Pavitra Rishta 4th October 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 4th October 2013 Written Update by bhallarox

Pavitra Rishta 4th October 2013 Written Episode

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Manav and Archana are in the bedroom. Archana is saying look Manav however that man might be and whatever DK sir wants to do with him is only business. Manav says yes Archana but if you work with the right people then only will your company benefit. I know very well that this man is not good and that’s why I will need to keep an eye on him. Doing business with him is a very big risk. You know very well what incident happened yesterday. After what happened, there is a police case going for their company. Archana says yes Manav but he did not get arrested and neither did the company shut down. It could be that DK sir doesn’t see any risk. Manav says yes, maybe. You are right, I will go and talk to DK sir about this. Archana says ok, I will go and tell Sachin to drop you off. Manav says why Sachin, where is the driver? Archana says Manav the driver went to drop Ovi off at the airport last night. She’s gone to Canada. Manav says what, Ovi is gone to Canada? Why, when? Archana says Manav she left last night, I was going to tell you but all this was going on. Manav says no one told me she would be going to Canada, why did she go to Canada? Archana tells Manav that she got a call for an important assignment and she left. Manav looks at his watch and says she must’ve reached there by now. I will call her and talk to her. Archana tells Manav that she will prepare breakfast. Archana leaves. Manav calls Ovi. Ovi hears her phone ringing and sees that it’s Baba calling. She looks worried but she answers it and says yes baba. Manav says what do I say, I am very upset at you, you went to Cansda without informing me. Ovi says baba I’m really sorry I wanted to see you before going but you were not there and I tried calling you too but you did not pick up, I had to leave urgently. I’m really sorry.

Deshmukh House

Manav says it’s ok. I just wanted to call you to make sure you reached there safely and that there’s no problem. Ovi says yes baba I reached there safely and I don’t have any problem. Actually some shows came from the company which I signed a contract for, and I could not refuse them so that’s why I had to go. Manav says that is very good dear, in any field it is very important to fulfill your commitments and I am happy that you are fulfilling your commitments but yes try to finish your work and come back before Sachin’s wedding. Ovi says yes baba, this is not something you have to tell me. Ok baba I will hang up. Manav says ok dear, he tells her to take care of herself. Manav and Ovi hang up. Ovi is thinking to herself, baba I’m really sorry that I lied to you. I wish I could tell you the truth. Ovi is looking sad.

Arjun’s car

Arjun and DK are in the car sitting in the back. DK is telling Arjun that the figure looks good their presentation looks to be very good, we just have to attend the meeting. DK says what happened Arjun, you look stressed. Arjun says nothing dad, it just feels kind of strange because we have never made a decision without Manav baba and today we are accepting a big business deal without telling him and I just feel so awkward. DK says even I don’t like it but we don’t have a choice. Manav and Shirish can not get along. He got in a fight with Shirish outside the office. You know Arjun Manav needs to understand that Shirish is going to help us in succeeding in our business group. Arjun says you’re right dad I get what you mean but I just want to say can’t we inform Manav baba about this meeting? DK says we can tell him but what will happen then? He’s become so unpredictable. He might come and create a scene and we can’t afford to lose this deal. It’s a very big deal and I am doing this only for our company and Manav is part of the company so I am doing this for all of us. Myself, you and Manav.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Archana is in her bedroom sitting on the bed. Purvi is coming in with Pari. Pari is crying. Archana smiles and says to Purvi that Pari’s birthday is coming up soon. This year went by so fast that we didn’t even know it. Purvi says aai I needed to ask you something. Archana says yes. Purvi says did Manav baba talk to you about papa at all? Archana says yes Purvi. Manav was very mad at DK sir but don’t worry as he has calmed down a lot and maybe he is going to see DK sir today. May Bappa make everything alright. Purvi says everything will be ok aai but I am very worried about baba. You see his condition is worsening each day. I was thinking if we should consult with a doctor from Canada. Archana says yes Purvi that would be good. These days Manav has gone so out of hand that is even hard for us to control him. He never used to get this angry before. I can’t even tell him that he is ill I don’t understand how to manage these things. Purvi says aai everything will be ok and about the office, then Arjun and I are there to take care of everything, I even talked to Arjun about this but aai we should do something. I mean I think we should talk to the doctors from Canada. I will ask Ovi about this. Archana says Ovi is not here. Purvi says she’s not here? Archana says she is gone back to Canada. Purvi says so suddenly, why? Archana says she got a phone call, maybe she had an assignment which was important. She left last night but she will be back by Sachin’s wedding. She said that and maybe she tried to call you, but she did not pick up her phone. I will call Ovi from Canada and tell her to find out about the doctors. Then I will take Manav to Canada and he will get his treatment there.

