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Episode starts with Savita asking Ovi to eat something. Archana is in kitchen and manav goes there and thanks her for making ‘kadha’ due to which Ovi’s fever is gone. Ovi listens that and goes to manav and says why he thanked her. Manav says you don’t know what she did. Ovi asks Manav what she did and Teju comes to stop Ovi but she doesn’t stop and says thanking her is far, she doesn’t even deserve our hate. Ovi then tells the truth to Manav how because of Archana, Arjun left his house, work and is living in chawl now so Arjun and Purvi can live close to each other.

Savita now asks Archana, what Ovi is saying. Ovi says to Archana she has taught Purvi well how to trap rich guys. Archana asks Ovi to stop and says she never taught Purvi anything wrong and she has faith in Purvi that she will never do anything wrong and as long as it’s about Arjun.. Teju interrupts and says you forced him in the end by saying him all the stuff like he is nothing without his dad etc.. Ovi then says and other day she blamed Manav for no reason and asks Archana why she is creating misunderstandings between her family. Archana says she didn’t know Arjun would go and live in her chawl. Ovi then tells everyone how she asked for 10,000 rupees to Arjun. Savita says her what what you will do for money. Because of money she broke her marriage, and now spoiled Ovi’s marriage with Arjun. And then she tells it’s Manav who is only giving this much money for alimony else no one gives anything.

Savita says she doesn’t trust Archana at all now, tomorrow she will sell their house and throw them on road. Ovi says all those money that Manav gave is not enough that she made Arjun target and what kind of mother she is that took away her real daughter’s fiance and gave him to Purvi. And then she says, Archana can’t be her mother and says from all that Arjun is going through, she will have to go through all that too. Savita is thankful to God because her two daughters are finding the truth about Archana that she told them for 18 years.

Archana says she listened a lot already and now she won’t listen anyone. Archana then gives answers to Ovi questions and says she said all the stuff to Arjun so he comes to know the difference between him and Purvi. and she didn’t tell him to leave his house and come to their chawl. And then she says again that Arjun is not good for any girl. He can’t marry to any girl because he engaged to one girl and wants to marry to some other. Archana then says how long she will listen everyone when it’s not her fault. She always wants good for everyone but today her own daughters are saying stuff to her that she can’t be a mother. She says she is tired of proving herself and now all can say all they want but she knows this time she is not wrong anywhere.

Ovi still not satisfied and says ‘Oh God, one more drama’ and she is tired of all those dramas and she leaves with Teju.

Savita says to Manav it’s only 1 or 2 months and then they will be free from Archana. She says they must have done something wrong before and that’s why Archana came in their life. She says Manav not to take any tension and she leaves.

Manav also leaves from there without saying anything and Archana is left alone there.

Sulochana is in some function there and it rains heavy outside. She calls Purvi and asks if she reached for interview. Sulochana says she can’t hear anything and she says function is still going on but as rain is too heavy she is leaving right now.

Arjun at work, and they listen on radio on which they announce that next 24 hours rain is going to be very hard. Boss says we will just close garage today. But before they close, he says they will have tea and in mean time he asks Arjun to fix one car. Arjun says he fixed it already.

Arjun puts his hand in rain and thinking about Purvi.

Sulochana is finding rickshaw to go to her home but can’t find any. Suddenly she gets Asthma attack and she searches for somebody to help her but no one is there.

Purvi is looking at couples going together in rain and smiling. Arjun comes from behind and says he is done with his work already so thought to meet her. Purvi says she gave two interviews but nothing worked out. Arjun says don’t worry you’re talented if nothing works then he will appoint her to work with him at garage. Arjun says what rain is for, to get wet right? what are you doing with umbrella? Purvi asks since when you started liking rain. He says , ‘since you came in my life’.

Then song plays in background and they are enjoying their moments in rain.

Well Well all that, Purvi was just imagining. Nothing happened actually. Archana calls her and asks where she is. She says she is at bus stop and can’t find any bus or auto due to rain. Archana then asks her to go to some of her friend who live in that area and asks about Sulochana. Purvi says she has gone to some function.

