everything. Actually I overreacted a bit last night. Later on I realized you were right and I was wrong. I can’t go against DK sir. DK sir is not only my business partner but a very good friend of mine, and most importantly he is my mentor. I can’t just break our relationship like that. Archana smiles at Manav. Manav says and about Shirish Karmakar, he is a very bad and cunning person. I’m sure he has brainwashed DK sir.

Precap: Sulochana and Varsha are at the Karanjkar House. Varsha is saying to Sulochana, aai, tell me why Archu tai chose Sachin for Gauri, why not Soham? It’s because Soham is not as educated as Sachin is. Sulochana says what kind of a question is this Varsha? You know that Sachin is the elder son of the family so of course Archu will think about his marriage first. Varsha does not look convinced.

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  1. Sonya
    October 04, 06:36 Reply

    Nice episode a lovely story.Worried for ovi. Congrats purvi.

  2. kk
    October 04, 02:28 Reply

    nice episode.

  3. Maryam
    October 04, 01:50 Reply

    Story thoda zyada twist laao please

  4. AK
    October 04, 01:32 Reply

    That’s Vaishali not Varsha.
    It has been months before the CVs decided to bring her back. Lets see what happens next.

    What’s wrong with Ovi??? Hope she is okay .

    The drama between DK and Manav is not interesting at all.

  5. Lol
    October 03, 18:50 Reply

    What the hell the written update is late and not
    Even complete you need to fix it

    • Preeti Douglas
      October 03, 19:35

      Hey relax.
      Someone is just doing a favour by giving the written updates. No stress please.
      Read all about it later.
      BTW, the story is getting to point of high irritation.
      Nowadays, I just do not look forward to reading the daily updates.
      I am sure, that somewhere, Soham will reappear (remember that the ‘goon’ arrested by the police was not revealed to viewers)….. this is all designed to prolong the series.
      Well, let’s keep on watching…… and reading too.

  6. MU
    October 03, 15:10 Reply

    was it vandita or varsha asked?

    maybe ovi will fall for her vandita’s adopted son

    • kris
      October 03, 16:37

      Had to be Varsha ? Vandita is Manav sister. And Varsha cares for Soham so will wonder why archana did not see Soham and Gaurie had a friendship of sorts going. It would have been so natural to ask Gaurie for Soham and not Sachin. Just my take

    • MU
      October 03, 17:14

      whats varsha and archu’s other sister name

    • anonymous
      October 04, 02:49

      Vaishali has an adopted son, not Vandita!!! Vandita has a daughter in college. Vaishali vanished from the show, there’s no mention of her after the 18 year leap. Vandita only appears on very rare family functions.

  7. zeej
    October 03, 15:00 Reply

    Y alwayz delay in pavitra rishta update

  8. Any
    October 03, 14:48 Reply

    @ alina
    It’s not about the movie,just a curiozity: from what country you are?

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