At the office

Manav comes to the office. There ia an employee there and Manav asks the employee where is DK sir? The employee says sir he is gone for an AKB House meeting. Manav says AKB House? The employee says yes sir he is also gone with Arjun sir and Shirish sir. Manav says ok. The employee leaves. Manav calls Purvi. Purvi and Archana are in the bedroom at the Deshmukh House and Purvi’s phone rings. Purvi says Manav baba’s call? Purvi answers the phone and says yes baba. Manav says where is Arjun? Purvi says baba he is at the office. Manav says and DK sir? Purvi says baba he is probably also at the office. But why are you asking like that? Is everything ok? Manav says Purvi I am at the office and they are not here! I found out that they are gone to AKB House for a meeting and that too with Shirish Karmarkar. There is a limit Purvi! They did not find it necessary to inform me and neither did you. Purvi says baba I did not know anything about this. Manav says really? You did not know. But you take care of all the work here, they would not fix the meeting without informing you so why did you not inform me?! Purvi says baba I am telling the truth I did not know anything about this. Manav says oh, so they did not tell you about the meeting so that I would not find out? Purvi says no baba it is nothing like that why would they do this? Why would they keep you in the dark by not telling you about the meeting? Manav says are you taking their side? Purvi says no baba it is not like that. Manav hangs up. Purvi says Hello but no response.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Archana says to Purvi what happened? Purvi says aai, baba’s misunderstandings are increasing each day. I don’t know what to do.

Deshmukh House

Damodar is in the bedroom with Pari. Damodar is calling for Purvi and Archana that Pari has started to cry. Arjun is coming in. Purvi says Arjun, you have come? Purvi asks Arjun how he is. Arjun says I am ok, how are you? Purvi says she is fine. Archana comes and asks Arjun when he came, if he came right now. Arjun says yes just now. Archana offers him to take a seat and she will bring some tea for him. Arjun says thank you aai. Archana leaves to make tea. Purvi says to Arjun, you went to the office right? Arjun says yes actually I forgot to inform you. Our company has been offered a very big deal. You remember Shirish ji who I was talking about, from him. Archana hears this from the kitchen and looks uncomfortable. Arjun says and I can’t tell you how much our company will benefit by accepting this deal and in the shares market our prices will be sky high. Purvi I’m really excited about this project. Purvi says did you tell baba about this? Arjun says no, not yet. Purvi says why did you not tell him Arjun? You know that he gets so mad just at little things. And did you know he even called me today, he was very angry because you and papa went for a meeting without informing him. I did not know what to tell him because I myself did not have an idea about this. Arjun says Purvi I know but even I did not know that there would be a meeting today as Dad fixed the meeting. And when I told dad that we should inform Manav baba about this then dad stopped me. Purvi says I am just saying that maybe if you told this to baba then everything would have been ok. Arjun says I know but dad did not want to tell Manav baba and there are reasons for that. Archana comes over with some tea. Arjun sits down and says to Archana, aai, our company got a new project and dad has arranged a party for this happy event. So you and baba both have to come. Archana says congratulations Arjun I am happy to hear that you got a big project but maybe I just feel that Manav is being ignored.

Deshmukh House

Arjun says aai I’m really sorry but I’m not ignoring Manav baba. I told dad that we should tell baba but dad himself said that he will talk to Manav baba about this in his own way. And as they both are elders, I don’t want to interfere in this. I think that dad will talk to baba and make everything ok and this is what will happen aai. Archana is looking sad. Arjun tells Archana that Manav baba is such a big part of our company. Please have faith and I’m sure dad will fix everything. Please bring everyone but you and baba have to come. Archana says definitely, we will definitely come. Arjun smiles. Archana tells them to have their tea. Archana leaves. Damodar is standing right outside the bedroom looking at Arjun and Purvi.