Sulochana comes near Arjun’s garage and loses her balance near car on which Arjun is working. Arjun sees her and takes her inside. He says he is going to call ambulance. His boss says take car. He then takes Sulochana to hospital.

Archana is at a medicine store and Arjun calls her and tells her about Sulochana. Archana asks where he is taking her. He says he is taking her to hospital. Archana says she is coming there.

Archana just sits in an auto and says to take to hospital else she will complain police.

Archana calls Purvi and tells her to come there as well.

Arjun & Sulochana are in hospital now and Arjun asks doctor to check. Doctor asks where is her pump. Arjun says he doesn’t know.

They taker inside operation room. Doctor asks Arjun if he knows her and tells him to fill out the forms and complete some formalities. Watchman comes there and says him you parked car in no parking area and tells him to remove car from there right away. Arjun tries to make him understand but watchman doesn’t listen and then Arjun gets angry and says, ‘you don’t know who you are talking to. You are talking to Arjun Kirlosker’. and then suddenly he gets quiet. He gives him keys and tells him to park somewhere else.

Archana comes to hospital now. Someone (Urmi tai) sees her and says what is she doing here. She gets call from someone but nurse asks to turn off her phone so she doesn’t pick up. Urmi tai calls Manav and tells that she saw Archana in hospital and she seems scared.

Manav asks what happened , who is admitted and lady says that’s why she called him. He then tries to call Archana but no response so he leaves to go to hospital. Savita stops him and asks why are you going there. Her daughter is there to take care and she is just using you. Manav says this rishta is because of their daughters and he can’t break it and he must go there. He leaves.

Archana asks Arjun how is Sulochana and asks how he found her. He says he saw her around his garage. Archana asks did you give her pump. Arjun says he doesn’t know anything about it. Nurse comes and asks him to bring some medicines. He leaves to get medicines.

Archana is looking at Arjun and how he spends all his money to buy medicines. Archana asks doctor how is Sulochana. Doctor says, when she came she was in very critical condition but thanks to Arjun who brought her here on time. Arjun gives medicines to nurse and Archana is lookin at him.

Purvi comes there now.

Manav is wondering why Archana would have gone to hospital.

Sulochana gets up but Archana tells her to stay on bed. Archana says she told her to keep pump with her all time. She says she had pump but rain was that heavy that she don’t know how and where she fell down. She says Arjun was with her and brought her to hospital. No one helped her and Arjun was the only one. If he wasn’t there today then Sulochana might not be alive today. She asks to call Arjun. Archana says her to rest and she will do all she says. Nurse comes there and asks Archana and purvi to leave and Sulochana rest. They go outside then.

Manav comes there now. He sees Archana and comes running to her. He asks Archana what happened. Archana points to Sulochana and shows him. Manav asks what happened to aai. Archana says doctors have kept her under observation. She is crying and says she wants Sulochana fine. Manav says nothing will happen to her. We are all with aai and gives her a hug.

Purvi and Arjun see that. Purvi is crying and Arjun keeps his hands on her shoulder asks her not to cry, everything will be fine. Archana and Manav see them and gets angry. Manav goes there and asks Arjun what is he doing there. Manav takes some papers away from his hand.

He says to doctor no matter how costly it is but he wants Sulochana fine and he will pay all that. Arjun and manav both leave from there.

Arjun takes out his car and police come there and stops him and asks him to come out. They take inspection of car and finds a dead body of someone.

Ajun says he doesn’t know anything. Car is not his, he is a mechanic. Police doesn’t listen him and arrest him.

Episode ends..

Precap: None

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  1. Resha
    July 08, 14:48 Reply

    nice maha episode..nw wait to see what is going to arjun???

    July 08, 01:24 Reply

    I LOVE “Pavitra Rishta”…well done.cheers!!

  3. Nitin Jain
    July 07, 15:29 Reply

    You guys ROCK. hats off 2U. ur update is 4G speed.

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