Pavitra Rishta 6th July 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 6th July 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Manav drops Archana outside the Karanjkar house .Archana is about to go in but she sees Purvi going in Arjun’s flat . Purvi has got dinner for Arjun. He opens the door and invites her in but Purvi does not comes in . Arjun says that if she doesn’t come then he will not eat .Suddenly they both realize that Archana is standing right at the door .An angry Archana tells Purvi to go home as she is not supposed to see Arjun . Purvi leaves . Arjun quickly gets some sugar because Archana is coming to his flat for the first time but Archana says that she has any reason to eat sweet .She says to Arjun that she never wants to see Purvi suffer the way she did and Arjun has nothign so how can he take care of her daughter .She tells Arjun to stop dreaming of marrying Purvi . Arjun says that his mother told him that to fullfill your dreams , yo uhave to dream first and marrrying Purvi is his dream .He tells her that she can stop Purvi from meeting him but how can she stop Purvi from loving him .

Arjun shows Archana a book where he shows her his daily expenses and how much he is earning and tells her that soon he will put together the money that she had asked him to have .He tells her that all he wants her to know is that he loves Purvi and she should try and understand him .

Purvi is in her house with Sulochna .Archana comes in and asks Purvi that she told her not to see Arjun so why did she go , she takes Purvi’s hand and says that she should just go and be with him.Sulochna tells Archana that she was the one who told Purvi to take dinner for Arjun because that is a decent thing to do . Archana says that it is a good thing but why was dinner being sent to someone who has played with both my daughter’s lives ..Sulochna wants to know wh yArchana cares for Ovi andTeju and not for Purvi , they are her own daughters but Purvi is also someone who has lived with her for 18 years .Archana starts crying and wants to know how her mother can ever say something like this ? Does she not knows what Purvi means to her ? She says that Purvi is her daughter and whatever Archana is doing is for Purvi’s own good .Sulochna asks Archana if Arjun gets together the money then will she allow Purvi to marry him .Archana says that Arjun will never get the money together because he is just not that kind of a boy .She says that Arjun is the type who got engaged to one girl and then started liking another girl and left the previous girl .So how can she trust Purvi with him because what after being with Purvi he will again fal l for someone else and leave her.

Sulochna says that Archana is being stubborn and is not seeing the good in Arjun .She promises Archana that now Purvi will not meet Arjun and let the time decide who is right and who is wrong .

Arjun is in his room and is thinking about how Purvi got him the dinner .He has his engagemnt ring in his hand and remembers how he got engaged to Ovi .
Sulochna wants Purvi to eat but Purvi looks upset and refuses to .Churan comes in with the tiffin box in which she had taken dinner for Arjun .The boxes are empty and there in one of them the ring is there . Arjun has send a letter along saying that he wants Archana to have this ring as he himself does not wish to return it to Ovi because Ovi will then get hurt .He also tells Purvi to eat .Purvi feels happy and asks Sulochna to get her dinner .

Sulochna is also happy to see her like this . Manav comes in Ovi’s room , She is sleeping and has a very high fever .Tej ugoes to call the doctor .Archana says that she will make some herbal medicine .Tej u tells off Archana and says that Ovi is sick because of her and tells Archana to keep away from her family and leave them alone .Savita also comes in and gets angry at Archana .Archana tellsSavita that she will make a good herbal medicine .Teju watches her make it in the kitchen .

Ovi’s temprature has come down considerably .Tej u still wants to call a doctor .
It is raining a lot and Arjun is out .Purvi too is standing near a shop with an umbrella .Arjun wants to buy a rain coat but the shopkeeper asks for more than he can afoord .He is standing in the rain getting wet , the n he sees Purvi .
Purvi is with her friend and they both walk towards Arjun .The song ‘ tere shirt ka ‘ is playing in the back ground .Purvi puts down her Umbrella for Arjun and shares her friend’s Umbrella with her . Arjun watches her go and picks up the Umbrella .

Precap : Sulochna is walking in the rain and she is not feeling well. She collapses near a car .Arjun is working there and he sees Sulochna coming down …

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  1. sonu
    July 06, 17:57 Reply

    1. Why was the ring send to Purvi? Maybe they want to create more drama.

    2. Why is Purvi turning into a doormat like Archana? Can;t she standup for herself?

    This serial was good for a while (last few months) not it is turning into shit again.

    No point in watching this serial with Purvi turning into a doormat,Arjun going to jail and Sulochana falling sick.

    • Anonymous
      July 06, 22:11

      all the other serials finishing why the writers stretching this one its is time for it to come to and end archana getting really stupid

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