Deshmukh House

Damodar and Savita are at their house. Damodar is doing one of his acting scripts with Savita. Savita asks him if he is done with his acting and says can’t you see that I am trying to cut vegetables. Savita tells him to sit down and she will give him his food when it’s ready. Manav is coming inside. He sits down and looks very exhausted. He puts his hands on his face. Damodar goes to sit with him. Damodar says Manav dear. Manav says baba. Damodar says you look very tired, should I ask for tea to be made for you? Manav says no baba I don’t want to drink tea. Damodar says you must be hungry. I will tell Archana to fix food for you. Manav says no baba I am not hungry, you eat. Damodar says if you are in tension, how can I eat? Damodar says Manav dear do not worry, everything will be ok. DK sir can’t do anything wrong. Damodar says you two. Manav stands up and says what do you want to say?! Damodar and Savita are shocked to hear Manav talk loudly. Damodar takes off his glasses and Savita stands up. Manav says what do you mean DK sir can’t do anything wrong?! This means DK sir is right and I am wrong! Archana is coming to the room. Manav says baba, what do you know about business?! Do you even know what his stand is and my stand is? This is business baba, business! Damodar and Savita looks very tense. You don’t know anything! Manav says everyone is just blaming me! Nobody understands what I am going through! Damodar looks pity for Manav. Manav says and baba this is not your drama where you can just go on with your dialogues.

Deshmukh House

Damodar is shocked and Savita puts a hand to her mouth. This is business! Archana says Manav! Archana says what are you saying and who are you talking to? You are talking to baba! How can you talk to baba like this? Damodar puts his hand out to signal Archana to calm down. Damodar puts his glasses back on and Manav sits down. Savita puts her hand on Manav. Manav says I’m sorry baba, please forgive me. Manav has a tear in his eye, until today I have never talked to you in a loud voice. Baba I don’t know what has happened to me please forgive me. Manav says aai I should not have yelled at baba like that. I have no right to vent out my business frustrations on baba. Forgive me aai. Savita comforts Manav and they are both crying. Damodar is looking sad. Archana looks disgusted and leaves.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Manav is in his bedroom sitting on the bed. Archana comes in the bedroom and closes the bedroom door. She goes to the closet. Manav says until today I have never yelled at baba like this but today. After today we will not even mention DK sir in this house. That Shirish Karmakar. I have tried hard to make DK sir understand that if we try to do business with him then we will have to face legal issues. But DK sir is just not ready to listen. That man is not trustworthy, he is very cunning. You know Archana this is why no one even wants to work with him. There are so many people who don’t work with him. I am warning everyone but. Manav says why am I taking stress, I will not say one word about DK sir or Shirish Karmakar. Teju comes and opens the bedroom door. Teju says to Manav, DK sir has come and he wants to talk to you. Manav looks at Archana and Archana tells Teju to go and tell him that we will come. Teju leaves the room. Archana says Manav DK sir has come all the way here, I think we should see him once, please. Manav looks reluctant but nods his head.

Deshmukh House

Manav, DK and Archana are in the living room of the house. DK is saying to Manav, Manav, you and I are working together in the business for many years. We are not just plain business partners but also very good friends for a while. We have seen our company’s success, failure together. A new deal was coming which has almost been accepted. I thought I should share this happy news with you but I saw you are angry about something. Manav says you know very well what the reason is sir. DK says see Manav, the client was going away to the U.S. during the time of the scheduled meeting. There was little time and we could not postpone the meeting. Manav says whatever the reasons maybe sir. The truth is you had a meeting in my absence. This proves that I am not important to you anymore, that Shirish Karmakar has taken my place. DK says Manav nobody could ever take your place in the company or in my life and no one will ever be able to. And about Shirish Karmakar, maybe he has a bad name in the market, and maybe he has made some mistakes. I want you to meet him once and at least try to find out what kind of a person he is. And you should have faith that I would have thought about it before doing a business deal with someone. I want to give a formal party in honor of this new partnership, and I want you to come to the party. You know Aashna said that our relationship is very special. Our relationship can’t break due to all these minor difficulties Manav. I want you to think about this and make me confident that you will come to the party. Manav looks at Archana for a second and then says to DK, ok sir, I will come to the party. Archana smiles. DK puts his hand on Manav and says thanks Manav. Manav smiles a little.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Manav and Archana are in their bedroom. Manav is on his laptop. Archana asks Manav what are you doing? Manav says sorry Archana, actually I am just gathering some information. Archana says about what? Manav says about Shirish Karmakar and his wife, Shali Karmakar. Archana, look at this, thieir illegal work and their reputation, and the cases going against them. I will gather all this. Archana says but what will you do with all this information? Manav says I will show all of this to DK sir. You see Archana, after seeing and reading all of this, forget DK sir not letting him work in the company, he will not even let him stand outside the company. Archana says Manav look, you do whatever you want but Manav do it carefully. Why should we ruin our relationship with DK sir due to someone else? Manav says don’t worry Archana, I will not do anything to hurt DK sir. I will meet Shirish directly and give him a chance to prove himself which he won’t be able to do. Archana tells Manav to do what he wants but just keep in mind Manav that our daughter is the daughter in law of that family. Manav nods his head and tells Archana not to worry and says that I will not do anything that would cause a problem in our relationship. Archana asks Manav if he wants to drink tea. Manav smiles and nods his head. Archana smiles and leaves the room to make tea. Manav gets out his phone and calls a person named Brijesh and asks him if he is coming this evening. Manav says yes, yes, Shirish is also coming. Ok we will meet there. Manav has a determined look on his face.

