Pratigya 15th August 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 15th August 2012 Written Update by Sheena

KP Telephonic Conversation

P who is in Green House is on the phone to K…She wonders what happened once K reached home..She guesses that the family were upset at her taking the case against their wishes..K tells P not to worry and concentrate on the case only and he will take care of the rest…K mentions to P that SS has ordered K to fend from himself…P sees the time and the clock turns 12 (midnight)..P mentions the time to K…K thinks P is telling him to end the conversation as she wants to sleep…He tells P to sleep as its getting late..P tells him that its midnight and its K birthday…K too realises…P wishes K happy birthday and tells K that she is sad not to be with K to celebrate…K tells P that to make it up to him, she will have to tell him I love you..As usual, P is too shy to say it over the phone..She refuses to say it and tells K that she will message it to him..K not buying it and tells P that he wants her saying it rather than wording it..K says that he will continue to kiss the phone until P says I love You…

P is about to say it when Prof comes and wonders who P is speaking to at this time…She tells Prof that its K and wishing him happy birthday..Prof tells P to give the phone to him as he too wants to wish him..K on the other end is continuously kissing the phone…Prof asks K whether K has a cold…K is embarrassed…Prof invites K to celebrate with them at GH..K tells Prof to give the phone to P…He scolds P for not warning him that Prof had the phone..P tells that she will text him the message..K agrees..

Prof and P decide to discuss the case..Prof tells P that the family are against P for taking the case but P assures Prof that with K support she has nothing to worry as no one can harm her when K is with her…K is impatient for his message from P and messages her to send quickly…P excuses herself from Prof and sends I LOVE YOU message to K…K is happy.

Janmashtmi Celebration at TN

Pisaya praises P decoration skills of decorating Lord Kirshna cradle…A jealous Kesar tells Pisaya that anyone can do it and P is not alone when she does it…K comes out and goes to GD to take blessings…GD is about to give her blessings but remembers SS words and moves her hand away from K…K then goes to SS to take his blessings but SS removes his feet before K can touch it…He tells them that he will celebrate his birthday at GH…K leaves..

Samar comes out dressed in Lord Krishna avatar…GD scolds SS that as its K birthday, he should have blessed him…Samar realises that it is K birthday and wants to wish him..Both SS and KN forbid him to follow Samar but Samar remains adamant…

Krishna’s Birthday at GH

K arrives at GH..P and the rest at GH sing Happy Birthday to K…Chinky is eager for the cake to be cut..She tells K to cut the cake..Both Chinky and K cut the cake…K feeds P…P tells K to dress in Lord Krishna’s avatar..Chinky insists she will help K to get dress…

K returns dressed in Lord Krishna avatar..He tries to make Arushi smile but Arushi remains sad..
Outside, they hear janmashtmi celebration taking place…All go out..K tries to get P to dance but P refuses to do so..He then forces P to dance with him…P then tells K that she should bring Arushi along…KP continue to enjoy the celebration of Janmashtmi..

Nearby, some gundas want to avenge the death of Sarju and decide to take action…Whilst all are celebrating, they throw acid bottle in the direction of Arushi but only to miss her face..She gets some splashes in her hand..The gundas try again but K saves her and receives some splashes of Acid on him..The gundas get scared as K notices them..K runs after them..

P and Prof take a hysterical Arushi inside…P tells Arushi to be calm but all wonder why they targeted Arushi..Arushi thinks they want to take revenge on Sarju death..Meanwhile the gundas are able to escape from K…K returns to GH…P assures Arushi that she will find out the culprits and the best course of action is to report the incident to the police..P tells that Arushi will need to get police protection…K says he will arrange for it…P continues the wonder who those gundas are and K promises to find the gundas and teach a lesson..


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