Pavitra Rishta 8th October 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 8th October 2013 Written Update by H Hasan

Pavitra Rishta 8th October 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Varsha recalling Soham’s words that she can get Gauri for him. Solochana comes and asks her why she is looking worried? She asks where did you go? Varsha asks her, why Archu tai didn’t chose Soham for Gauri because he is not educated like Sachin. Solochana says Sachin is elder than Soham, that’s why she has chosen Gauri for Sachin. It was her family’s decision and Gauri agreed to marry him. Varsha says Sachin and Gauri didn’t know each other, and says Soham and Gauri can marry as they are friends. Varsha says they have to make Gauri agree to marry Soham, and then Soham will become a good man. Solochana says marriage is not a play. Varsha says Archu tai should talk with Gauri. Solochana asks did you meet Soham. Varsha says yes. Solochana asks her not to become jhumri again. Varsha cries and says she can’t see him in pain. solochana says Archana is the real mother of Soham, she sacrifise her love and handed him to the police. She wanted Soham to get on the right path. She says if you support Soham, then there is no place for you in this house and my heart.

Ovi recalls Archana words and comes to the doctor to take the appointment. Doctor says she has to follow her Dad’s report and will consult with the surgeon and let her know. Ovi’s friend comes to her and says she is happy as the nurse told her that baby is progressing well and you can take her home. Ovi thanks them. Her friend asks why she is looking upset. Ovi says she is very happy as her baby completes her. Shikha says you wants to take your baby home. Ovi says she is in problem and says she don’t know what to do. She says everything there is some problem in India, that’s why she left her baby alone. She says she won’t let her baby alone now. She says Aai is coming here with baba for his treatment. She says she didn’t tell them about the baby and don’t know what to tell. How will she manage? Shikha says they will find some solution and says can’t you meet your daughter. Ovi goes to see her daughter. Nurse tells her that they are taking care of the baby. Shikha suggests some precautions as the baby born prematurely. Ovi asks them to promise that they will not tell anyone that this baby is mine. And says she will take care of her daughter.

Savita comes and offers tea to Archana. Archana says Manav will not listen to anyone now. Savita says she will not let anyone break the friendship between Manav and DK. Teju says she has some good news. Savita says don’t bother her, she is having headache. Teju asks her to remember the significance of tomorrow. Teju says tomorrow is Pari’s birthday. Savita says I forgot my grand daughter’s birthday. Archana says she thought to keep the hawan. Teju says after that party. Archana says she will talk to Purvi. Savita says she will tell her chawl neighbours. Pari is crying, helper asks whether the baby is having pain in stomach. Purvi thinks to call Archana but recalls Arjun’s words and disconnects the call. Archana calls Purvi, Purvi hesitantly picks the call and says pari is crying. Archana tells her to make pari drink ajwain water. Purvi thanks her. Helper takes Pari with her. Archana invites her and says she will invite DK. He will come for sure. Purvi says she can’t come and also she can’t talk to her. Archana asks what happened? Purvi recalls Arjun’s conversation with her and says sorry to Archana.

Archana comes to Arjun and says she came to know about his thinking only today. She says you asked Purvi not to talk to me, Manav and our family. Arjun feels bad and says he was angry that time. Archana says what you did was right. Arjun says he did said that in anger. Archana says that moment comes in everyone’s life and that time is the test for the people. She says whatever Manav did was because of his illness, else he would not have done this. You should have talk to Purvi and try to understand her, her problems. She is worried for her papa, just like you are worried for your Dad. She says she tried to share her problems with you being her husband. She didn’t know you will react this way. She says she was hurt when Purvi told her that Arjun asked her not to talk to her. She says if you want her to be away from us, then she won’t come to us, will not talk to us. She asks him, to keep himself on Purvi’s place. She says she is proud of her daughter. She reminds him of his promise made to her and says you has promised me that you will keep her happy but I think you had forgot. Arjun says sorry and says he don’t want to hurt anyone. I am your son. Archana leaves from there.


Archana comes to Manav. Manav asks where did you go? Archana says she went for some work. She asks manav, are you upset. Manav says no and asks her what she is hiding? Archana says she wants to talk to him since morning and says tomorrow is Pari’s birthday. She says she planned a hawan on her birthday. Manav says it is a good news and asks her what they have to do. Archana asks him to invite DK sir, for Pari. She asks don’t you want her to get blessings of everyone. Manav is in thoughts.

