Pavitra Rishta 9th October 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 9th October 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Pavitra Rishta 9th October 2012 Written Episode

Manav Archana and Teju are standing in Dharbanga town .Archu is feeling desperate as she feels that maybe they have lost Varsha again , she is also scared of telling the police about it because that could alert Varsha .Teju is calling someone ( perhaps Purvi ) and giving her the update on their situation .Manav tells Archana not to worry and that he has told Mumbai police and the police is now in touch with the Patna police . He says that till he doesn’t finds his son, he will not go back to Mumbai .

Manav calls the police Inspector ( his name is Bhole Nath Pande ) in Patna and asks for help .The iNspector assures manav that this time Varsha will not get away . Archana is now feeling sick with worry .Teju tells Manav to make her mother sit somewhere and she will get some medicines for her .Archana is reluctant to send Teju anywhere in this place but Teju insists ..

Vishnu and Balan are so happy about Vishnu becoming the Bahubali .All their friends are calling them on the phone and congratulating Vishnu . Vishnu jokingly says that he is sure that even the day he was born , his parents did not get so many messages of congratulations .Varsha is looking a little quiet . Vishnu and Balan start talking about how this important position of Bahubali will help them in all their illegal activities as the police and political parties are also going to take care of them . Varsha is looking very worried to hear this .Balan tells her that now the case in Mumbai will also be taken care of . Vishnu will have to go to Mumbai only once for that case .Varsha gets worried to hear that Vishnu has to go back to Mumbai .
Vishnu promises Varsha that he will go to Mumbai only once and just get it over with the court case or else he will get in deeper trouble .

Purvi informs Sulochna that Teju Manav and Archana are in Darbhanga . Sulochna is very confused as to why did varsha go to Darbhanga .Purvi tells Sulochna that maybe this is the place where Varsha was hiding all the time and so far Varsha does not know that Manav and the rest are in her city . Sulochna prays that Archana finds her son .

Teju is looking around for a medicine store to get some painkillers for Archana .Vishnu is also around that place and he is talking to his friends . An excited Vishnu is buying new clothes for himself as he wants to look like a bahubali .Teju hears them as they are talking very loudly and after having a good look at these guys she realizes that these people are the ones who tried to kidnap Ovi and then eventually kidnapped Purvi . She is shocked to see them there and immediately calls Manav on his mobile .

Manav is very scared when he hears that Vishnu and his gang are there .he is concerned about Teju’s safety and tells her to take care of herself . He tells her that he is coming where she is right now .Teju does not want him to come as she feels that Vishnu and his gang were following manav all the way to Ptna as they want to kidnap him again .She strictly tells her father to stay where he is as she is worried about her dad .

Teju decides to find out the reason why Vishnu and his gang are in this city .She follows Vishnu quietly .Balan and the rest of the Village people give Vishnu a surprise , they have kind of planned a surprise bash for him to celebrate his new position .Vishnu is so happy to see all this .their are people playing drums and a woman puts tika on Vishnu .Everyone is dancing .Vishnu too is dancing with them .Teju is looking at all this hiding behind a wall.She thinks that maybe Vishnu lives her as everyone here seems to know him …but bow she wants to know what this celebration is all about .Then she hear Balan call out to Vishnu’s mother ( calling her Jhumri ) and tells her to do Aarti of her son .Teju cannot see the woman who is doing Vishnu’s aarti and who is Vishnu’s mother

Suddenly she sees varsha who is doing Vishnu’s aarti .Now Teju is very confused why is varsha here and what is she doing with these Gundas .She immediately calls manav ( who is very worried about where tej uis ) and tells him to stay where he is as she has something important to tell him .
A person comes to balan and tells him that the train in which varsha was coming never got stalled anywhere ..

A very angry Balan takes Varsha in a corner and confronts her about lying to him .
Varsha tells him that she does not owe him any explanations .Balan is not happy to hear this and he tells her that if anyone from her past comes to trouble his son Vishnu then he will kill that person .

Teju gets to where her parents are .She tells them everything that she saw .Both Manav and Archana are shocked to hear that Varsha was with Vishnu and his gang and she seemed very familiar with them .Archana thinks that if Varsha was there then Soham too must be there . Teju tells Archana that she was only looking at Varsha and anyway she has no idea about what Soham look like .

Manav comes to the conclusion that Varsha must have hired Vishnu and his gang to hide Soham .Teju takes her parents where she saw varsha . They go there but there is no one at that place now .A lady tells Varsha that those people have gone somewhere else and the whole celebration was about Jhumri’s son becoming a bahubali .
Archana and Manav are confused as to who Jhumri is ?

Precap : Balan is burning Soham’s childhood pictures .He is looking extremely worried and is telling Varsha that nothing od Soham’s childhood should be allowed to exist and they should get rid of every proof .Varsha is trying to save the pictures but Balan burns them and also says that he has tried to explain to Manav and Archana that Soham died 18 years ago …

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  1. ArVi Lover
    October 10, 09:37 Reply

    Stop dragging people! This whole Soham chapter is really getting old. Please re-unite the whole family, re-unite ArVi and find Teju a sweet bubbly guy. Then it’ll be a ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

    Ps, a perfect scene would be a drunk Arjun at a party where the whole family is there and he keeps dancing with Purvi, ignoring Ovi! Lol!

    Whatcha guys think?

  2. ArVi & Naksh fan
    October 09, 23:22 Reply

    another story line…..a strong character shud enter who will be purvi’s real brother and also who will be knowing manav and his family very well and should demand her sister purvi back from archana and at that time archana & manav should realise the separation from purvi…..that character should fall for teju…..and also he should try to separate arjun from ovi and make him marry to purvi as that character would be very possessive about her sister’s happiness as he has found her after 18 long years……

  3. Amir
    October 09, 22:55 Reply

    Oh its mrs kaushik ki panch bahu

  4. 123
    October 09, 14:30 Reply

    Another sucky and dragged episode.

  5. Amir
    October 09, 13:45 Reply

    No i thnk its eitha Mkkbh or hd ending not pavitra rishta.
    Ovi is not shown in this epic bcos her presence makes pple lyk me want to puke.
    Varsha must remember that no wrong wil go unpunished and she is about to be caught
    Go Teju.

  6. Haresh Sukhraj
    October 09, 13:19 Reply

    Its getting really interesting now.. I wonder if Ekta changed the script after everyone was saying that the soap suck. I mean all of a sudden everything is moving quickly.

  7. Anonymous
    October 09, 13:10 Reply

    Too draggy.. They should already start focussing on pairing Arjun and purvi up not wasting too much time on soham ..

  8. ovi is the best
    October 09, 13:08 Reply

    why is ovi not shown in this episode. without ovi dis serial is crap.

    • ArVi
      October 09, 22:23

      ass hole… seriously go get a life you attention seeker… ur parents dont give u much attention is eat? i bet you are a guy… and m not surprise if you dont have a girl u good for nothing scum…

  9. archufan
    October 09, 13:02 Reply

    When will pavitr rishta end? Is new show in place of pavitr rishta? Someone pls answer me……

      October 09, 13:44

      Honge Juda Na Hum telecasted on Sony at 9:00pm is a nice love story, which should be a good replacement.

    • love rohan & muskaan
      October 10, 11:01

      aayush … u r right… honge juda na hum is lot more better than this sttttuuuupppiiiiddd pavitra rishta … atleast in hjnh the theme of the story is nice:-%

    • unknown
      October 10, 15:13

      noooooooooo it must neva end i wil miss arjun n purvi

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