Phir Subah Hogi 22nd August 2012 Written Update

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Phir Subah Hogi 22nd August 2012 Written Update by chalhov

Montage changes TAS Sugni together and TVS aside

The Sardhakayi programme is ready to start and G asks Adi to stop. Adi goes to her and says Sugni lets go. Bums says you can’t do this but if you want then sit with other for Sardhakayi along with other Thakurs. Adi shouts at him and says Sugni come this function won’t happen. Sugni stops him and tells Bums she wants to talk something to him Adi scolds her and says think of you mother. Adi tries to cajole her but Sugni is firm and he tries to show her her true dreams but Sugni is firm. She tells her that she cant cheat Reva and she has to do this so that TVS does not leave her and he will never forget her or want to leave her so she has taken this step despite to stop TVS as this is the only way and she has no other way. Adi again explains that she is wrong to do so and asks her to think about her mother and she firmly tells him to go as she is in no position to help her mother. Bums shouts at Adi enough now let us do our work and announces the auction has started. The entire Sugni’s family is there and Naganiya is happy. Adi tells G he could not do anything, G tells him to do something before TVS comes

And just then TVS comes there and shouts Sugni I have come to take you. All looks at him and her and Adi looks TVS. TVS says come with me Bums says I did not know you will come otherwise we would have waited. Now this auction will be more interesting and says you will pay the highest and asks start. TVs says he will not start Bums then asks he will not do and asks others to start. Adi and TVS look at each other and Adi asks him not to go ahead . TVS asks him to step aside G comes forward and insults him and tells him how to believehim who is a liar and cheatd both his wife Reva and Sugni.TVS asks her thathis wife is mad and his telling lies is his helplessness. G tells TVS do you think still after this Sugni loves you and TVS says he will make her love him. G says whose help he will take Reva Thakurain (G has no practical sense and she is still in her dream world even when Sugni is ready for Sar dhakayi) TVS gets very angry when she dares him she will call Reva and TVS says go and call her but I am not going without Sugn and G is stunned.

G starts and Adi comes and stops G saying don’t drag Reva mami in this and G says then how can I stop this. Adi says TVS is not the only culprit your daughter is the one who started this if TVS won’t do then some other Thakurs will do and G is stunned .Looks like her senses returned

Bums takes Sugni ‘s hand and asks all to auction for her. Someone starts with 50,000 and others insult him for bidding such a paltry amount and the auction goes on. TVS, G and Adi watch and TVS remembers all his talk telling Sugni no to do Rai. TVS bids ten lakhs and throws the amount and says here take this and let Sugni come with me all are stunned with the amount.

Precap Aditya doing Sardhakayi of Sugni.

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