Precap: A couple are at the Deshmukh House. Their names are Kamla and Vitthal. Kamla is saying to her husband, Vitthal I could not be a good mother Vitthal. Vitthal says do not blame yourself. Kamla says I am so worried about the problem my daughter is going through. We will have to face it, I don’t know what condition my daughter would be in right now. Vitthal and Kamla look worried. Archana tells Kamla not to worry. The 2 of us will get your daughter out of this problem, and this is my promise to you. Archana smiles at Kamla. Kamla and Vitthal look happy.

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  1. Any
    October 05, 09:23 Reply

    “Pavitra rishta” means something that everybody knows, A SACRED RELATIONSHIP, A PURE ONE. The first couple, Archu and Manav,is the first example. The title isn’t reffering only at their relation, Purvi and Arjun are another example(is not so “pure” as it should be,but…whatever). If Ekta’s brain condition is normal,then ArVi couple will not be destroyed. I hope she will remember the film’s title: “PAVITRA RISHTA” not “STRANGE RISHTA” and defenitely not “VERY LONG LONG RISHTA”. I hope you read that, Ekta! ( oh,guys…i’m just dreaming and i’m getting crazy like Ekta always showed us everything about madness.)

  2. anonymous
    October 05, 05:54 Reply

    There could be other reasons, beside a baby, for Ovi’s trip to Canada. She never showed any signs of pregnancy during her stay there. She wouldn’t leave a newborn in another country and stay away for such a long time.

    She drank herself to oblivion almost daily, she could have gotten into some kind of trouble in that time. The cops may be looking for her or friend could be in trouble.

    • alina
      October 05, 06:33

      true. i agree with u
      before she always used to drink
      and in pregnancy who will drink
      may be she have some health problem or some other problem

  3. neha
    October 05, 03:25 Reply

    guys relax pls
    i don’t wanna imagine about it plsss
    after soo many months or year purvi and arjun are happy with each other n i luv arjun and purvi they look nice with each other after so many twist they r together n i hate it if ekta separate them plsss i beg u ekta pls do n’t separate them

    i noe ovi is alone but also hope she doesn’t have any child
    ekta is spoling everyone’s life i hope she have someother problem there

    Pari is going to be one yrs old is she not walking crawling and talking atleast a word yr

    do n’t noe wat’s gonna happen in ekta’s dream land

    • alina
      October 05, 06:37

      i agree with u neha
      after lone tym they got happiness in there life with so many horrible twists

      true ekta’s dream world

  4. AK
    October 05, 02:40 Reply

    Ovi pregnant!!!!!


    Has a baby let me find out

  5. ll
    October 04, 22:29 Reply

    how boring. same thing two mothers one father, and no one shows during pregnancy. baby comes in a day. lol

  6. kk
    October 04, 20:32 Reply

    It’s ok Sonia!
    Ok byeeee.

  7. sonia
    October 04, 20:30 Reply

    Of course kk why will I lie to u!
    But sorry I dont know is it a boy or a girl.
    Let’s wait till they reveal here.

