Phir Subah Hogi 31st August 2012 Written Update

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Phir Subah Hogi 31st August 2012 Written Update by ash_arti

Phir Subah Hogi 31st August Written Episode

Part 1
Episode starts with Vikram begging Sugni to trust him one last time & says he is waiting for her reply when Reva comes and asks what reply. SugVi get worried hearing her and Reva gets hyper and starts shouting at Vicky and runs away saying she doesn’t want to hear anything.
SugVi run behind her while Reva locks herself up in the room. Vicky calls out to her but she is adamant. Adi & Jiji too come and ask whats happening. Reva inside room looking at Vicky & her photo and remembers the gift Vicky gave to Sugni and also Vicky begging Sugni to give him one last chance and holding her hand and yells out loudly shocking everyone outside.She breaks the photo and starts breaking everything in the room while Vicky & Adi somehow break open the door and enter the room to see Reva’s hand bleeding and she is holding a piece of glass in her hand.
Vicky tries to calm her but Reva is extremely furious and tells him not to come near her or she will kill herself. Vicky says he cant see her doing all this and tries to come near her. Reva says him not to come & Vicky says he will not but whats troubling her.Reva is getting hyper when Vicky shouts at her & Reva throws the glass piece away. Vicky immediately ties a cloth on her bleeding hand and Reva bursts out into tears. Adi asks her what happened?
Reva looks furiously at Sugni and tells Adi to send her away and out of the house, Sugni close to tears and Adi is confused.Reva tells Adi to send away Sugni while Sugni in tears. Vicky & Adi look at her when Reva tells them to kick Sugni out of the house and she cant stand her presence in the house. Vicky & Adi are stunned to react when Adi finally holds Sugni’s hand and takes her away. Reva is still furious.
Champa comes to meet Rathu & hugs him happily and says she has a good news and her mother has agreed for their marriage.

Part 2

Vicky doing dressing on Reva’s wound and about to leave when Reva holds his hand with both her hands and asks if Vicky held Sugni’s hand in the same way. Vicky doesn’t reply when Reva asks why has Sugni come here. Vicky says she is like a companion for you to spend time with you. Reva says he is lying and she wants the truth. Vicky says whatever he is saying is truth. Reva asks then why he went to her room to give her the gift without even informing her. Vicky says she is talking nonsense and Reva gets furious and starts to accuse him saying he is lying her. Vicky says he had enough and asks her to shut up and that he wont give her any explanation & leaves.
Champa says they will shift to city after marriage & start their own life while Rathu is lost in his thoughts and says he is yet to settle in lifr before he can marry. Champa says how long can they wait when Rathu says he wants to marry her but not immediately. Champa asks if he really loves her when Rathu says he loves her a lot but he has to take care of his mom too. Champa says she wont be a liability on him but will help him. Rathu says he understands her but he cant marry her right away. Champa gets furious while Rathu asks her for some time as he will earn some money & then take his mother’s permission. Champa gets hurt and says she cant wait for such permissions and she didn’t expect Rathu to be so weak & leaves furiously saying we all should take inspiration from Sugni. Then Rathu tells Champa about Sugni’s sardhakai and champa is shell shocked when Rathu tells her the entire story.Champa finds it very hard to believe.

Part 3

Dhanuma in kitchen when a servant comes & tells someone has come to meet her, Its Gulabia who has come to meet & Dhanuma says Rathu told her what help Gulabia needs but she cant help her. Gulabia pleads when Dhanuma says she has eaten the salt of this house and cant work against them. Gulabia tells her to think from a mother’s POV. Dhanuma asks if she doesn’t trust Adi thakur. Gulabia says she trusts him but doesn’t trust the time & fate. Gulabia says Adi Thakur is very good but he is afterall bhanja of Vicky and if he bows in front of Vicky what will happen to Sugni & says she wants to be near Sugni. Dhanuma agrees and says I will help you on one condition that you will take Sugni away from this haveli as soon as possible. Gulabia says she too wants Sugni to be away from here & promises Dhanuma that very soon she will take Sugni away from the Haveli and its life.

Precap : Sugni telling Adi & Reva that if Reva doesn’t want her to stay here then she will go away when Vikram comes and tells Sugni will go nowhere while Reva looks at him furiously.

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