Pavitra Rishta 9th July 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 9th July 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Manav comes home .He tells Savita about Sulochna’s asthma attack . Saviat says that he did right because till divorce happens he is Sulochna’s son in law and it makes sense to show concern .When Savita goes in her room, Teju asks Manav about Sulochna . She wants to go and see her .Manav says that he has no problem with her going but Teju should keep in mind that the Deshmukh family should stay away from that family as much as they can and Teju should also keep in mind that her priorities should be with Ovi .Teju agrees with her dad .

Purvi is praying and thanking God for sending Arjun at the right place and the right time to help Sulochna .She wants to call him to thank him but remembers that Archana had told her to keep away from Arjun .

Arjun is in police custody getting tortured and questioned by the police .The policeman is very rough on him , throws cold water on him and also pulls his hair and is extremely rude to him .He asks him his name ..Arjun says ‘ Arjun Kirloskar ‘ and says that he is just a mechanic and comes from a good family and has no idea how that man was there in the car boot .

The police thinks that Arun is part of a gang tha tkidnapped thsi guy and tied him up and was askign for a ransom of 25 Lakhs .Arjun tells them that they have the wrong person and the actual kidnaper is still out there .He tells the cops tha the was only repairing thsi car and when Sulochna Karanjkar fell sick , he took her to the hospital .The policeman wants to verify this information .

He slaps Arjun a couple of times .
Teju visits Sulochna in the hospital .Sulochna gets emotional to see her and wants to know why she has come .Teju says that she is not selfish and remembers how Sulochna looked after her when she had malaria .Seeing Sulochna so sad ,Teju leaves .
The police cops come and ask Sulochna how she got to the hospital .Sulochna telsl them that Arjun got her here .The cops say that Arjun is fro ma gang and kidnapped a guy and is currently in custody .Purvi, Sulo and Archana are shocked .

Archana tells the police that Arjun is from a good family and no way he would do something like that .Police tells her to come to the police station .

Archana and Purvi go to the police station .The owner of the Garage ( where Arjun works ) takes guarantee of Arjun’s good behaviour in the police station and is very nice to Arjun .

Archana tells the police that she knows Arjun from childhood and is here to give a statement of his good behaviour . She tells them that Arjun is the son of the business tycoon DK. The police do not believe her and say that unless this man who was tied up in Arjun’s car gains conscious and gives his statement …till then Arjun has to stay in police custody . That man is still unconscious .Archu goes to Arjun and telsl him tha teverythign will be allright .Then she also goes to Purvi and says that she should also go to talk to Arjun . Purvi says that they should now go and see Sulochna . Archu says that she has to go somewhere important .

The police calls DK and tells him that Arjun is in custody .They tell Police about everything .DK tells the police that they have made a mistake and Arjun is a very rich boy and would never do something like this . DK confirms Archana’s statement that though Arjun is his son , he is a mechanic .
Archana comes to meet DK she begs DK to help Arjun and tells him that the police is not listening to her .DK wants to know why he should help Arjun because he is no more a Kirloskar and he will not take his father’s help because he has to prove himself to someone . DK tells Archana that this is so painful for him to see Arjun in this state but he cannot do anything about this .

Precap : Archana is telling Sulochna that she tried her best to help Arjun but the police is waiting for the statement of that guy .
Sulochna says that Arjun was there for them and now they have to help him …

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  1. dhananjay
    July 10, 10:26 Reply

    In all Pavitra Rishta is a big mess.. why all people are watching this..??

  2. cool guy
    July 09, 17:48 Reply

    no archana is not the cause, someone is tryna frame arjun

  3. princess
    July 09, 16:44 Reply

    dont blame poor archana.. what she can do if she takes purvi side then ovi feels bad and if she takes ovi side purvi would even though she won’t say a word

  4. Wenz
    July 09, 16:41 Reply

    Archana is too much… She gets too more emotions towards ovi and teju… But not arvi’s case

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