  8. kk
    October 04, 20:28 Reply

    Thanx Sonia for the update!
    Ok let’s be friends.
    But Is it true about Ovi having a baby?
    Is it a girl or a boy?

  9. sonia
    October 04, 20:26 Reply

    yes! I’ve just read now that Ovi will be having a baby or already has dont know about that but her family will get to know only when they’ll go for Manav’s treatment When i read I thout whom to share this with but when i saw u commenting then i thought of being friends with u!

    Will u be my freind kk?

  10. kk
    October 04, 20:20 Reply

    Ovi’s child?

  11. sonia
    October 04, 20:18 Reply

    kk maybe they change this precap into next episode!Maybe becoz of some problem’s that’s why becoz they need to solve about Ovi’s child!

  12. kk
    October 04, 20:13 Reply

    Wat happen to yesterday’s pre cap?

    • Merina
      October 04, 17:03

      Hey Ashina.. I have already said what I think would be the future story line and I am not very happy to think in this line..

  13. ashnia
    October 04, 16:47 Reply

    well all my friends if its something like wat we are all thinking abt ovi arjun n purvi well i will say this serial is going like young and the restless and i will stop watching it cuz serial like that dnt make any sense at all

  14. Any
    October 04, 15:49 Reply

    Thanks for information,Merina! Soooo complicated…i think i’m going crazy with all these strange relationships: a guy(Arjun) lives two sisters(Purvi,Ovi)pregnant, he engage with the first, but then marry the other one after She1(Purvi) request that. She2(Ovi) has a baby which unfortunately, dies. She1 remarry with another guy(Onir) and again,unfortunately, instead of having a child with He2(Onir), the baby(Pari) is the girl of He1(Arjun). After a storm full of arguements, She1 finally marry with He1 and later the two will had another child. She2 is devastated but she hides another big storm of arguements in her Canada life. He2 has a family,but because the twists, the tragics and the drama will not end so fast, there will probably and surely be a super,extra,mega mix between He1, She1, She2 and the other caracthers from the high stages of genealogical tree called simple,but not too simple…; PAVITRA RISHTA.

    • Merina
      October 04, 15:54

      quite possible… just hope we do not end losing our sanities as well.

  15. lola
    October 04, 15:43 Reply

    WTF, Pari is already 1 year old, she cant even crawl or sit up straight, and i bet there will be a huge hungama between sirish dude and manav at the party, seriously there is no logic in PR

  16. Merina
    October 04, 15:23 Reply

    @MU : Just my two cents MU,its ok if you don’t buy it. Concocted out of frustration over a pathetically frustrating and repetitive story line than anything else…

  17. Mahi
    October 04, 15:01 Reply

    Besides a baby what else can Ovi go back for……blank…blank…blank….

    • MU
      October 04, 15:15

      the model guy who liked her alot

  18. Any
    October 04, 14:55 Reply

    I just loooooooooooove how you think. Very nice! The question is when did Ovi remain pregnant? Just calculate that there past much time since she slept with arjun, sorry, i mean, A LONG TIME AGO, but how Merina has just mentioned about “Ekta’s land”, i guess is useless for everyone to talk and imagine everything that will be happen here,’cause all the time appears THE UNEXPECTED and all what we have just said is not true at all.

    • Merina
      October 04, 15:19

      @Any : Thanks if that was a compliment. Well Arjun Purvi consummated just a little later after Pari’s truth was out. Probably Pari was just a couple of months old then. Ovi then went to Canada, came back after Archana came out of coma and went to Canada again. Thenshe came back for Arjun Purvi’s wedding. So we do not know how long she remained in Canada in between. As Pari in today’s episode was near turning 1, around 10 months have passed since Arjun Ovi’s consummation. And probably it has been 2 months to Arjun Purvi’s wedding, the same period for which Ovi was in India. So in between those 8 months,Ovi might have delivered a child (probably a pre matured one and probably the reason it is ill at present warranting Ovi’s hasty departure, if they are sparing bone marrow angle). Quite improbable but not impossible in Ekta’s land

  19. Simone
    October 04, 14:52 Reply

    If Ovi has a baby for Arjun then i’m happy for her because she loved Arjun a lot and it did show that they were somewhat intimate before she went away. Also, I won’t blame her for not revealing it to that crazy family at that time.

