Phir Subah Hogi 3rd October 2012 Written Update

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Phir Subah Hogi 3rd October 2012 Written Update ash_arti

Vicky shows sugni that the letter on her mehandi hand is V and not A after removing a line , furious sugni takes a knife and pierces her palm saying she will wipe out his name from her hand. Vicky shell shocked. MT her DIL and jiji come and ask how this happened. Sugni says she had some old injury on which new injury happened. They take sugni to room for first aid. MT says we will postpone haldi.Sugni gets worried that vicky may continue to spoil her wedding and says not to postpone.

Tvs in his room too cuts his palm to go thru same pain as Sugni. Reva comes and vicky says he is proving his love for sugni. Reva says its madness vicky says you too love me so prove that and gives her the knife. Reva tense refuses. Vicky says her love is only verbal and not true and leaves.

Haldi ceremony about to start reva says she wants the wedding to happen soon and well. Vicky about to leave when MT tells he should not miss the function and vicky stays on. MT son asks how come both SugVi are injured. Vicky says Reva knows how it happened. Reva says he was playing with knife and got injured. MT asks vicky to give sugni the shagun and Vicky says he has got her shaadi ka joda and gives her and comes close to her and says wear this when you become mine.

Sugni forced to accept it. Adi says he knew vicky will give such different gifts. Vicky says Adi has done so much now its his turn.

Sugni refuses to wear it and says Adi has already given me the dress and I will wear only that and returns it back to vicky. Gulabia elated says her daughter has taken the right decision by standing for her hubby and MT too happy with sugni.

Vikram thinks you may refuse this but i have something else planned for you and you cant reject it.

Dhanuma gulabia making haldi.MT asks them to start haldi ceremony. DIL says a mother shud apply haldi but sugni has no mom. Sugni comes and says her dai maa is only her mom.MT says gulabia is like a mom to sugni and asks her to start the rasam.

Vicky in his room mixing haldi when he gets a call and tells the person that the car is ready for you. Vikram very happy.

Precap Vicky comes to sugni and says I have a gift for you and brings Amrita shocking Sugni.

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  1. What the heck?
    October 05, 01:01 Reply

    I agree with Namratha on the nice entrance with Amrita. Why is everyone catering to Sugni? If Aditya had a son would that be her next target? Are there no other men in the whole village? What would have happened if someone else would have performed her sardhakai from the village? She is selfish and is not even marrying Aditya for the right reason. How could she pretend she was ever a friend to Amrita? She needs to grow up. Enough with the acting as though she is trying to save Riwa’s marriage. She does not even know Riwa and does not owe her anything. If she hates Vikram, marry another guy from the village. She was so against the Thakur’s at one time. And, what’s up with Aditya doing what everyone else wants. He does not owe Gulabiya to get married to Sugni. Sugni needs to wake up and act like she lives in the real world. If you cannot stand the pain, leave love alone.

  2. miss unbelievable
    October 03, 14:59 Reply


    and omg

    i hope amrita keeps mum and supports sugvi instead of falling into vikram’s trap

    they must get married

    friday needs to be the shaadi

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