Pratigya 10th August 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 10th August 2012 Written Update by The_Dark_Knight

Episode Started In TN Hall.Sajjan Singh Was Taunting Pratigya And Krishna…

Thakur Niwas Hall:

Pratigya Decided To File A Case Against Those Goons,Who Attacked Her Last Night.But Sajjan Singh Told Her,Not To Do Anything Like This.Because It Could Hamper Guruma’s Pride!

Crime Spot:

Police Reached At The Crime Spot.They Found Dead Body.And Also Found The Purses Of Pratigya&Arushi.

Pratigya’s Office:

Pratigya Was Busy In Her Usual Work.But Suddenly She Noticed The Headline Of Newspaper,”Unknown Guy Is Killed Brutally”.She Recognized The Guy And Was Shocked.Then She Decided To Meet Arushi.

Green House:

Professor Was Also Shocked By The News.But Didn’t React Much,As He Don’t Know Anything.
Then Arushi Read It And Became Restless.She Was Behaving Abnormally.Everyone Got Worry.
Then Pratigya Came And Told That She Has Some Personal Talk With Arushi.
Pratigya Asked About Last Night Incident.Arushi Confessed Her Crime.She Was Requesting Pratigya To Save Her..
Pratigya Consoled Her.She Assured That Arushi Will Be Saved,Because She Did It In Self-defence.But They Have Surrender First.
Before They Could Reach In Police Station,Police Arrested Them.

Sarju’s House:

Krishna Went To Sarju’s Place To Find Him Out.He Was Very Angry.But Sarju Was Not There.Then He Got To Know That Sarju Was Killed By Someone..Last Night.
Shakti Called Krishna And Told That Police Has Arrested Pratigya&Arushi.

Police Station:

Police Was Asking Question To Pratigya Regarding The Murder.Arushi Was Locked Behind Bars.
Suddenly Sajjan Singh Came There And Took Pratigya Away.She Tried Her Level Best To Stay There But Sajjan Singh Forced Her..

Thakur Niwas Hall:

Sajjan Singh Ordered Pratigya Not To Involve Herself In The Murder Case.
Pratigya Was Shocked By His Order.She Tried To Explain Him,But Sajjan Singh Was Not In Mood To Hear Her Explanation.
Sajjan Cleared That If Pratigya Got Involve Then Everyone Will Get To Know That Someone Tried To Rape A Thakurain!It Will Be The Most Embarrassing Moment For Thakurs.

No Precap.

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