  20. Merina
    October 04, 14:18 Reply

    As Pari is already getting to be a year old, I shall not be surprised if Ovi has already given birth to a baby which she had left back in Canada. Possibly baby is ill now…so she had gone back to Canada. Oh wait! worse still does the baby require bone marrow transplant? As there are signs of Arjun Purvi getting estranged once again, probably Arjun remarrying Ovi will also not be impossible… Oh boy anything and everything ( no matter how illogical) is possible in Ekta’s land.

    • Leena
      October 04, 14:30

      Hi Merina, good one but I think even if Ovi has a child Arjun will not re-marry her.

    • Mahi
      October 04, 14:33

      Hey Merina. I agree, even if she has a baby for him he will not remarry her and leave Purvi like that but yes he will have to spend time etc. with his child for Ovi as it wouldn’t be fair.

    • Merina
      October 04, 14:35

      Hey Leena. Even I don’t want Arjun to remarry Ovi. Hope Arjun doesn’t marry Ovi-that would be a major setback for both of them. I was talking about bone marrow angle. If this happens and if Purvi comes to know about it, I’m sure she will herself divorce Arjun and make him remarry Ovi-knowing the mahaanta bug that runs in her blood 24X7. And it is Ekta’s insane land… so expect the unexpected.

    • Mahi
      October 04, 14:46

      But Merina now there is not only Pari but another one on the way so Purvi will think more than twice before she does that.

    • Merina
      October 04, 14:54

      @Mahi : Hope she does so. Hope she realize that she needs Arjun not only for PAri but for the one in tow too. But if there are divided loyalties between Manav and DK and if Arjun Purvi side with their respective fathers and if something or another leads to Purvi’s miscarriage, there can be unexpected and the most ugly twist ever.

      I rather Soham comes back. Then I will not have to tolerate Ovi-Arjun-Purvi triangle again.

    • MU
      October 04, 14:55

      i refuse to comprehend this possibility

    • Mahi
      October 04, 15:04

      Yes MU, a divorce doesn’t seem likely and Purvi will understand if Ovi has a baby for him since she knew she was pregnant before that / they were intimate. Purvi isn’t the jealous type.

  21. Mahi
    October 04, 14:14 Reply

    I hope Manav and DK sort their problems soon and it doesn’t lead to Purvi and Arjun disagreeing over each others fathers.

  22. Yvett
    October 04, 14:07 Reply

    is it possible that Ovi left a baby in Canada?

    • Mahi
      October 04, 14:10

      Hello Yvett, I’m wondering too since there was one episode where she was at a hospital with a friend and no other episode was related to it but then who will she leave a baby with knowing its very small and needs his/her mother………..

    • Yvett
      October 04, 14:43

      Knowing how selfish Ovi is, trust me it would not be a problem for her. I think the call she receive is telling her that the baby is unwell. This coincide with the announcement of Purvi’s pregnancy. Just my mind working overtime.

    • Mahi
      October 04, 14:49

      If Ovi wanted it to be a problem in the first place she would have revealed it knowing it could have drawn Arjun back to her before he married Purvi. Anything is possible though. Great thinking.

  23. admin
    October 04, 13:57 Reply

    updates will be proper n on time from next week

    • ARVI
      October 04, 14:07

      plzzzzz do that !!! its like u put the detailed update the nxt day only…


    • Mahi
      October 04, 14:12

      Ok, I understand that sometimes it can get busy and there are other commitments too 🙂

  24. neha
    October 04, 13:12 Reply

    guys it true
    written updates is not proper

    i guess we have maha episode of pr and 1 more serial

    i think dat this shirish ka thing will make more problem
    there is something messy in ovi’s track hope so it is not bad
    purvi and arjun nice luv u !!!!!!
    Manav have some mental pro yr might be he will go to canada soon for the treatment

    • Merina
      October 04, 14:28

      @Neha : I agree. I think post leap Manav’s family will once again be based in Canada. The rift in business partnership between Manav and DK seems inevitable now.

  25. neeti
    October 04, 12:55 Reply

    but it should be properly written na..:(

  26. zeenah
    October 04, 12:50 Reply

    Nobody is ready to give us the written update that is why it is always late

  27. neeti
    October 04, 12:38 Reply

    i din’t get a single line of this wu..whr is armu4eva…:(

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