Arjun comes, Purvi says I will bring water for you. Arjun stops her and says why you didn’t care for your happiness for my happiness. Previously whenever we used to fight, you used to make me realised my mistakes and I used to apologize. Arjun says her sorry and says why you accepts my words, Why you didn’t talk to you aayi. Purvi says because I don’t want to hurt you. Whatever is happening between baba and Dad, everyone is getting hurt. I don’t want our relation to break. Arjun says sorry and asks her to talk to Archana Aai. Purvi smiles.

Purvi tells Arjun, why he is inpractical. Monetary loss will be covered soon. She says she has to think about her family as her family matters to her a lot. Arjun says fine and he will never say her anything.


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  1. anonymous
    October 09, 06:48 Reply

    I haven’t seen any promos or even read of Arvi’s seperation. All the speculations about this is disturbing to Arvi fans and hope that this does not happen on this show. Despite the troubles that came their way, this couple were finally reunited.
    Manav and Archana were the couple of the yesterday, Arvi are the couple of today and there will defintely be a couple of tomorrow(post least – perhaps the “younger” Ankita and the Karan Mehra guy).

    October 09, 05:25 Reply

    writer has spoiled d characters of arjun nd purvi…..there sweet nd simple luv spoiled completely….all this is not deserve to such a wonderful actors lile rithvik nd asha….so its better for den to quit this show nd find another show in which their talent will justify….

    • Arun
      October 09, 05:58

      I agree

    • Canadian Babe
      October 09, 07:12

      I agree partly because you cannot expect their marriage to be a fairytale no doubt Arjun and Purvi love each other but do you expect to see romantic and happy scenes always. That’s marriage, and in this case they have a business and a daughter with in laws. You should know that there are bound to be problems otherwise it would be really unrealistic.

  3. anonymous
    October 09, 02:39 Reply

    My two cents worth:

    DK and Manav have placed Arvi in a difficult situation as Arvi will be forced to take sides in their disputes. Ones’s loyalty will always be their parents first. Perhaps by seeing Arvi fight because of them DK and Manav will put their differences aside.

    Purvi is pregnant and already has Pari, so why would Arjun the woman he loves to be with someone he doesn’t just because she had his child????? This senario doesn’t make sense. It could turn out that Purvi and Arjun bring up Ovi’s baby and Pari turns out a spoiled rich kid because she is the eldest great grandchild of the D clan. Sachin too was pampered because he was the oldest grandchild.

    The loss of business may be because of the companies internal politics. People are generally sceptical about doing business with a company that has its senior members at loggerheads. DK’s business dealings with a low life like Sirish and his wife is the reason for the downfall. Purvi is right when she says that money can be earned again. Money and business should not be what breaks Arvi’s union. They’ve survived a lot and have the love to see this thru.

    I don’t believe that ther writers write this crap on their own volition. I think they get directives from the producer and expand on the ideas given. When it comes to having some accuracy in ages/promises/incomplete threads, they seem to have lost track of what’s happened to date. 1000+ episodes has clouded their memories.

    Arjun/Purvi/Ovi characters have decided to stay on after the lead 🙂
    Good luck

    • AK
      October 09, 02:44

      Well said Anonymus.

      Hope Dk and Manav will put Their business issues away from family matters.

    • Arun
      October 09, 05:18

      @ anonymous: Have it been confirmed that Arjun would choose OVi over Purvi for the child?
      Or would it happen so that Arjun will know about child go to Canada Ovi leaving behind an angry Purvi. I don’t think he would divorce her coz she is pregnant. So Purvi decide to go to Canada to woo her husband back, see Arjun Ovi together and misunderstand again.
      Arjun will think Purvi doesn’t love her or he would think Purvi had died and then settle in Canada with Ovi Pari and their child.
      Meanwhile Shalini will die leaving behind her child which Onir and Purvi would raise together along with Arjun Purvi’s child. And well, the CVs might well so them settle as proper husband wife with child(ren) of their own. And since Arjun will also come to love Ovi, the reunion will be impossible. If they reunite, it would be at their deathbed.
      I watched this show for Arvi, stopped watching after Arjun Purvi’s marriage and started watching after Arjun Purvi’s wedding. I have stopped watching it already. Damn you CV what was the need of this brief reunion if they were doomed to seperate forever?

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